Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19 Review: Misalliance

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Well, I didn't see that coming; did you?

There were plenty of surprises on Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19, as the hour kept the action and politics in perfect balance.

But who cares about the politics when THAT happened to Jason?!

Hookstraten Gives a Speech - Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19

Hannah was transferred from a van to a semi and then to someplace even worse. Where she's going is anyone's guess, but I'm going to venture she's headed towards Canada, the same place as President Kirkman.

My question is why Lloyd and company would throw her on a cargo ship when they could just as easily killed her? Why keep her alive? Are they going to use her as bait of some kind?

Hannah showed us once again what a badass she was when she not only convinced her guard to loosen up her chains but used the underwire part of her bra to break out of the chains. That's resourceful and one more reason to love her.

When this is all over, Hannah needs to become a serious part of Kirkman's team. 

Forstell and Mike figured out something had happened to Hannah when they didn't hear from her and went to her motel to investigate.

They quickly learned she was kidnapped and informed Kirkman who was alarmed and wanted her found immediately, but as we know, she wasn't going to be found anytime soon.

Time to Speak - Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19

Lucky for her, Jason was on the case, too, and discovered the truth about Jay (the traitor) and Lloyd's connection long before Mike and Forstell started connecting the dots.

But as is the case with any television drama, there has to be said drama, and Jason was cut down before he had a chance to get the information to anyone.

At least that's how it seemed when Lozano surprised Jason and shot him twice in the chest.

It's unclear if Jason was able to upload the conversation between Jay and Lloyd to whoever or wherever he was sending it; if he was sending it anywhere at all or just saving it.

Maybe he was sending it to Chuck?

An Honor - Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19

Either way, it doesn't look good for Jason. But is he truly dead? It sure looked that way. 

And what's the deal with Lloyd? He seems like a huge but interesting loony tune, so I hope Designated Survivor delves more into his character.

Who wants to make a bet he's somehow involved with Alex?

Alex was pretty pushy with Tom to know what was going on, but I bet she already knows. Still, I couldn't believe that out of everything he shared with her, he shared information about Hannah. 

I know he didn't give details, but isn't it kind of funny, anyway? I think so, and I'm sticking to my theory that Alex is somehow involved in the overall conspiracy.

While all this crazy stuff was going on with Hannah, Tom was dealing with plenty of political issues.

Isn't it great how he's grown into his presidential shoes? Who would ever have guessed he would have fit in as quickly as he has?

The most important issue of the hour was Hookstraten and her Turkish trip controversy.

A Happy President - Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19

Hookstraten was going to be voted out of the speakership by the Ethics Committee and made a bold move. She talked to some congressman (another new player which is frustrating, but I'll let it go) on the committee and convinced him to reestablish arts funding if she stepped down as Speaker and gave up her House seat.

He agreed, but when she told Kirkman what was going on, he had her back and made her the new nominee for Secretary of Education.

Quick thinking on his part. He really does know how to play the game.

Nothing like surprising this congressman who probably thought he had gotten rid of the old guard for good after he made good on his end of the deal.

I'm not sure if I trust Hookstraten, but her and Kirkman make a pretty good team, and I was glad to see that Virginia Madsen wasn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Hopefully, she'll continue to have as much screen time as she does now, but considering it's the Secretary of Education, I'm going to guess we'll be delving into that issue pretty heavily. 

I just hope Hookstraten proves to be a better candidate than what we have in real life. Yes, I just said that.

Even with everything going on with Hannah, Kirkman didn't want to adjust any of his plans and that included the NATO summit in Canada. Seth tagged along, and the guy was beyond excited to be flying on Air Force One.

He even got Kirkman to pose for a picture. Isn't that cool, but Kirkman is a cool President (he did pose with the kiddies earlier, too). Though I think the pic might not come out because Moss had his finger over the eye of the camera.

Still, Seth is on his way to Canada with the Prez and the Prez is about to talk about all kinds of cool stuff like nuclear arsenals. Pretty exciting stuff, huh? 

There are lots of ways Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 20 and Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 21 can go, but things are being set up for something big. 

Are the conspirators planning on blowing up their targets while Kirkman is out of the country or are they planning to do something drastic at the summit itself?

Right now, it's anyone's guess.

What did you think of "Misalliance"? Is Jason really dead? Will Hannah get off the cargo ship? What is Lloyd's endgame? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Misalliance Review

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