The 100 Round Table: A Good Death

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Abby, Raven, and the rest of the group made it one step closer to uncovering a possible humanity-saving solution on The 100 Season 4 Episode 4.

TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols are joined by Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV to discuss everything that went down during "A Lie Guarded."

Check out their thoughts, and chime in with your own by leaving us a comment below. Be sure to tune in for The 100 Season 4 Episode 5 on Wednesday, March 1st at 9/8c on The CW.

Nyko and Luna - The 100 Season 4 Episode 4

Harper and Monty didn't make Clarke's list, whereas most of Clarke's other close allies did. How will that affect the group dynamic going forward?

Yana: I think, like Monty said, it's not always about making the list. For him at least, it was about the way that the list was made. He didn't think he deserved to be on there anyway, but he didn't like the lying that went into all of this when they are all supposed to be working together.

As for people like Harper who think it's unfair for them not to be considered, it will be intense at least towards Clarke.

She's a leader who is learning that her decisions are upsetting her people on a larger scale, and there's really no way to make it all okay. Even Jaha's plan to hold a lottery brings up legitimate concerns and is a form of lying because he himself said it was a way to calm down the crowd.

Allison: Clarke's definitely going to be feeling some tension from her friends. Even if Monty and Harper say they are okay with Clarke, there's always going to be this distance created by Clarke's lies.

Like Yana said, it's more about the lies and secrecy than the list. Ever since they were sent to the ground, the 100 have created a way of life and leadership that was different than it was on the Ark.

I'm sure the 100 feels betrayed because Clarke is starting to act a lot more like Jaha, a man most of them don't like or trust. Clarke has begun to see why Jaha did the things he did on the Ark, but everyone else doesn't have that same understanding. They are still punishing Jaha for what he did on the Ark.

Samantha: I think this is definitely going to affect the trust between them and not in a good way. As Yana said, it's not even about whether or not they're on the list; it's that Clarke lied to them about it. Monty had complete faith in Clarke at the beginning of The 100 Season 4 Episode 4, which is more than she deserves sometimes.

When Monty finds out she's been lying to him and the rest of their people, Clarke loses that faith. Clarke's list is a smart move, and she used a lot of logic to create it, but her communication needs to be more open and she needs to trust the people close to her. She can't do this on her own.

Luna was hesitant to help the Sky People by giving them her blood (though Raven eventually convinced her). What did you think of their scenes and who has the right idea – Raven or Luna?

Yana: As always on this show, both sides make a lot of sense from their perspective. Obviously, I want everyone to survive and be okay, which is why Raven had the right idea.

But I understand Luna's hesitance, especially helping these people that she doesn't trust or think too highly of. They are putting a lot on her, expecting a lot from her blood. But I did fall in love with that Raven/Luna dynamic and want to see more of that going forward.

Allison: Raven and Luna are my favorite. I am looking forward to seeing more of the two of them. I can definitely understand why Luna was hesitant. These are the same people who tried to get her to go to Polis and become the Commander. Now, they want something else from her. I would be skeptical of Skaikru as well.

Luna, it's not your blood that defines you – it's your heart.


I loved Raven's line: "It's not your blood that defines you; it's your heart." Both Luna and Raven are doing what they believe is right, and there's validity on both sides. Hopefully, Skaikru will become aware of Luna's worries and do their best to address them and make her feel more at ease.

Samantha: Luna's resistance makes complete sense given her history with Clarke and Skaikru, but Raven's right. There's nothing good in giving up. Sure it might be easier, but giving up the fight means giving up on goodness and hope too.

Raven reminds her of the things in life that are worth fighting for, the people who are good and pure that deserve a chance to keep living.

The grounder alliance collapses spectacularly on "A Lie Guarded." Do you understand Roan's perspective, or was he totally out of line?

Yana: I wish we saw more of his reasoning. He was calm one second and then called Kane in to tell him the alliance is finished. It would be great to see more of an insight into the moment he decided he was done with the Sky People.

I also think that leaving Kane there was probably the issue in all this since Roan only seems to let Clarke run circles around him. If anyone is going to bullshit him, it's Clarke.

We saw that with the way he treated Abby and Kane after Clarke left, making me think that once Clarke and Roan meet again, she will convince him to work together because that's just how she does things. This may be an interesting case, though, with different people thinking different members of Arkadia are the leaders.

Roan listens to Clarke (and Bellamy) most, Echo only accepted Bellamy as a spokesperson for their people, and Arkadia was pretty used to having that Kane/Abby tag team.

The alliance is broken. It's war.


Allison: That alliance broke down fast! Roan upset a lot of people by trusting Clarke and Skaikru, and not so surprisingly, he wants updates on what's going on. Kane holding back was the sign Roan needed to act because, to Roan, I'm sure it felt like Skaikru wasn't extending him the same trust that he gave them. 

I can understand why Roan felt the need to act, but I'm not sure all-out war was the right call. Then again, I'm not sure he could have dissolved the alliance without also starting a war.

Samantha: This twist is kind of murky if you ask me. Roan changed his mind awfully quickly, and his reasons aren't quite clear to me, especially after last week when he essentially asked Octavia to keep being his personal assassin. Why would Kane come to him with half a solution?

Abby hadn't confirmed that they'd even found the lab let alone that she'd been able to create the serum. Kane's confidence in Abby means a lot to me as a viewer, but to Roan, it'd just be an update with no proof yet. It's not unreasonable that he hadn't told him about it.

Jaha wound up saving the day over at Arkadia and defusing a lot of the tension between Clarke and the Sky People. What do you think of his growing mentorship of Clarke?

Yana: I have no clue. My instincts are telling me that things are good for now, which means we should expect it all to fall apart soon. Jaha is weirdly helpful and aware of what to do... it freaks me out.

Allison: I'm enjoying it. Clarke is viewing what happened on the Ark and Jaha in a completely different way. I'm interested to see if/how Clarke's leadership changes because of what Jaha has taught her.

Samantha: I think it's the most interesting he's ever been, but he's definitely got his own motives and intentions, and I sincerely doubt that they're pure.

What was your favorite scene/moment/quote?

Yana: Kane calling Octavia out. It's about freaking time! I am all over that scene.

Allison: I really loved the Murphy and Raven moments. They are such small moments, but they made me so happy.

Samantha: Kane and Abby talking on the radios. I love this relationship so much, and there's something really heartening about seeing them stay connected even miles apart.

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