SIX Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Confession

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Where do you draw the line as to who is innocent and who is not? Who's a hero and who is not?

These issues were explored on SIX Season 1 Episode 6 as the team completed another mission that brought them closer to finding Rip.

Interrogation - Six Season 1 Episode 6

As expected, Rip's televised "confession" caused waves in the U.S. Killing innocents even during an act of war doesn't sit well with some people.

And to be honest, when the team raided the house in Panama, I questioned why they had to kill the woman even though she was going for a gun.

It was obvious that all of the adults in the house were dangerous, including the woman. While I understood the "why" behind it all, I didn't understand it at all.

The first question that came to mind was couldn't they just have taken her prisoner instead of killing her? Then the other part of me thought it would just have slowed down the mission and put the team at risk.

The team was there to get Akmal's sister. They didn't expect to find the little girl, and I'm glad they didn't leave her to deal with a houseful of dead people.

These men are not cold-hearted. They have a job to do, and they do their job. Sometimes the outcome is ugly, but it's a cross they have to bear.

What Rip did shooting that kid? It's not what I signed up for, but bottom line? We're on the right side.


Bear talked about having to deal with the things they have done. He even thought that the death of his daughter was retribution for killing a boy overseas.

It wasn't clear if the boy was "innocent," but his teammates, even Caulder, made sure to let him know that it was the wrong way to think.

You can't equate one with the other. You can't save everybody. It's either you or them.

And if you think about it further, who would we want on the front lines making those decisions? 

Call me a chicken, but I'm glad it's not me that has to do any of it. And that's the whole point, right? We like our meat to packaged all nice and pretty. All we have to do is take it out and put it in the pan.

Most of us don't want to be the butcher. We don't want to see what goes on behind the scenes. 

Conversations - Six Season 1 Episode 6

We want to pretend the ugliness doesn't exist.

These men have to deal with the ugliness, and when it's exposed as it was with Rip's confession, they have to deal with the questions and the raised eyebrows. Even within their own ranks.

Chase knew even before he asked that Rip's confession was true.  The other guys tried to shun him, but Chase insisted that he be included. I thought he was getting information to bust Rip and was surprised that he was doing something to help him instead.

What they're going to do with the information remains to be seen. I'm going to bet they go on a rogue mission...if that's even possible.

The pressure of it all finally got to Bear. He destroyed the crib he was building, and he might have stepped over the line when he told Lena everything that happened the night before. 

It was just too much. He needed to let it out, and Lena happened to be there. He realized he made a mistake after he blurted it out, and that made him feel even worse.

What will Lena do? Will she share the information with Jackie?

Joseph, you do these things for a reason. To protect us.


It was a heavy load to dump on Lena, but she's a strong woman. Will she be able to handle it? She has to have some idea of what her husband does, but hearing it directly from the horse's mouth had to be jarring.

It bothered her enough that she felt compelled to visit Rip's ex-wife. I'm not sure what she was expecting, but what Gloria said was not it.

Gloria had the life Lena wanted. She had a baby. She looked calm and happy. She didn't have anything hanging over her the way Lena did. 

Still, Lena seemed a little shocked when Gloria told her to get out while she still could. And I have to wonder if the thought might have crossed Lena's mind previously.

It can't be easy living the life she lives. 

Rescuing Rip - SIX

Jackie claimed she didn't care what Rip did, but she had to have wondered if her husband did the same things Rip admitted to doing. 

It had to have bothered her a little bit.  She loves her husband fiercely, just like Lena does Bear, but she's not living the life of a SEAL, so wouldn't she be questioning things, at least in private?

Caulder did what he did best - avoid. It took a lot for him to apologize to Dharma, but it showed how much the girl mattered in his life. When she judged him, he threw up the wall and decided to distance himself from her.  Better to be safe than having to deal with the feelings floating around inside him.

Out of everyone, he was the most vocal about disagreeing with what Rip did. Bear couldn't deal with it, and when Caulder confessed to being close (I'm not sure if they did sleep together), Bear had had enough. 

The two went at it which was a long time coming, but did they clear out everything or will there still be something left over?

I don't care what that man says. I know one thing for sure about you. You will do anything to save us.


Na'omi made it very clear to Rip that she didn't care what he did. She only knew him for who he is now. That he would do anything to save her and the girls, and that's all she cares about.

But it also has to do with that she understands (at least a little bit) that sometimes you have to do things for the protection of others. She didn't fight the rape because if she did, the girls might have been killed.

I absolutely love the relationship between Rip and Na'omi. They've come so far. Would it be a terrible thing for me to wish they end up together by the time it's all over?

Taken Away - Six

Michael's time is about over thanks to Rip, but is it really? I don't see Michael allowing himself to be given to Boku Haram to atone for killing all the soldiers back at the camp.

Michael has formed an army of his own, and he might just call upon it to come to his rescue. Muttaqi be damned.

But how awesome was it that Rip didn't back down? He's not afraid of anything!

What did you think of Confession? Hit the comments and share your thoughts. If you need to catch up, you can watch SIX online right here via TV Fanatic!

Confession Review

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SIX Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't care what that man says. I know one thing for sure about you. You will do anything to save us.


Someone is forcing Uncle Rip to say a lot of bad things.