The 100 Round Table: We Won't Just Survive – We'll Thrive

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Clarke finally told her people the truth about the end of the world on The 100 Season 4 Episode 2 – or, at least, a part of the truth.

TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols are joined by Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV, to discuss everything that went down during "Heavy Lies the Crown." 

Check out their thoughts, and chime in with your own by leaving us a comment below. Be sure to tune in for The 100 Season 4 Episode 3 on Wednesday, February 15th at 9/8c on The CW.

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Bellamy decided to sacrifice the hydrogenerator in order to save the 25 Sky People who were enslaved by Ice Nation. Was that the right decision?

Yana: Yep. Bellamy, unfortunately, was in the position of breaking the equal group vote, but it made sense for him to choose the way he did. Not only was this a reflection and a development of his The 100 Season 3 conflict, but this also just made sense.

As much as I thought that they needed the hydrogenerator, I couldn't imagine being in his place and looking at these slaves who needed my help and just leaving them.

There were not only adults but children there, people they all knew, and if Bellamy is taking it one day at a time, why wouldn't he save these people that were in front of him that needed his help now?

Kane: You turn the page. You turn the page and you don't look back. You do better today than you did yesterday. You understand? Before you know it, we'll deserve to survive.
Bellamy: I hope so.

Plus, who actually thought it would be that easy? I knew right off the bat what Bellamy would do, but in general, if they voted differently and had just gotten what they needed, this wouldn't be that tough-decision-making-in-every-episode show that we are used to.

Allison: There are never any easy decisions in The 100. I think Bellamy made a good decision. If he didn't save their people, he would not have been able to live with himself. He would have lost the respect and trust of Bryan and Harper as well.

Samantha: Absolutely. Of course it was a difficult decision, but in the end Bellamy made the right call.

Sure, getting the hydrogenerator would have gone a long way in helping them secure Arkadia, but even that solution wasn't a guarantee and it still would have left them prioritizing some lives over others and making them choose between who lives and who dies.

It begs the same question that Abby asks Kane in The 100 Season 2: if they start making decisions in Jaha's sacrifice the few to save the many style, do they even deserve to survive?

Clarke and Raven are butting heads about how to handle the end of the world – telling people the truth vs. making decisions for the good of everyone. Who is right, and why?

Yana: Both of them have good points. Their people deserve to know the whole truth, especially when there's a chance that it won't work and then they will have to tell these people that they were lied to.

It comes down to establishing trust or keeping things from people because you decided that you know what they should know better than they do. It's interesting actually the way that Clarke said ''I'' throughout her speech, almost like she was preparing to take the blame later if needed.

Her side in all this is that if people are scared, what happens? People could be reckless or give up or worry and that won't help them.

By promising them that they have everything figured out as long as they work together, Clarke sees this as a chance for them to actually make that a reality. Neither is completely right without the other in my point of view. 

Allison: First of all, I love that Raven mentioned Clarke's father. It would not have felt right if Clarke's dad was not mentioned at all while Clarke was debating the right course of action. I honestly just loved this entire debate. Clarke and company slipped into Jaha's shoes for a bit.

Raven: Nice speech.
Clarke: Sometimes hope is more important than truth.
Raven [sarcastically]: Your dad would be so proud.

As for who was right, I'm not sure. The lies will definitely come back to bite Clarke in the ass, and her people will probably hate her for a while. However, she got Raven the help she needed, and their people do at least know part of the truth.

Samantha: Both Raven's and Clarke's strategies have merit, but I think Clarke went too far in the wrong direction. It's important to give people hope, to give them something to look forward to, to hang onto and to fight for, but you gain far more respect and bravery in telling people the truth.

Hope is vital to survival, but there are few things more devastating than false hope.

Clarke could have still inspired hope, and possibly even more creative solutions (as her parents both did in The 100 Season 1) by giving the people a speech with more honesty and less lofty promises. Raven and I both would have respected her more for that speech than the one she gave.

Abby and Kane had sex! Finally! Aaaaaand then they were separated when she had to go away again, back to Arkadia. How are you feeling about their relationship at this point?

Yana: Fine. It was nice to see them get together, and which couple doesn't get separated at this point? It's almost a fact that if you're happy for longer than a second, that will change very quickly.

I like that we don't have to worry as much when it comes to them, like you know that Kane and Abby will continue to love one another and there's nothing that might make them take five steps back in their relationship.

It's like Monty/Harper, it's reassuring and nice to see compared to all the darkness. Plus, if Bryan and Miller start fighting, Kane and Abby's happiness will be another reminder that relationships do work! They do!

Allison: I'm glad we are seeing them make progress in their relationship. They make me happy, and we need some happiness on this show. Like Yana said, there's not really any fear that the separation will harm their relationship.

Abby going back to Arkadia needed to happen because, now that Roan is recovering on his own, there's nothing Abby can really do in Polis.

You are a terrible influence.

Abby [to Kane]

Samantha: I feel so good about this relationship, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of my absolute favorites on the show.

I'm thrilled that they gave these two a moment to enjoy the love that has grown steadily between them through the first three seasons. Kane and Abby getting to have sex and take time to just be with each other feels entirely earned.

I feel like these two are stronger than they ever have been, and they've both made each other better, smarter, kinder people.

Even though they're being separated for now I have complete faith that they will find their way back to each other and that their love will continue to be a bright light in the ever encroaching darkness of Apocalypse 2.0.

Octavia fully embraced assassin life when she killed Rafael. Is this storyline and her current character development badass, troubling, or somewhere in between?

Yana: Very hypocritical. I've had issues with Octavia for a while. The term badass doesn't apply to her anymore in my mind. I've gotten very tired of her lecturing people on how to lead and how to make decisions, guilting her brother for killing people – and then she goes off to be an assassin.

At some point I just gave up on her because so far her narrative has been propping her decisions up, not making it seem like she requires redemption just like everyone else on this show. At this point, I just hope my new favorite Ilian doesn't end up getting wrapped up in too much of her plot.

Octavia – The 100 Season 4 Episode 3

Allison: I can't decide how to feel about her storyline yet. I love Octavia, but she has gone down a dark path since Lincoln's death. No one has really checked in with her and called her out on her actions. If we are going to keep acting like Octavia's behavior is acceptable and normal, then yes, I have a problem with this storyline and her development.

Samantha: I know I'm going to be the odd one out here, but I am actually really into Octavia's current path. When we'd gotten teases of Octavia becoming an assassin over the hiatus, I was concerned because it sounded like she was just going to venture into the wild and start killing people without rhyme or reason.

But now we know she's using her anger, grief, and a very specific skill set to help solidify the power balance she's in favor of and keep her own people safe.

Now, it's certainly not the most morally sound path to take, and I don't think she's going to continue to have a free pass to kill whoever she deems necessary (from the show itself or from the characters closest to her), but for now it's definitely an interesting strategy. I'd put this solidly between badass and troubling.

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