Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Ignite on Contact

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The school fire case was solved, and it honestly could not have been more obvious. 

Casey and Severide only talked to two kids on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 2, and we all know it's never the most suspicious one. 

It felt like they really were trying to make this an interesting case, but ultimately it just fell flat. 

Not an Accident - Chicago Fire

First they wanted us to doubt Donna's instincts, but that was never going to happen. The only outcome that would have been more boring than this one would have been if the fire had been an accident.

I'm pretty sure firefighters have better things to do than investigate arson, but this one was personal for Boden, so it's understandable that Casey and Severide appeased him. 

And by better things to do, I, of course, mean preparing for a Muster competition! 

Mouch has been milking his near-death experience for all it is worth, but it looks like his 15 minutes are over. It was fun while it lasted, but the guys are done. 

It was about time Cruz stopped bending to his every desire. Enough is enough. 

Let's just say Mouch is very lucky they won. A thousand dollars is nothing to sneeze at. 

Considering how badly they needed to win, you would think he would have put a little more thought into the event assignments. Why put a guy with a gimpy shoulder on the pole? Cruz and Brett saved the day by trading events. 

Muster - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 2

The competition also provided an opportunity for Dawson and Kidd to spend some time together outside of the firehouse and talk about Kidd's new living situation. 

Thank you, Dawson, for saying what we've all been thinking: 

Kidd: See I am a single, fun-loving woman who can go out and sex up Chicago all I want. I'm not hung up on Severide at all.
Dawson: You know if you keep saying that it means you're hung up on him, right?

How long until Severide and Kidd are hooking up again? Sure, Hope is constantly hanging around and practically drooling all over him, but Kidd probably has the upper hand. 

For one, there's history there, but more importantly, there's opportunity, and opportunity is everything. 

Her response to finding Severide pouring coffee in his underwear could not have been more perfect. 

I'm just going to leave this here. 

Shirtless Severide - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 2

Yeah, it's only a matter of time before these two stop playing games and start doing something else. 

Speaking of Hope, she's definitely hiding something. 

She's running away from something back home and hiding out in Chicago. The question is, what? 

The way she's hanging all over Severide suggests that it could be guy trouble, but in reality, it could be just about anything. They haven't given us much to go on yet, so it's hard to formulate a theory. 

I do wonder how long she'll be sticking around though, and how long this story arc will ultimately last. 

While the school fire wasn't the most fascinating case in the world, it did give us some touching Severide moments. 

He saw something in Mateo that reminded him of himself, and it made sense that he wanted to make an effort to get through to him. 

Not many kids will confess to something they didn't do, but Severide was able to see through his confession and poke holes in it rather than just accepting it and turning him in. 

Chances are we'll never see that kid again, but it's nice to think that Severide made even a small difference in his life. Mateo may not have started the fire, but it was his bullying that led to a desperate kid making a very bad choice. 

No excuse will make up for that poor teacher fighting for her life in a hospital bed, but that doesn't mean we can't feel some sympathy for that kid. 

Still, there had to be easier ways to attempt to get someone kicked out of school than starting a chemical fire, right? Clearly, he did not think this plan through, but it makes you wonder if he considered any alternative methods.

Even if he only intended to start a small fire, how did he not consider the possibility that it could get out of hand, especially considering he was doing it in a lab full of chemicals and Bunsen burners? He seemed like a sweet kid, but certainly not the smartest. 

The house now seems ready to move on from the events of Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 22, with Mouch's "tyranny" coming to an end. 

How long are we gonna be in this dead Mouch tyranny?


It will be business as usual, until the next big catastrophe hits. Dawson may not be entirely ready to move on from nearly losing Casey, but we'll have to see if that develops further. 

What do you guys think Hope is hiding? How long until Severide and Kidd are back to sleeping together? Hit the comments with your guesses! 

Don't forget, you can watch Chicago Fire online anytime to catch up!

Ignite on Contact Review

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

How long are we gonna be in this dead Mouch tyranny?


Mouch: I just want to make sure we can count on you all for the Muster tug-of-war, it's kind of the big finale.
Boden: Mouch.
Mouch: Yeah, Chief?
Boden: I'm not putting my back out because you made a bet with 87.