Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Emma's Return, Regina's Persona & MORE!!

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Many fans have been questioning just how Once Upon a Time will say goodbye to some of the series' most loved character as it heads into a rejigged Season 7. 

Thankfully, some of the cast and crew appeared at the show's Television Critics Association panel for the show and shed some light on it. 

Want a Drink, Son? - Once Upon a Time

We'll get to the details about saying goodbye in a little!

Ever since the picture of Regina behind a bar was unveiled, many have questioned whether she had opened up shop in a new locale in a new line of work. 

However, Regina's new persona is part of the latest curse unleashed on the characters. The new iteration of the character is not even named Regina. 

Executive producer, Edward Kitsis confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the new character is called Roni.

”I’m no longer in pantsuits,” Lana Parrilla said during the panel.

Hello, Wife! - Once Upon a Time

“I’m in denim and rock T-shirts. When we meet her, this other version of Regina, she’s working in a bar. She’s a bar owner. She’s a little rough around the edges… This version feels really different. She’s no longer in charge."

"We’ve always seen Regina in charge, and then she redeemed herself, but this Regina is something else. I’m having a blast playing her. We’re all still discovering who she is. It’s refreshing, it’s different.”

“It’s fun to be a part of something that’s constantly evolving,” Parrilla said of the new direction the show is going in. 

Parrilla teased that Henry and Regina would “reunite after many years in a flashback [and] she’s taken aback, ” and the mother is shocked by the aging Henry has done over the years.

A Reunion - Once Upon a Time

“He is no longer this little boy. How does she deal with him as a man?”

Meanwhile, Colin O'Donoghue revealed that his new policeman character is said to feel “a sense of loss, and he doesn’t know what it is, what’s missing.”

It was also confirmed that O'Donoghue's new character would be missing his left hand and that will be explored down the line. 


Hook Is Back! - Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 2 will pave the way for Jennifer Morrison's return as we get to find out what happened to Emma after Once Upon a Time Season 6

She will be back for one episode to give fans an update on what became of the character. 

Similarly, Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 4 will provide an update on Emilie de Raven's Belle. It was previously announced that she will be returning for one episode. 

There we have it, Once Upon a Time Fanatics. Are you more excited about the return of the show now?

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Note: Once Upon a Time Season 7 debuts October 6 on ABC. 

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