Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7 Review: Petey IV

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While I appreciated the satire on Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7, there's only so much Russia/Trump talk I can endure before I pull all my hair out.

Maybe I have the "eh" affliction like Peter did when Putin explained how Russia not only rigged the last election, but all previous American elections. Mess with the election, who cares. Mess with football, well, now you've got my attention.

Well, it got Peter's attention. I could care less about football.

Putin Comes To Town - Family Guy

So, the question is if that's how apathetic we've become or are we all just tired of hearing about the election that will never go away that we just tend to ignore it for something much more interesting?

We have become so overwhelmed with stupidity on every level, it's easier to just retreat back into our mundane lives than have to deal with and do something about any of the problems at hand.

Even if we wanted to do something, what are our options? Because, you know, the #resist movement has been so effective. Let's all just stand in front of Trump Tower and give it the middle finger because that makes a big difference, doesn't it? 

And all the attention we give to Trump's idiotic tweets just empowers him to continue all his nonsensical ramblings. 

Putin may be Trump's best friend, but behind his back, Putin's laughing his ass off at us.

Out of everything that Family Guy threw at us on "Petey IV" the best part was Trump's text to Putin. So sad that a guy who talks like this (we heard it with our own ears) was elected to the highest office in the land.

Putin Text

Another segment worth noting was the Polaner All Fruit commercial and explanation and then the Russian version with meat jelly even though it wasn't in commercial form. And you had to laugh at Peter saying the Russian DVD he picked up at the mini-mart was in terrorist language. 

While Peter was off fighting Putin in Russia for messing with football and having head injury-induced hallucinations that had him dancing with the Russian leader in the ring to Lionel Ritchie (there is a significance to the whole "Say You Say Me" song used here. Think about it), Brian had his own adventures on the other side of Quahog.

In other words, Brian was just being his scummy self. 

You'd think after being cast out for a misinterpreted Tweet that Brian might rethink his life and try to make a change for the good, but throw a woman into his path and he just can't help himself.

Who do you think is the worse offender on this show? Brian or Quagmire?

Brian was late on rent, and he was getting no help from his old family, so he got a job at a suicide hotline where he met Martha and immediately felt the need to get to know her better.

Peter: So what do you do for fun around here? You got DirectTV?
Putin: We have Time-Warner.
Peter: You have HBO?
Putin: We have Starz.
Peter: You have ESPN?
Putin: We have FOX Sports 1.
Peter: That come in HD?
Putin: 420D.
Peter: You got --
Putin: Everything you say, I say something little bit worse.
Peter: You got Simpsons?
Putin: We have Family Guy.
Peter: Ah. I did it to myself.

It's getting harder and harder to feel sorry for Brian when his behavior keeps disintegrating, and his behavior sunk to new levels this hour.

Is this really the character we were so outraged got killed off a few seasons ago that he had to be resurrected by Stewie's time machine?

Is he really that desperate that he feels the need to jerk off to the picture of the mother of the woman that rejected him? And pictures of her crying at a funeral no less.

And why isn't Brian wearing pants anyway? This is such a weird show.

But the whole point of what he did to Martha was that it reminded me of all the sexual harassment/abuse stories coming out of Hollywood.

The only thing I kept thinking of was Louis C.K which is ironic considering he was on Family Guy Season 16 Episode 1 well before his recent downfall. 

I also had to scratch my head at Martha saying she thought Brian's unwanted attention was a "compliment" after she was originally offended by it.

Watching Rocky IV - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7

Is this a slam against women for changing their mind and sending mixed messages or against men for being stupid in the first place and then not learning their lesson after the fact?

Brian ended up screwing Martha anyway by planting drugs in her desk. Nice way to shut someone up about sexual harassment. Could this be a reference to Rose McGowan's allegations? But this episode had to be finished before that controversy surfaced, right? 

It's all very uncanny and really makes you wonder how much Seth MacFarlane really knows.

What did you think of "Petey IV"? Will Brian ever get back to the Griffin household? Were you all in on the Russia/Trump jokes?

Or are you tired of hearing anything Russia/Trump related?

What was your favorite joke tonight?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts?

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Petey IV Review

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7 Quotes

Russia has all the hottest and ugliest women in the world. All 10's and 1's.


Vladmir Putin: Where is bathroom? I George Brett myself on plane.
Peter: Eww. Gross.