Watch Jane the Virgin Online: Season 3 Episode 12

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Did Jane happily accept the opportunity of accepting a book deal?

That was addressed on Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 12 when she was offered the unthinkable.

How did her boss react to the offer?

Meanwhile, the Marbella was far from out of the woods when another grisly discovery affected business. 

Also, Jane tried to find out the source of her panic attacks, but what was the truth?

Use the video above to watch Jane the Virgin online to get caught up on the latest developments for the characters on this hit drama series. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Wow, Chloe. You're a horrible person, and I tried to make excuses for you over the years. Like maybe your parents didn't hug you, or maybe you grew up in a prison like Bane from that Batman movie. But I just think it comes down to who you are, a petty, mean-spirited bitch!


Chuck: I've been in bed with you. You only think about yourself.
Narrator: Whoa! TMI, Chuck!