Chicago Justice: Canceled After One Season at NBC!

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In the darkness of night, NBC finally made their decision about Chicago Justice Season 2.

There will not be one.

While Chicago Justice had higher ratings than the previously renewed Taken and Shades of Blue, there is no justice for the newest Chicago franchise member.


The series starred Philip Winchester and had ties not only to the other Chicago series already airing on NBC but all the way back to the original Law & Order.

Characters had already been introduced with relationships and histories going very far back into the NBC history books.

But that wasn't the only interesting thing about this branch of the One Chicago universe.

Jefferies Oversees The Case - Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 1

Fans of the new series were enjoying the different take on legal cases offered on Chicago Justice, and that they were not always dealing with a winning hand.

While most legal dramas push the limits of the law for entertainment purposes, they also push the limits of our patience by persisting in showing how often the protagonists can win.

That wasn't the cast on Chicago Justice. 

Sometimes they harder they pushed, they harder they fell. It was kind of nice seeing good guys going to the mat, getting smeared, and then getting back up again to go to the mat one more time and knowing it would continue.

The most likely reason for the cancellation is the lack of syndication deals for any of the Chicago series.

Chicago Fire just completed Season 5, and despite being the network's second biggest hit behind This Is Us, has light international sales and nothing going in syndication. 

Once upon a time, five seasons for a procedural type show was almost a gimme for syndication. Now, not only is Chicago Fire without such rights, but sister series Chicago PD just wrapped Season 4 and is in the same situation.

Jon Seda left his comfortable perch on Chicago PD to take a more notable role on Chicago PD. 

The consensus was that if Chicago Justice were to falter, Seda would return to PD. However, as Chicago PD Season 4 wound down, there were more prospective spots on Intelligence taken than there were spots available, even with fan favorite Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) faltering on the squad once again.

Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson - Chicago Justice

It will be interesting to see if another series yet to be cast scoops up Seda or if he's married to the Chicago universe.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Carl Weathers gets a return ticket back to Colony

Not only is the series in the NBC Universal family, but his character was essential to the story in the first season, and as Colony Season 2 wound down, his help was desperately needed.

HOW he'd come back into the fold without modern communication is beyond me, but Carl, man, let's keep you in play!! Auld Lang Syne and all that. 

How do you feel about the Chicago Justice cancellation news? Were you hoping for a lasts minute reprieve?

Did you find it to be a breath of fresh air in the legal field of shows, should it have been given a new night or the time slot of Taken or Shades of Blue

Yep, the ax is still swinging. The mourning continues.

Carry on with your day!

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Chicago Justice Quotes

Antonio: Did he confess, Al?
Olinsky: The son of a bitch killed Lexi.

Enormous tragedies make career cases. You win this one, it could make your career. You lose, it could destroy mine.