Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 3 Review: An Even Bigger Surprise

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Captain Casey has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Butting heads with someone in charge other than Boden is becoming a recurring theme, but for once it had a different outcome. 

For the most part, Mullins was a jerk on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 3, but thankfully he was able to recognize the risk Casey took to save a man's life. 

The Wrong Foot - Chicago Fire

That doesn't completely redeem him though because he failed to recognize the same initiative in Dawson and Brett. In his mind, the paramedics should have waited an extra ten minutes for another ambulance when a man had just gone into cardiac arrest? 

What if they had followed procedure and he died? Surely getting both patients to the hospital as quickly as possible has to be the priority. If not, someone needs to reevaluate the rule book. 

So while Dawson and Brett were pulled from duty after they made a call in the field to save a life, Casey gets recommended for a promotion. Something is wrong with this picture. 

Of course, Dawson is incredibly proud of Casey, but it's hard to believe she would let this slide without calling Mullins out on it. 

She let the whole thing go a lot easier than we're used to seeing with her, but maybe that's still tied to her fear after nearly losing Casey.

A promotion to captain could mean more desk duty and less time in the field. Or, like Boden, it could mean he stays outside while the rest of the team rushes into the burning buildings. Neither of those things sounds like they would be appealing to Casey, but Dawson would surely be relieved. 

While Boden is still in charge, it is probably safe to say Casey's position won't change too much, at least not right away. No one wants to tune in to watch Casey do paperwork on a weekly basis. 

Jumper - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 3

Besides, his actions in the field are what got him the promotion in the first place. Mullins said it himself, if any other house had responded to that call, that man would most likely be dead. Casey belongs in the field. 

Honestly, I have no idea what his promotion to captain will mean, or how it will affect the house. Herrmann passed his lieutenant's exam, and nothing changed because he'd have to switch houses with Casey already occupying that position at 51. 

So if Casey moves up to captain, does that mean Herrmann can officially be a lieutenant? I guess we will have to see how this all plays out. 

Surprise Party - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 3

All right, be honest, who was worried something terrible happened to Leon?

Otis: He wants to go to gang corners, ok, and ask around about Leon.
Leon: Aww.
Otis: No, not "aww." It's not a good idea!

I admit Cruz got me. When Leon didn't walk through that door, I thought the worst. I thought we were about to go into another crossover with Chicago PD and a citywide manhunt to find the missing Leon. Thankfully that didn't happen. 

Mouch's heart was in the right place wanting to surprise Cruz, but he really should have told him once he started worrying. Now that the threat is supposedly gone, does that mean Leon can move back to Chicago permanently? 

Maybe we will see him pop up again from time to time. Or perhaps he'll get a job at Molly's as a bartender or something, because, why not? Everyone else either works there or at the firehouse. 

Just as Brett and Severide thought Hope was leaving to go back home, Boden announces that she's the house's new hire for the bullpen. That had to have happened incredibly fast. 

She hasn't been there that long. Did she apply, interview, and get hired on the spot? She must have considering they apparently didn't do a very thorough background check on her. I guess no one bothered to check her references either. She didn't even bother to tell Brett about it, so she couldn't have been one of them.

Hope: Any other tips I should know? Things to look out for? Chief Boden?
Connie: Don't turn this firehouse into "Melrose Place," you'll do just fine.

Well, now we know why she's hiding out in Chicago and doesn't want to go back home. We knew something sketchy was going on with her, but I did not guess that she stole ten thousand dollars from her previous employer. 

See, this is why people do background checks before hiring new employees. 

It sounds like the new position at 51 is not going to stick, what with this new revelation and all. Did she really think no one would find out about this? 

Honestly, I have no idea where the story is going from here, other than obvious drama between Hope and Brett. Does anyone really care though? Okay, we know she stole some money, can we be done with her now?

She doesn't exactly add much unless you count sexy shower scenes with Severide. 

Severide Showers - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 3

It's hard to complain about two weeks in a row of shirtless Severide. Is this a ratings ploy? If so, feel free to keep it going writers. 

Still, she broke it off with him, so now she can't even give us that. It's time for her to go. I think Kidd would agree with me. 

What did you guys think of the new temporary boss? Will Casey's promotion change things around the house? Do you want Hope to go away? Hit the comments and let us know!

If you want to see more shirtless Severide, you can always watch Chicago Fire online

An Even Bigger Surprise Review

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Casey: Sorry guys.
Kidd: It's fine. Half a shift. What's the worst that could happen?
Mouch: A question asked by nearly every Darwin Award winner.

Mouch: What is he doing here?
Herrmann: How should I know? I'm not part of this cockamamie plan!