Quantico Round Table: Bye, Bye Citizen's Liberation Front

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 13, we jump ahead two weeks after everything at the G20 has died down, but it turns out, the hunt for the AIC is not over yet. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey share their thoughts on the switch to one timeline, whether or not Lydia really is AIC, and more from the episode. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

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What did you think of the reveal that Lydia is actually AIC?

Jasmine: I don't understand what the point was in making us believe she was, then saying she wasn't, only to come back to her really being AIC. It was such a pointless "twist." Truly. It's not shocking or gasp-worthy. It's irritating.

Meaghan: Was she, though? To me, it seemed like she was saying she isn't AIC but she recognizes that what they were intending to do with the drives was necessary. Like Jasmine said, this twist was so unnecessary.

Did anyone else love that they didn't show her do the shooting as if it was keeping it a secret? It was clear as soon as Dayana said that Lydia asked her to bring Will there, that Lydia was up to no good.

Allison: Oh god, I hope she is, Meaghan. I can't live with another fake out. I hate that we still don't know who is AIC. It's like we learned nada from the first half of the season.

I did like that as soon as Dayana explained why we were there, we knew that Lydia was no good. There wasn't any confusion there. Lydia flat out lied.

CALEB IS ALIVE?! React. Are you excited?

Jasmine: Yes! I didn't even like Caleb for a good 60% of the first season, but right now I'm welcoming the familiar face. Caleb was always entertaining. I'm not shocked that he's alive (this is Quantico), but I'm hoping he'll pique my interest.

Meaghan: I feel like it says a lot about my opinion of Quantico these days and how much it holds my interest that I didn't even realize Caleb was supposed to be dead.

I'd be very excited if it meant getting the Caleb we know and love back, but from the preview, it looks like they are changing the actor.

Don't get me wrong, I love Hunter Parrish (I was a huge Weeds fan at one point ), but changing the actor is gonna change the character.

Allison: This show makes me question everything. Am I pretty sure Caleb is dead? I missed the preview, so maybe Caleb is still dead, and Claire was talking about a different son? I don't know, honestly. I can't remember enough about the Haas family tree, but as soon as Claire said "my son," I immediately went to "CALEB?!"

I hope it's the Caleb we know and love back because, like Jasmine, I'm excited about a familiar face, and Caleb could be entertaining.

What are your thoughts on this new mission that will unfold in one timeline?

Jasmine: I have to admit when Bree Van de Kamp and Conrad Grayson came out and essentially said "Your mission, should you choose to accept it..." and then presented this ludicrous new mission, I guffawed.

But, maybe, hopefully, the change of pace will be good. It sounds ridiculous and yet refreshing. Quantico only working within one timeline? That's the real twist. Caleb, directing his angels? Sure, let's do this.

Meaghan: I'm actually really excited for the change in direction. It almost feels like we are starting a brand new show, which Quantico definitely needs right now.

Allison: I am trying to be optimistic, I really am. I'm just worried that even though we're shifting to one timeline, all the questions and confusion from the first half of the season will still be there. 

I also need this mission to be different from the hunt for the AIC that we went on during the first half of this season.

It looks like the Citizen's Liberation Front is off the hook. Does that surprise you?

Jasmine: Is there a polite way to say "Dear Quantico, WTF was that? And why does it feel like you wasted my time...?"

I'm asking for a friend. I am surprised that I'm not nearly as surprised as I should be that they abruptly dropped the CLF the way that they did.

Meaghan: Could they not have paced this season a little better? If they were going to wrap up the CLF storyline before the season was over, then it should have been done at the midseason break. It was almost like they fired all the writers when they were writing this episode and just had to end the storyline.

I mean seriously, they were just feeding us answers to things by the end. Mysteries are supposed to unfold gradually and naturally on shows, not just give you an answer dump when the writers decide they are done.

Allison: I definitely feel like my time has been wasted. We spent so much energy in trying to figure out who the terrorists were, what the Citizen's Liberation Front was, and what they wanted.

Like Meaghan said, the pacing should have been better. If we were always going to drop the CLF and not really bring them to justice, then there was no point in keeping that "mystery" alive for as long as they did.

Miranda should have given her recap AGES ago, and then we would at least have a good bit of questions about the hostage crisis answered, and we would not have had to waste our breath trying to figure out what was going on with the CLF.

Even if Alex didn't know the truth, we would have, and it would have made our viewing experience a lot more enjoyable.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Jasmine: Alex Parrish's hair. She kicked Lydia's arse and not a single hair was out of place. It was so extra shiny this episode. Wonderful highlights.

The past few weeks I've been distracted by Dayana's (I'm pretty sure that's where she keeps all of her secrets). But Alex's hair was extra glorious this week.

Meaghan: I'm so glad I wasn't the only one distracted by Alex's hair. It was on a whole new level in this episode. Girl needs to give up her spy days and become a hair model.

I'm gonna go with Owen. Going to federal prison to save his ungrateful daughter's ass? Father of the year right there.

Allison: I was too busy trying to figure out what the hell was happening that I did not get to bask in the glory of Alex's hair! I feel like I need to rewatch that scene now.

I'm going to give it to Nimah. She dragged Miranda's ass to the FBI, and she was like, "nope, arrest us. We need to confess."

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Harry: Alex, she lied to you, kicked your ass, and left you for dead and that's just today. Not to mention what she did to you at the Farm.
Ryan: I worked with Lydia the last six months. She's been trustworthy to me.
Leon: No offense, but weren't you Liam O'Connor's best friend?
Alex: Hey, we don't have to trust her, and I definitely don't.

Ryan said, whoever the AIC are, whatever Lydia is doing has nothing to do with it.