Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Sisters Before Misters

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Are you done squirming yet?

After Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 21, it wouldn't be too surprising if you still have the heebie-jeebies. Worms in the intestines can have that effect on a person. It was an amusing case that may have finally brought Richard and Catherine back together.

There was also an emotional one that literally drove Amelia into Owen's arms. On the other end of the emotional spectrum, Maggie finally learned the truth about Meredith and Nathan, and after a rocky period of processing, the sisters appear to have made it through with their sisterhood intact. 

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Join TV Fanatics Tiffany Staton, Stacy Glanzman, and Amanda Steinmetz as they discuss "Don't Stop Me Now."

On a scale of 1-10 how gross (and hilarious) was the worm case? Also, how emotional was Amelia's?

Tiffany: I actually wasn't too creeped out by the worms until they pulled the big, wiggling mass out of her stomach. Bleh!

I was glad to see Alex's patient return. I like when the show follows up with old cases. It was very sad to see her die but we knew all along that would happen. It would have been unrealistic if they found some way to save her. At least she got to hold & kiss her baby.

Stacy: They've done some pretty disgusting stuff on this show, so it's hard to compare, but those worms were definitely gross. I definitely would have washed my hair about 200 times if I was April!

Amelia's case was emotional, especially watching her break down to Owen. They lose patients all the time, but it's got to be so much harder when they're not allowed to even try.

Amanda: I didn't think the worms were going to gross me out, but they did! We've seen some gruesome stuff on this show, but those worms were nasty.

Amelia's case was so tragic. I'm glad they brought back Veronica and Jeremy from Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 6. But the ending to their story was so sad. I don't blame Amelia for crying.

Do you like the way they resolved the love triangle issue between Meredith and Maggie? Was Maggie being too immature and petty?

Tiffany: Is it resolved? If so, that was pretty damn quick. I can't imagine Maggie is over Meredith lying to her for months. I agree with Jasmine that THAT is the issue, not the hook up itself.

I think the way Maggie handled it was a little juvenile but totally justified. Don't we all resort to our teenage selves every once in a while? We're definitely not at our best when we feel betrayed or hurt, so I think Maggie deserves a pass.

Stacy: I'm just glad they resolved it in one episode, rather than dragging it out forever. I thought Maggie's reaction would be immature, but it actually wasn't that bad. She does have a right to be upset that Meredith kept this from her for so long, but Meredith had good intentions, and I think Maggie understands that. 

If she was going to be mad, I'm glad it was about Meredith not telling her sooner, rather than about her still harboring feelings for Riggs. That would have been immature since there was never anything between them.

Amanda: I am so happy this stupid storyline is finally over! I don't care what Meredith's noble intentions were, she was just plain stupid to keep her feelings for Riggs a secret.

I was worried Maggie was going to be upset over Riggs, but she proved to be much better than crying over a boy. She had every right to feel betrayed that Meredith lied to her for so long.

Amelia sought Owen out for comfort after losing Veronica. Are they *finally*headed in a positive direction?

Tiffany: I don't know if I'd give her credit for "seeking him out," but she definitely accepted his comfort which is a small step in the right direction. I also liked that Owen didn't try to make it any more than that.

Stacy: I hope so. I was half expecting Amelia to blurt out "let's have a baby" in that moment, but that would have been terrible timing. Hopefully, they are able to work it out, but that's only going to happen if they want the same things. 

Amanda: It was just a moment. Nothing will change between them until they both sit down and talk like adults.

April was prominent this week, but Jackson was barely there. Are you annoyed that Jackson and April don't have screen time at the same time? Would you like to know where they stand after Japril the Sequel?

Tiffany: I actually didn't notice that Jackson wasn't around much which is strange because I'm a big Jackson fan. When the storyline's good and a majority of the characters are involved, I think it's okay that one or two are left out.

There are so many characters, and when there are too many storylines, I feel like none of them get the time and attention they need. As for Japril, not interested! I'm more interested in a Jackson/Maggie hook up.

Stacy: I love Jackson, but I've never been a huge fan of April, and I'm not overly invested in their relationship. I'm not against them getting back together, but I'm fine with it not being addressed right now. 

They seem to be in a good place at least. They have a baby together, so whether they are actually together or not, I just don't want to see them fighting or hating each other.

Amanda: As a supporter of April and the Japril relationship, I would like to see some follow-up on their night together during Japril the Sequel. Even if they never get back together, I would like some resolution.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Tiffany: Webber. I, too, like to see a happy Richard and while I don't like him and Catherine together, I'm glad she finally admitted she was wrong.

Stacy: I loved Bailey. It was funny watching her try to solve Catherine and Richard's relationship and talking about "old people sex." Bailey and Ben are one of my favorite TV couples.

Amanda: Bailey for sure! Her scene confronting Catherine was fantastic.

What was your favorite quote and/or scene?

Tiffany: I liked the selfies during the worm surgery and Bailey's response to Ben when he told her to stay in her lane.

Stacy: I probably have to stick with Bailey's speech to Catherine about how she's been where she is and asking her, "Don't you want to have old people sex?" I just thought that whole scene was great.

Amanda: "Old people sex." 

Don't you want to have old people sex, Catherine?


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