Arrow Round Table: Wait... WHO Died?!?

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Adrian Chase is no more. 

On Arrow Season 5 Episode 23, the villain killed himself, and it put a deadly plan in motion, one that might have taken some key characters from us. 

Below, TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Kathleen Wiedel and Paul Dailly discuss that big explosion, Adrian's last hurrah, and that big fight scene. 

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Did you like the island blowing up with everyone presumably on it?

Steve: Yes and no. No, because it's obvious that they are not dead and "somehow" found a way off the island before the detonation. Yes, because it appears that after five seasons of history and flashbacks with Lian Yu, that story has officially come to a close. Which opens up the future of Arrow to new directions and numerous possibilities. It was a great way to conclude that 5 season arc.

Kathleen: Honestly, I'm impressed Chase managed to acquire all those explosives, plant them all, and network them all to a deadman switch. Seriously, that was a huge amount of firepower! And wouldn't every major power on Earth notice the entire island blowing up? Surely the Chinese at the very least, and almost certainly the Americans, too.

Anyway, it does feel a bit anticlimactic, since it's not like they're going to kill nearly the entire cast. Perhaps Felicity and company managed to disarm the bomb they had found earlier, so everything but them got blown up. (Though if the whole island got blown up, does that mean Artemis and Black Siren are toast, too? And what about that poor ARGUS jailer?)

Paul: No. It was a tedious development in an otherwise solid episode. As if there is any way all of those people are dead. I mean, I love a good twist, but this was not it. 

Are you happy with the way the Prometheus storyline was wrapped up?

Steve: I'm sure I'm not alone in being thankful that Adrian is finally out of the picture. However, the way he went out felt quite anticlimactic in my opinion. While it was such a great and impressive moment for Oliver being so steadfast on never taking Adrian's life, I still feel he should have at least been taken out by another member of Team Arrow. Suicide just didn't do it for me.

Kathleen: I saw that scene before. It was in BBC's Sherlock, actually, and played out remarkably similarly. Sherlock's loved ones were being threatened, and Moriarty shot himself in the head. The only key difference was that Moriarty wanted Sherlock to kill himself, too, whereas here Chase wanted Oliver to live in agony.

Eh. Anyway, I was quite satisfied that Oliver took the leg shot on Chase. But couldn't he have taken an arm shot when Chase made to shoot himself? It wouldn't be the first time Ollie's made a shot that difficult. And why didn't he make sure that Chase was disarmed when he had the chance (more than once, I might add)? 

Paul: I thought Adrian was a thrilling villain. There were some times I wanted the show to move on from it when we moved away from the Prometheus plot, but the conclusion was fitting because everyone winded up on Lian Yu. Adrian was so wicked and brilliant to watch. Josh Segarra was awesome in the role. My only negative about the wrap up was based on the way the island was blown up. 

Prometheus - Arrow Season 5 Episode 9

Which fight did you like best?

Steve: It's a toss up between Nyssa vs. Talia and any fight involving Slade Wilson. The sisters taking each other on was long over due and had a very climatic feel, but there is no denying Slade's badassery with those swords. The Nyssa and Talia right has a slight edge.

Kathleen: I love Slade Wilson fighting. There's a real no-nonsense strength yet grace in his style as he just slices through all those so-called assassins.  

Paul: My favorite was the Nyssa vs. Talia fight. It was breathtaking, and I kept thinking one of them was going to die during it. 

Nyssa Is Back - Arrow Season 5 Episode 23

Is Malcolm really dead?

Steve: Not a chance. Given his history on the show, if he were to be killed off, it would have not only need to have been on a much grander scale but actually be an on-screen death. Mr. Merlyn will be back soon enough.

Kathleen: Well, his League of Assassins name is "the Magician," and it's not like we saw a dead body, so there's always a chance. Not to mention, John Barrowman is a great screen presence. Mark me down as a big, fat "maybe."

Paul: I doubt it. Malcolm is one of those characters who has more lives than a cat, so unless we see his burnt to a crisp body, I think he'll return. 

Did you think Slade genuinely turned on Oliver?

Steve: I'll be honest, yes I did. I mentioned last week that I thought Slade would turn on Oliver. Even though I didn't want him to because I think they make such a great team. I yelled at my TV, asking "Why Slade, why?" I've never been more happy to have been wrong though.

I think their need to find their sons was the connection they both needed to stand by each other, and their common interest is what will move both of them forward.

Kathleen: I really have to hand it to them for pulling the same gag on us twice! I loved Slade as he was before he went Mirakuru-crazed, when it was basically just him and Oliver against the island, so it was great to get a little of that back. I fully expected Slade to turn on Oliver at some point; that he actually remained loyal was a good choice, plot-wise. 

Paul: I laughed that this development was even part of the episode. The balance of power would have disappeared from Oliver's side completely if Slade ditched him for Chase. It was a cumbersome development, but it did make sense in the grand scheme of things. 

What are your hopes for Arrow Season 6?

Steve: It's hard to say because I wasn't expecting that cliffhanger, but I would say that whatever the writers were doing for season 5, keep it up! They definitely threw me off on their plans on numerous occasions, and that is what made it fun for me.

I'd also really like to find out what's up with Rory, I thought for sure Ragman would make a comeback in the finale, they won't just leave that thread dangling. I would also like to add more Slade Wilson to season 6. C'mon, does anyone NOT want to see Deathstroke as part of Team Arrow?

Kathleen: Much as I love Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson, I expect him to go in search of his son Joe, especially now that he seems to have found his marbles once again. We do need to catch up with Rory, as Steve mentioned, but there was also the little matter of that Vigilante character who everyone seems to have forgotten about.

(Seriously, though: where is he?) I'm also excited for the series potentially forging a new path since the flashbacks have caught up to the pilot episode. (That phone call! It's just dust in my eyes, I tell you.)

Paul: More Thea and Black Siren. Each character has been used sparingly this year, so I would like more. I want more witty comments from Felicity. She has been hilarious throughout Arrow Season 5. I also want a new villain that will really change the game. 

Grade Arrow Season 5!

Steve: Some may feel I'm being a little generous in my rating, but I feel comfortable giving it an A-. The season did have some questionable developments at times, but it was easily the best season since season 2. 

Kathleen: I'm going to give it a B. There were some great aspects to it, but the characters seemed to grab the idiot ball way too often, Chase's behavior can only be explained by utter insanity, and the way both Ragman and Vigilante fell off the radar was disappointing. I do agree with Steve that this has been a stronger season than those recently.

Paul: B. At some points, I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a wooden spoon because of some of the decisions from the characters. However, the show managed to find a worthy villain to help redeem the season. 

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Over to you, Arrow Fanatics. What did you think of all the developments? 

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