Preacher Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Puzzle Piece

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On Preacher Season 2 Episode 9, Jesse spent most of the hour in a holding pattern until he finally came face to face with his nemesis.

Meanwhile, Cassidy made a choice about Denis' fate!

Tulip Finally Sleeps

This was not one of Preacher's best hours. While the scenes with Herr Starr are always entertaining, the few scenes we had with him didn't make up for a rather meh episode.

The team remaining in the apartment has been gratingly boring and is making the story stale. Jesse is as lost as God is at this point, but he needs to do something other than search the Internet and YouTube videos for clues.

Even Cassidy thought it was ridiculous. Maybe Jesse should visit some churches. Getting out of the apartment for some fresh air might clear his head and help him think.

Instead, he lets himself and the team become sitting ducks. He knows people are coming for him even before the Men in White show up, so why does he make himself such an available target?

It was fun watching the Men in White breach the apartment like they were a SEAL team, but it's amazing that every time someone attacks (or tries to attack) Jesse, he comes out the winner.

Blood for Breakfast - Preacher Season 2 Episode 9

We know Jesse is a badass, but the Men in White are part of an elite group who should have had no problem taking down their target. Granted, Jesse cheated and used Genesis in the end, but it's still ridiculous that Jesse was able to get the upper hand in the first place. And Jesse did do this by himself.

Cassidy was incapacitated, and Tulip was sleeping and therefore oblivious. These were trained men who failed in the worst way possible.

It's surprising that Cassidy even bothered to help Jesse at all. Maybe he was doing it to save Tulip, but either way, Cassidy has this undying loyalty to Jesse, and I don't know why.

He was angry about Jesse not even trying to see if Genesis could help Denis, and his anger flared when he saw Jesse use Genesis on Tulip to help her sleep. That's why it's so surprising he helped – and continues to help – Jesse.

Without God, there's no structure, no order. With no one at the wheel, we hit the rocks; it's chaos.


Cassidy had to do the unthinkable with Denis by turning him into a vampire. He didn't want to see his child die, but he didn't want Denis' fate to be the same as his, either. Even though we didn't see how Cassidy did the deed, we know it had to be heartbreaking for him. And Jesse could have done something or at least tried

But it's too late now. The only question is how Denis will fit into the scheme of things once the team finally leaves the apartment. I can't imagine Denis joining in on their search for God, but I also can't imagine Cassidy will want to leave Denis alone until he at least becomes more comfortable with his new self.

It's quite the conundrum. Does this mean we're going to spend even more time in that damn apartment? God, I hope not!

And maybe we won't. Herr Starr paid a visit to Jesse at the end of the hour, and though we don't know Starr's ultimate plan, hopefully, it'll be something that gets Jesse and team moving.

Herr Starr has a Date - Preacher Season 2 Episode 9

Herr Starr was the highlight. Every moment the guy is on screen is a joy. Saint of Killers was great, but this guy is even better. He's so damn weird.

Making his date put a stick of butter under her chin was out there, but that type of behavior fits his personality perfectly. 

Hoover is lucky to be alive thanks to Lara, but how stupid for him to think Starr wanted male prostitutes. He's lucky Starr went along with the program, or he'd be laying in that tarp with a pool of blood around his head, especially considering he got a second chance thanks to Lara.

Lara is really good at her job, and I liked her quick thinking after the failed Men in White mission. And how lucky was it for Hoover that Starr's gun jammed?

Jesse Watching the Window - Preacher Season 2 Episode 9

I really thought BRAD was the mean-looking fat guy who attacked the police guarding Jesse, but that would have been too obvious. Kudos for not going down that road and instead surprising us by making BRAD a missile. 

How Lara and Hoover would have escaped from the missile's impact considering they are only two doors down from Jesse and friends seemed a little hokey, but it didn't matter. Starr called off the hit, and Lara sent the missile away to destroy Harry Connick, Jr.'s house.

That's the second celebrity Preacher has killed off. I can think of much more annoying celebrities than Harry Connick, Jr., but oh, well. 

So over to you guys. What did you think of "Puzzle Piece"? Will Jesse and Herr Starr work together to find God? 

Will Cassidy ever forgive Jesse for not using Genesis on Denis? Will Denis join the team now? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Puzzle Piece Review

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Preacher Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Without God, there's no structure, no order. With no one at the wheel, we hit the rocks; it's chaos.


What kind of world is it when a woman obeying a man is seen as his superpower? I have a date. Kill them all.

Herr Starr