Shooter Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Across the Rio Grande

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The first rule of crime and crime fighting is: always follow the money. 

The 8113 squad did exactly that on Shooter Season 2 Episode 6. It got Solotov's attention as anticipated, but it ended up with two of them taken into custody and one of them dead. 

And another one bites the dust.

Julie's Frustrations - Shooter

Bob Lee and the gang can't win for losing, and Solotov always manages to stay a step ahead of them at every turn. The man is a beast. How exactly will they be able to take him down? There are only two episodes remaining, and it wouldn't be a surprise if Solotov isn't taken down by the end of this.

Quick question, aside from killing Marines and obviously being the villain of the season, do you really want to see Solotov taken down by the season's end? He's so fun to watch.

It's almost ridiculous how good he is at f*cking up everyone's lives. How did he manage to go from spending time with Mary and Julie in his Travis get-up, to having another fight with Bob Lee, to taking out Ali? 

The man damn near parkoured off a building, cast and all, and capped the night eavesdropping on Julie talking to her priest all the while looking like a lovesick schoolboy. When will your favorite TV villain ever? 

Smitten Solotov

Ali's death was predictable, not only because Solotov is just kicking all sorts of ass against the squad right now, but because Ali became increasingly more obnoxious as the hour progressed and that was the most lines he's had all season. 

There are only three of them let now, right? Bob Lee has to get the upper hand in some way. The notebook he found may be the way to do that. 

Bob Lee: What the hell?
Isaac: He was dead anyway, and now Solotov can't get to his money.

Is it just me, or has Isaac actually become likable in the past few episodes?

He and Bob Lee begrudgingly working together and clashing over methods is beyond entertaining. Part of what makes it so funny is their relationship was established as Bob Lee being the rebel, rogue who did his own thing, and Isaac had to be the voice of reason.

The roles are reversed now. Isaac doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone now that Lee is dead. His solution to every problem is to shoot first and not even bother asking questions. It suits him. 

Their plan to go after Solotov's money was good albeit suicidal. Anytime it comes down to taking on the cartel, it's going to be dangerous and dicey. Now, Bob Lee and Isaac have been taken in by Mexican federales and thrown into prison.


If Shooter gives us some Prison Break vibes, I'm going to be a happy camper. Bob Lee and Isaac being forced to work together just to survive a Mexican prison where Solotov has reach? Sign me up!

They'll be on their own because Nadine won't be able to save them. She's too preoccupied with uncovering more on Atlas. She keeps digging and it's a hell of a risk. 

Harris appeared in the hour to warn her off and not give her information. What is his deal? There has to be a reason why he's significant, right? At this point, it seems like he'll be killed off next.

Harris: Why can't you just keep your head down and do what you're told?
Nadine: I'm not wired that way.

It's either going to be him or Jeffery. There was already an attempt on Jefferey's life. If he makes it to the end of the season, it'll come as a shock.  Anyone else picking up some vibes between him and Nadine?

Also, how great was it to learn more about Nadine's life through Jefferey's questions? It was especially touching when she mentioned her father being a civil rights advocate and explained why she wanted to be an agent. 

Nadine vs Harris

Mary would be a great agent when she gets older. She has a feel for people and she knows there is something off about "Travis." The sassy quip she made when Solotov attempted to interrogate her about Bob Lee made me chuckle.

If only Julie could pick up on something. Solotov posing as Travis is nowhere on her radar, and it's a bit odd for someone who is usually observant and intuitive. After her talk with the priest, it's even more so.

Julie with a gun is lethal. It was hard to not laugh at how she handled that jerk at the gun range. She's found some peace and solace in shooting at the range. She must feel like she's in control when everything that happened to her before was out of control before. 

Solotov: So where's your daddy?
Mary: It's a secret.
Solotov: He told me he was in Dallas.
Mary: Then why don't you go there and find him.

She even feels connected to Bob Lee as a result of her time spent at the range, but it hasn't translated to how they interact now. It was an interesting observation for her to make, and with so much going on it kind of sucks that there isn't much time spent on just the two of them.

Julie is still having a tough time and if anyone could understand her, Bob Lee could, but he's not there to help her through her dark period. He has a good reason, but it still is a crappy situation.

OK, Shooter fanatics, over to you. Did you expect Ali's death? Is Julie's inability to see through "Travis" frustrating? Will Nadine and Jeffery uncover and expose Atlas? Sound off below.

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Across the Rio Grande Review

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