Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Army of One

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Cases involving children are always the hardest. 

Not just on the audience, but on the characters involved, as well. 

Lindsay began to unravel on Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 22 in her determination to find a kidnapped boy. 

Pedophile - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 22

As far as victims go, pedophiles are not the ones most likely to garner our sympathy. 

Not that I'm condoning vigilante groups like the Perv Hunters brutally murdering these men, just that in the realm of TV, there are worse victims. 

For example, the young boy who wound up dead in the trunk of a car. 

That was devastating. Considering how unhinged Lindsay already was, it's probably a good thing she wasn't allowed to go with the team when they found him. Can you just imagine how she would have reacted if she had been the one to pull his dead body out of that trunk?

If he had still been alive, her actions would have all been worth it, but now she may lose her job on top of losing the victim. 

So basically every year someone's job is in jeopardy. What is this, the third time we've been threatened with the possibility of losing Lindsay? She's quit twice and now may be fired. 

It's starting to get a little ridiculous, right? 

The writers literally have no other ideas, so they just figure let's do another cliffhanger leaving a character's job hanging in the balance? 

Voight: Remember what I told you when you were 16, and you first came to live in my house? I'm with you...
Lindsay: Until the wheels come off.

Considering all the crap Voight has pulled over the years, pistol-whipping a suspect in interrogation feels like nothing. 

Of course, Voight will always have her back, but in this case, he knows he's done so much worse.

If she loses her job over this, after everything they've all done, all of our collective eyes will wind up rolling right out of our heads. 

Lindsay Under Review - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 22

It's always fun when Voight mixes up the partners. Lindsay and Burgess made a great team the few times they worked together, and Upton and Lindsay were pretty enjoyable, as well. 

Lindsay looked impressed when Upton stood up to that guy in the bar, yanking the pool stick right out of his hand. 

Trust me Jake, today is not the day you want to start trash talking my partner.


Here I thought Upton was going to get a dose of the real Intelligence as soon as Voight lost his temper on a suspect in interrogation, but instead, she got to witness Lindsay pulling a Voight. She was forced to stay behind, too, but she wasn't called to the review board as far as we know. 

Is there a possibility she would snitch on Lindsay? 

We don't know her that well, but my gut tells me she'll keep her mouth shut. The way she handled the guy in the bar proves she's not a pushover, but who knows where her loyalties lie? 

Besides, with Lindsay gone, there would be a permanent spot open in Intelligence. Maybe Upton wants to stick around for the long haul. It's too soon to trust her. 

For all we know, she could be a spy. She's been undercover before. 

Perv Hunters - Chicago PD

Of course, as fun as the partner switch-up was, the reasoning behind it was unfortunate. 

Lindsay and Halstead can't keep their personal lives out of the workplace, so Voight put them in the adult's version of a time out. It was the equivalent of best friends being separated by their teacher because they can't stop talking in class. 

Olinsky: Every cop in this city would kill for your job. Why jeopardize that?
Halstead: Man, I blew it.
Olinsky: No, you still got a job, you still got a desk.
Halstead: No, I blew it with Erin.

Did Jay really blow it? Is it over between them? 

Assuming Erin gets to keep her job, the real cliffhanger will likely involve their relationship. They've been building up to something for awhile; it's all about to hit the fan. 

Bringing her psychiatrist in on the case was interesting. Pedophiles killing other pedophiles, who would have thought?

Vigilantes taking out criminals is nothing new, but that was a different spin to put on it. 

It made sense, thanks to the doctor's diagnosis, but it was unexpected. 

Hopefully, she will be able to help Lindsay through whatever is coming next. Between her job, her relationship, and her mother, she's going to need all the help she can get. 

A Gift from Bunny - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 22

So, what is the deal with Bunny this time? 

She pops up so randomly, always at the most inopportune times, and usually drops a bombshell on her daughter. 

This time, she gave her pearls and hinted at the possibility of moving, but come on, we know there's more to it than that. 

Who's this new man in her life? He's probably a low life, or a criminal, or both.Those pearls are probably stolen or will somehow lead to more trouble for Lindsay, which she certainly does not need right now. 

It may not have been Halstead's place to voice his concerns to Lindsay at work, but he wasn't wrong to be suspicious. 

So what do you guys think is going to happen with the review board? Will Lindsay lose her job? Will Upton rat her out? 

If you need to catch up before the big season finale, be sure to watch Chicago PD online

Army of One Review

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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Olinsky: Every cop in this city would kill for your job. Why jeopardize that?
Halstead: Man, I blew it.
Olinsky: No, you still got a job, you still got a desk.
Halstead: No, I blew it with Erin.

Trust me Jake, today is not the day you want to start trash talking my partner.