Shooter Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Remember the Alamo

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This is the type of content that makes for great television. 

The plot thickened on Shooter Season 2 Episode 2, when they so graciously answered the "why" regarding the 8113 being hunted. Not to mention, more players were added to the fold, some new, and some old.

Shooter isn't playing around. It has come back stronger than ever, and it has shifted from a guilty pleasure to must watch TV. This installment was no exception.

Attack Against Marines - Shooter

So much happened in this hour, it's hard to keep track of it all. Unlike the first season, however, there is a method to the madness. It's not information overload being dumped on the audience or random things dropped in that don't matter. 

Every little detail is connected to the plot, be it as it relates to the past, or how it relates to the present. The writing and overall storytelling have caught up to the action sequences, strong cast, and great dialogue. 

All of it is coming together now, and it makes for one of the strongest shows this summer. 

No time was wasted getting to why Bob Lee's unit was being hunted down. The first five minutes of the hour had the gang stumbling upon a sh*t ton of drugs in one of the houses that they were canvassing. 

Soldier: Hey Capt, you gotta see this.
Isaac: Hot damn.
Bob Lee: That's a lot of dope.

The squad assumed that it was Waheed and his family behind all of the heroin. Their family and the community needed it as a way of supporting their area, as they were not well off people.

It was evident early on that there was more to the story, and when threatened and pressed for more information, Waheed finally revealed the truth. Meachum was the one who gave them the drugs. The dope belonged to America.

Why are you doing this? We work for you!


Meachum is dead and yet he's still wreaking havoc from beyond the grave. Although, by TV rules, we never saw his face, so there's a possibility that he may not be dead, right? This has to be much bigger than Waheed and Solotov.

Bob Lee and his unit knew that infidels and others would be coming for Waheed's family and the drugs, so they burned them. The decision to burn the heroin came before they realized it belonged to the C.I.A, but one has to wonder if they wouldn't have done it anyway.


Meachum was the one who greenlit their mission, to begin with. He wanted to use the U.S. Marines to take out his own man. The question is why? What was the point in setting them up like that? Why couldn't he just do it himself?

After how everything went down, it was no surprise that Waheed was behind bankrolling the attack against Bob Lee's unit. He was even behind sending the Turkish suicide bombers. 

Blast from the Past

It also came as no surprise that Solotov was going to attempt to take him out as well. The man is a cold, calculated killer. He clears up his loose ends. He also didn't appear to take too kindly to Waheed deluding himself into believing he had the upper-hand.

Josh Stewart is so damn good at playing bad. He is seriously killing this role. No pun intended. Although, his body count keeps rising. Does anyone else miss his Cajun accent from Criminal Minds? The German takes some getting used to. 

Sneaky Solotov

Solotov is fascinating and fantastic at what he does. Yes, he's the adversary, but if he isn't taken down until the very last second of the season, there will be no complaints here. He commands attention every time he's onscreen.

Regarding Nadine, the more things change, the more things stay the same. Memphis is still the queen of questionable decisions. 

Nadine is a great ally to have because she's loyal and wants to do good. She believes in justice. She always has Bob Lee's back. 

Nadine: I'm on special assignment. I'm here to take you home. All of you.
Bob Lee: We're not done yet.

She still manages to flub things up in the most obscure ways. Why did it take her so long to check up on "Franz"? After everything that she has been through, especially with Payne, you would think she'd be more cautious and wary of damn near everyone.

Some random German authority was rummaging through Bob Lee's hotel room, and she didn't question it? Sure, she still wasn't convinced that the event was anything other than a terrorist attack, but come on!

Enemy in Disguise

She should have checked up on him immediately. She didn't even glance at any form of identification. Then she threw out Golden Crescent like she was asking about the weather. 

There are ways of gathering intel without showing your hand. It didn't make sense to me. She took his advice and said advice essentially lured Bob Lee, Dobbs, and Tio into a trap. 

Nadine is one of the best characters on her, but she's not without her faults. If she's going to be on the Swagger Squad, though, she has to do better. 

A moment of silence for Lin Johnson. She has already become this season's "Donnie's mom." Don't ask when I'll get over this death. I won't. I'll  be bitter for the rest of the season. 

R.I.P. Lin

Rest in peace to Lin and to the bastard who killed her once Isaac gets his hands on him.

In such a short period, Lin turned out to be an interesting character, and it's a shame that she was killed before she had the opportunity to develop more.

Not a fan of that choice. For one, how typical to kill off guy's love interest to fuel them and set things in motion. Then, of course, it just feels like wasted potential. There was something about Lin. She could have stuck around and added to the plot and certainly help flesh out Isaac's character.

Lin's death felt premature. If it had to happen, it could have taken place further along in the season. Wasn't the fact that Isaac was being hunted and nearly killed enough motivation for him? 

Lin: Will it ever end?
Isaac: I will end it. Trust me.

For a while, it felt like Isaac was on his way to reconnecting with Bob Lee and the rest of the unit. That would have been interesting. Based on how he was stopped at the end, though, he'll be facing Gregson first.

He should have gone to Bob Lee though. If only to work on his hand-to-hand combat. While it was a wicked good fight scene, he was getting his ass whooped until he pulled the trigger. At least his foreign language skills are impressive though.

Jule's struggle with PTSD is heartbreaking, especially because of how it's impacting her relationship with Mary. On top of that, Bob Lee is in danger, and she has to worry about him, but he's not there to help her deal with it. 

It's probably a time she needs him most, and he's not there. At least she isn't completely alone. 

Dobbs: Whoever did this is going to get put down.
Bob Lee: Copy that.

In fact, she may have someone else hot on her trail because Solotov is now in Texas. Nothing good can come from him hitting American soil. He's after Bob Lee, and the best way to get to him is by going after his family. 

How did you feel about the latest installment, Shooter fanatics? Are you upset about Lin? Is Solotov coming for Julie and Mary? What did you think of the C.I.A. drug reveal? Sound off below.

If you need to catch up on the series, you can watch Shooter online here at TV Fanatic.

Remember the Alamo Review

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Shooter Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Suicide bombers from Malta. Yeah, I'm waving the bullshit flag on that one.


Soldier: Hey Capt, you gotta see this.
Isaac: Hot damn.
Bob Lee: That's a lot of dope.