Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Devil's Bargain

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Hope is a sociopath.

Or has antisocial personality disorder. Whatever. Bottom line, we found out on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 5 that there is something seriously wrong with Sylvie's childhood friend.

Now if we could only sort out what crawled up Casey's ass and died. I'm starting to think 51 needs to go on some kind of team building retreat or something. Maybe some trust falls would sort Matt and Kelly out.

Severide and Casey - Chicago Fire

To be fair, Casey was kind of thrown into the deep end with his new responsibilities. There was obviously going to be an adjustment period for both him and the firehouse.

I do have to wonder who was handling all the paperwork that's landed on his desk though. Boden couldn't have been doing it all. 

Really, giving him a furlough from the firehouse to receive some training in personnel management probably would have been a good idea. Actually, that would be a good idea for most people receiving promotions, regardless of industry. 

Untenable - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 5

This story development is bothering me for so many reasons. It makes me doubt how good of friends Kelly and Matt really are, it makes me question Boden's leadership, it has Matt acting like a douche. 

I get that there needs to be discord every now and again to keep the story interesting. I accept that. But the behavior of so many characters feels way off. This isn't a soap opera or sci-fi, that kind of attitude change can't be explained away as evil twins or alien abduction. 

The alterations just don't track for me. I'm just going to have to hope that everybody gets their head out of their respective asses and fast. 

Herrmann: Look, Otis...he's an idiot. But the robot thing, could be he just wants to make himself useful, you know?
Casey: He is useful. He's a firefighter.
Herrmann: Yeah, but... Think about it. I mean, he's been low man on the truck for a long time, you know. Maybe he's just looking for more responsibility.
Casey: Tell him it's over rated.

At least the ladies were on point. Yes, I kind of hate that so much of the Stella/Hope animosity is wrapped up in reactions to Kelly, and that it led to high school behavior bitching in the girl's room. But at least it's believable, even if disappointing.

Okay, believable once you ignore the fact that so many people are still getting paid with physical checks.

The one good thing about this story (I suppose) is that Hope has been written well up to now. Sure she was annoying AF, but I kept going back and forth on if the check had been truly lost or if she stole it, and I usually have a pretty good nose for that kind of thing. 

Shredder - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 5

Like how I knew as soon as his phone rang that Dr. Pete was married. And man was that disappointing.

That man was seriously good looking and I had my finger's crossed that he'd be making a transfer over to Chicago Med at the end of November. Even with his seriously shady ways, I'd still encourage producers to consider him as a new attending. Who said all new characters had to be perfect people?

It really is too bad, because Sylvie deserves a good man. Poor girl just has the worst luck!

You just tend to see the best in people, and, maybe, sometimes, ignore the rest.

Gabby [to Sylvie]

I'm becoming increasingly worried about Kidd's financial issues. I know the eviction wasn't directly tied to her income, but not being able to make her car payment when she's holding down two jobs has me concerned.

And while I don't hate the idea of her getting back with Severide, her current living situation with him makes it seem like a really bad idea. Healthy relationships don't involve hero worship after all.

Stella: So, so what happens if I don't pay rent this month?
Severide: You keep plying me with beer and hockey, you can stay as long as you want.

Maybe she can get in on whatever scheme Otis and Herrmann are cooking up on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 6. The fall finale finds two of Molly's owners investigating another run down bar. Will Molly's II finally be a thing? 

Otis could use a pick me up after the total flop of his "Rescue Pal." Once again, I would argue that his screw up was in the execution. Not that the timing helped either.

I'd really like to see Otis win of these days. It gets a little repetitive how things always fall through for him.

Self Satisfied - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 5

At least whatever issues Kelly and Matt have with each other will be put aside on "Down Is Better," at least temporarily. Kidd gets transferred out of 51 after saving a mother and baby, landing in the PR department. Doesn't seem like a great fit to me, and boys are suspicious too. 

God willing, Casey will be able to keep his temper in check. I can only imagine that working with Severide might be stressful right about now, but Gabby will need him level-headed so that she has a chance to lose it with her dad.

Yeah, apparently the calm Gabby who was more than happy to have Papi stay indefinitely was just a facade. We can only guess what Ramon will do to set her off, especially since things seemed like they were going well.

Herrmann: What the hell's going on?
Otis: I gotta lock up the robot. I can't risk the other shifts mishandling it.
Herrmann: So you're putting it in our food locker?
Otis: You got a better idea?
Herrmann: Yeah. *Don't* put it in our food locker.

So did you see Hope's betrayal coming? Is Severide just jealous of Casey, or is there more going on there? Are Kelly and Stella meant to be, or is there too much baggage? We want to know what YOU think, so chime in with all your thoughts about "Devil's Bargain" down in the comments section.

And if you missed it, you can always catch up and watch Chicago Fire online! Don't forget to check out past reviews too!

Till next time Fire Fanatics!

Devil's Bargain Review

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Stella: If and when Hope actually gets me my check, I will apologize to Brett. But she should apologize for that Severide comment.
Gabby: Mmm, I was kinda proud of her for that one.
Stella [dejectedly]: Yeah, me too.

Mouch: I was thinking of giving up bacon for health reasons, but Trudy has two rules for men. No cats and no vegetarians.
Stella: I'd add sandals to that list.