SIX Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Man Down

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I have to admit I was expecting something big considering SIX Season 1 Episode 4 opened with future flash showing one of the SEALs being extracted from the scene.

The way it was filmed made it seem like the soldier was dead, but as it turns out, the soldier in question was still breathing.

Racing To Find Rip - SIX

It's great that no one on the team died, but if Buck did, would we really have cared?

It wasn't surprising that someone was going to be hurt during this mission. Not only because the episode is called, "Man Down," but also because of the focus on Buck and Chase.

I was fully expecting Chase to be the man down,  but he was actually the one who prevented Buck from being further injured. What I was surprised about was that the kid was actually put in the mission.

He just doesn't seem ready to me and for something as important as this, why put him and the team at risk?

It wasn't surprising that Buck turned out to be a real dick. We saw some of it in an earlier episode, but this time around we really got to see just what a pig he was.

I didn't buy Caulder's explanation that Buck was just testing him to see how mentally strong he was. Buck was a racist, at least it seemed that way, but we haven't spent enough time with him to care about his character either way.

Dead or alive, does Buck really matter? 

chase - six

Bear's voiceover as Buck was being carried to the waiting helicopter was a bit too dramatic for a character we knew nothing about, but points to Six for trying to make us care. 

I feel the same way about Chase. Had he been shot, it wouldn't have affected me either for the exact same reason. I'm just not invested in him.

Who I do care about is Rip. The more time we spend with him the better. Even if it's not straight on Rip time, anything that circles around what's going on with him has been the most interesting so far.

It's too bad Gary was killed. The poor guy lasted so long with his chopped off hand that it would've been satisfying to see him last to the end of the story. 

But the Boko Haram soldiers are not nice, and even though Felix looked as if was considering ignoring his commander's orders, we knew Gary was done for the minute they brought him out to the open grave.

Na'Omi - Six

Rip lucked out that he wasn't killed and thrown into the grave as well, but Rip has a buyer so he wasn't going to be going anywhere. 

I had thought for a fleeting moment that they might kill Na'omi, but someone needs to keep Rip sane for the rest of his journey and better her than Esther.

Na'omi has definitely changed since we first met her. Her respect for him has grown, especially that he decided to stay instead of fleeing when they were all caught by the soldiers.

Na'omi and Rip are good for each other, and I liked when she was singing to him while he was on the cross. He is her and girls' Messiah.

Why? Because one way or the other, he is one that's going to save them from this hell they're all in right now.

Do we really think for one minute that Rip won't try again to get them all out of the situation? He has to have some inkling that the SEALs are coming for him, so even though he'll try to escape on his own, he just needs to buy them some time so they can all be rescued.

Shhh - Six Season 1 Episode 4

Michael taking Na'omi and the girls does bode well for any of them. Even though Michael isn't a scary bad guy at this point, I can see him using them as a way to torture Rip. We know Michael is not going to go easy on Rip. 

But I have to wonder why Michael never made any attempts to find Rip or any of his men earlier? Or at least taken some American hostage as a way to get to Rip?

It was just a fluke that he saw Rip on the news, so if that hadn't happened would Rip have just been a distant memory? 

We got spend to spend some family time with Buddha, Bear, and Caulder.

As I mentioned in an earlier review, I could care less about Caulder's relationship with his daughter. If he gets closer to her or not by the end of the season, it's not going to change my opinion of him.

He's a good guy and a good soldier despite the fact he's a terrible father. And maybe that's the whole point.

How can he be good at everything else, but suck at what should be one of the more important things in his life?

My answer to that: Not everyone is perfect. How boring would Caulder be if he was perfect in his private life too?

Buddha showed a little bit of expected jealousy when he saw Jackie with a coworker in his house. He doesn't like the idea of his wife working, but she has to do what she has to do. Besides, why can't the woman work if she wants?

Still, it showed how out of touch Buddha is with his own family. If he actually does retire after the Rip mission is complete, he's not going to be a happy camper. And why should he be forced to do something he clearly doesn't want to?

Someone who's not a happy camper is Bear who learned that his little guys can't swim very well. He made a joke out of it and it was actually quite funny, even if Lena didn't think so.

God must be laughing. I'm a SEAL, and my sperm can't even swim.


It's too bad Lena can't know about the mission at hand, because maybe then she'd lay off about the baby until Rip is safe. 

Bear needs to focus on the mission without having this other serious matter hanging over his head. Lena deserves the chance for another child and Bear knows this, but right now it's just too much. 

I'm getting the feeling that everything going on with Bear is going combust at the wrong time and may put him and/or the team in danger.

At least they're staying on the ground at the moment and not going back home to regroup. It appears that way, anyway.

Bear and Lena - Six Ep 4

Is that really how the SEALs work? Bouncing back and forth between home and missions? It has to be incredibly stressful for everyone.

So how will Bear and company find Rip now that he's in the hands of Michael? How much torture will Rip, Na'omi and the girls have to endure before they are rescued or escape?

Will Michael offer up Rip to the SEALs, or will he just try to kill him in the worst way possible?

What do you guys think? Hit the comments and share your thoughts. If you missed anything, you can watch SIX online right here via TV Fanatic!

Man Down Review

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SIX Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Buck; There ain't nothing worse than a Muslim raghead, except a Harvard bitch.

God must be laughing. I'm a SEAL, and my sperm can't even swim.