The Librarians Review: Saving the World with a Little Luck

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Why not start with the potential apocalypse?

A piece of Flynn's past threatened to destroy the future on The Librarians Season 4 Episode 1.

The Library of Alexandria - The Librarians

First off, it appears a seismic shift is coming, as Flynn and Eve were preparing for their upcoming tethering ceremony. Of course, it may never happen because they couldn't seem to perform the ceremony to Jenkins' satisfaction.

This tethering ceremony sure looks like a wedding. The Librarian and his Guardian, in this case, Flynn and Eve, pledge to become tethered to the library, gaining immortality in the process. The downside of this is that Flynn takes over Judson's role as pretty much the ghost in the machine that is the Library.

That's a convenient way for Noah Wyle to recur, with a few scenes here and there for Flynn instead of his having to be out in the field all the time.

I truly didn't get the reasoning behind Jenkins' insistence that tethering is essential. It was something about how events have gone beyond prophecy. Best I could understand, Charlene and Judson are gone, and somebody has got to take over their roles.

Vital Mission - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 1

This episode also featured a blast from the past in Nicole Noone.

Nicole was Flynn's first Guardian in The Librarian: Quest for the Spear. She was originally played by Sonya Walger but has been resurrected in the form of Rachel Nichols. There was no indication of this change, so it must be soap-opera rules.

Flynn had thought Nicole had died when H.G. Wells' time machine blew up in that movie. Instead, she had been thrown back 500 years in the past and became immortal. Just roll with it.

No one came back to rescue her, which understandably pissed her off. She stole artifacts to gain revenge on those she perceived abandoned her. That's why Jenkins had kept her locked up in a cell down a secret passageway for the past 100 years.

Pitch Perfect - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 1

Jenkins unveiled her presence now because she knew the location of three of the cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria. This sect of whack-a-doo priests wanted to destroy the library because -- to paraphrase -- knowledge is bad; ignorance is good. Insert political joke here.

Long story short, Nicole helped them because she was still in love with Flynn. She seemed to cross over temporarily but came back to the good guys in time to sabotage the priests' plan, causing John Noble to be sucked up in a vortex, which is a real waste.

Then she escaped, destined to recur throughout the season.

Much more straight ahead was The Librarians Season 4 Episode 2.

Someone was stealing the luck around a race track and casino near the Rocky Mountains, and people were hurting as a result.

One of those people was Jacob's lifelong friend Slayton, who lost his horse after an extended run of bad luck at cards. After Slayton was hospitalized due to a bee sting, Jacob and Ekezial started noticing the weirdness going on around them and decided that it was magic, not a coincidence. They called in the team, led by Eve.

Luck Be a Lady - The Librarians

Somehow, Cassandra, with her supernatural powers of computation, was able to block the bad-luck curse, continuing to win at roulette. That makes sense since she relied on math, not luck.

They figured the casino/track owner Benny had gotten some hands on a type of magical artifact.

Technically, that was correct, as he had rubbed a statue of Fortuna until she came to life. She sucked all the luck out of those who had received her kiss, even if it was remotely.

Lucky Man - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 2

Eve concocted a clever plan to turn Fortuna back into a statue, by using technology to make sure everyone won, reclaiming their luck and ending the goddess' brief period of reanimation.

The installment's message was similar to that learned by Peter Parker: "With great power comes great responsibility." All three of the younger Librarians wanted to enjoy an ordinary life, but that's not something those with exceptional abilities always can do. We'll have to see how this conflict develops.

Flynn spent his time hopping from frame to frame, appearing like a satellite signal in a snowstorm. He positively needs more practice if he plans to continue doing that.

SPOILER ALERT: Next up, the Librarians help out Santa in an obligatory holiday episode, and then they are drawn into the world of movie magic. 

To fill in the backstory, you can watch The Librarians online.

Do you want Flynn and Eve tethered? Would you like to see more of Nicole? Will the younger Librarians continue to chafe at their roles?. Comment below.

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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Head priest: Do you believe in God?
Park ranger: Yes.
Head priest: Good. Then it's time for you to meet him.

Jacob: Pan flute. A little mood music.
Jenkins: No sir. This is not a Zamfir concert.