Game of Thrones Round Table: The End of Jaime Lannister?

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The battle at High Garden was a fiery one. 

On Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4, Daenerys decided it was time to even some of the odds and took Drogon into battle with her. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Robin Harry and Carissa Pavlica discuss the big battle, Jaime's fate, Arya returning home and so much more. 

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React to the epic conclusion.

Christine: No…not Jamie! He’s the most handsome man on the show. Someone save him! But seriously, I agreed with Tyrion when he called him an idiot for going after Daenerys with her dragon right there.

He got tunnel vision, and he’s extremely lucky he didn’t end up a crispy critter like so many others in that battle. Hopefully, all of that armor doesn't sink him for good.

Robin: My heart was racing and I barely breathed during that entire battle. I didn't think anything could top Battle of the Bastards, but this was incredible. Dothraki, Bronn, freakin DROGON!! I felt like I was in Tyrion's shoes; really, who do you root for when you care about everyone on the field? I wanted Dany to have a win, but I wasn't ready to lose Jaime or Bronn for it.

The emotional stakes of this battle were intense and I loved every second of it. Except where Jaime somehow manages to fall into a supposedly deep pool on the shoreline he was just riding a horse through.

Carissa: That's why the battles of from Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 were tempered. Doing so gave this one all the emotional weight and heart-pounding excitement it deserved. It was exceptional, and I appreciated Tyrion's role as the viewer because he nailed everything we were feeling.

I never want to hear a dragon squeal in pain again. Dragons must be impervious! We suffered through the deaths of dire wolves, and I will not stand for the majestic dragons going down. I'd rather lose Bronn (Rickon...Dickon...hahahahaha!).

Welcome, Theon - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

Was Daenerys right to take Drogon into battle?

Christine: If you have dragons, you might as well use them, and now she knows about the Lannister's dragon slaying weapons. Like all use of weapons, there will be consequences for using Drogon, but she definitely made an impression that her enemies (at least those who survived) won’t soon forget.

Robin: She was right, but she needs to start training new riders ASAP, because what if Drogon hadn't been able to land properly after that injury? I think it was a good show of her might, and I think the Lannister forces might be a bit less smug now that they've been smoked. (Literally.)

Carissa: Yes. It was everything! But I really did think Jon might ride up beside her, somehow naturally suited to the task. I'm such a sap.

Littlefinger Wants Power - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

What did you think of Arya returning home?

Christine: I was thrilled she finally got there and I loved how she handled those stupid guards. I thought her reunion with Sansa was a little subdued, but I suppose that makes sense given the hell they’ve both gone through.

It will be interesting to see how the Stark siblings get to know one another again as adults, instead of as the children they used to be.

Robin: I loved every second her return, starting with the season 1 callback to the two guards preventing her from entering the Red Keep. She and Sansa were about as awkward as I expected, as Sansa doesn't really quite know what to do with all her ascended siblings.

Her reunion with Bran mostly gave her license to be the assassin, and her duel with Brianne was a thing of beauty!! That said, I still want to see her reunion with Jon more than anything.

Carissa: What's not to love? But the best scene was certainly sparring with Brienne. Will Arya be wielding that dagger made of Valyrian steel to help slay White Walkers? (And off topic, but the amount Bran knows and how it all tied together in the episode is pretty cool.)

There clearly are not enough episodes remaining to do all this information justice.

Is Jaime Dead? - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

What will Cersei do when she finds out about what happened to the Lannister army?

Christine: What does Cersei always do? She devises plans for revenge that my brain could never even come close to conjuring. Cersei isn’t the type to wave the white flag. Whether she wins it all or goes down in flames, she’ll fight until the bitter, bitter, bloody end.

Robin: I agree with Christine. I think this will trigger Cersei's self destruction. She will be hell bent on revenge, and won't care about things she should. For one, she won't actually care whether or not her people or her troops can eat, which won't gain her any loyalty. Two, she won't care quite enough about Jaime, which will turn him off.

Carissa: It depends on whether Jaime survives. I still think he will ultimately kill Cersei, but I don't know when or how much damage she'll do in the meantime. While she may be hell bent on revenge, it's going to come down to fear of Cersei or fear of a dragon.

I'd flee Cersei's wrath and take my chances before attempting to fight a dragon again.

Sorry, Boss! - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

Did you expect Jon to attack Theon when he laid eyes on him?

Christine: I hadn’t really thought about it until the moment they saw one another. I expected him to at least hit him, but helping Sansa escape bought Theon a reprieve, if not actual good will.

The problem is that Theon is only really worried about his own survival, so he’ll go along with whomever is threatening him at the moment and that makes him dangerous to keep around.

Robin: It went down pretty much as I expected. Sansa did tell Theon that she'd put in a good word for him with Jon, with the truth about their brothers and for rescuing her, so this wasn't too surprising.

Carissa: Theon is such a pitiful character now that I didn't want that "reunion" to go terribly. What's the point of treating someone like him in the way he's expecting to be treated? It serves no purpose, and Jon knew that.

Jon is a good man. The simplicity of Theon was evident when he asked "Where'd she go?" in response to Jon's explanation that Caitlyn was gone. That poor bastard.

Okay, Game of Thrones Fanatics. What is your take on all of the crazy developments?

Sound off below. 

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