Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 8 Review: The Whole Point of Being Roommates

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Annoying brothers-in-law, past loves, and irate cops. There were a whole lot of visitors to Firehouse 51 this week. 

All those visitors meant that some trouble got stirred up on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 8. Outside interference can lead to a communication breakdown -- at the firehouse and at home. 

Saving a Girl - Chicago Fire

Oh Gabby. What is going on with our girl? Or maybe it's really Matt that has the issue -- his reaction to her interest in Brea seemed to come out of nowhere. 

I can understand creating conflict between the power couple, even if it's been over done in my opinion. But it needs to come more organically.

I'm struggling to think of what Gabby's been up to lately that her husband could possibly interpret as high handed and neglectful of his feelings. 

Working Together - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 8

Hell, he was the one who was weirdly absent during her father's hospitalization. Sure, he and Ramon don't exactly have the best relationship, but things seemed to be okay between the two of them when Ramon was stabbed.

And he and Gabby haven't had any problems since Matt almost died and Ramon moved out. At the very least, Matt should have been there to support his wife.

To be fair, it also seemed like Antonio peaced out after his initial visit. I guess he was too busy hitting on Brett.

Sylvie: You don't think I can sleep with Antonio without getting hurt again. [pause] The thing is, I'm not the same person that I was when we were dating before. I don't know how to explain it.
Gabby: Less Fowlerton, more Chicago?

I can't decide if Otis and Cruz's hijinks were enough to offset the pointlessness of Antonio and Sylvie rekindling things. I mean, I love the family aspect those three have, but I'm not sure the payoff what there if the relationship soured so quickly.

But I'm also going to point out that that's a big IF. Somehow, I don't think those two are really finished with each other. 

Because if Brett's a different person now, why doesn't she recognize that maybe Antonio is too. And for that matter, his ex-wife? The last time they were together, his divorce was barely finalized. 

Shared Secrets - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 8

But time's passed. I would hope that the ex is more stable now, and hell, Antonio's living in a real apartment, decorated like a grown-up's place and everything. Maybe he wasn't being honest with himself when he said he wanted to keep things casual, but I don't think the danger from before is still there.

After all, it's not like they had a toxic relationship where they just hurt each other all the time. It was basically one thing that drove them apart, and that seems to be resolved. 

There's hope for those two. 

Otis: So, I've stopped asking Brett who this mystery guy is.
Cruz: Ah, decided to respect her privacy, huh?
Otis: No. No.

Am I the only one worried about Herrmann's jaw? Besides being an fascinating call, what was the point of the high strung cop if Herrmann let's it go so easily?

I was tempted to dismiss this as just part of a bad promo (God know's the #OneChicago-verse is plagued by those), but the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it's going to come back to bite him in the ass. 

I just haven't quite figured out how yet. 

Stella: What are ya doing?
Kelly [by upturned table]: I'm tired of the wobble.
Stella: Well, jam paper under the legs.
Kelly: I'm not taking advice from a woman who duct tapes her mirror to the wall.

But it doesn't look like we'll find out if my hunch is right anytime soon. Herrmann's bruise looks to be gone on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9, and he'll be busy hunting down a terrible stench.

Yeah, apparently that's a storyline. It'll be funny as hell, I'm sure, but not really the teaser information we're looking for, huh?

How about this: Matt and Gabby are having a rough patch. Okay, this one's obvious. I'd say they're already in the middle of said patch. But maybe they'll work on those communication issues and things will get better.

Or maybe things will continue to get worse because Gabby will be too consumed hunting down Brea with Kelly to actually address the problems in her marriage. 

Red Light District - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 8

On the brighter side of "Foul Is Fair," we'll meet a new character! And he's obviously going to be hot, because Sylvie and Stella, both frustrated that they aren't with the men they really desire, will be competing for his attention. 

I'm hoping for a farcical situation where he ends up hitting on Cruz or Otis or Cap. Just a little something different to shake things up. 

Kelly: What happened, you get sick of hitting the town with a different date every night?
Stella: Look, I don't want to shock you, but, uh, the pool of guys in Chicago who can keep up with this is limited.

So what did you think about "The Whole Point of Being Roommates?"

Were you disappointed that there were so many stories that didn't really go anywhere? Frustrated by Kelly and Stella's continued impasse? Confused by Matt and Gabby's sudden problems? 

We want to know! So join the conversation in the comments section below and give us your opinion. 

And remember you can watch Chicago Fire online, or catch up with our past Chicago Fire reviews anytime!

The Whole Point of Being Roommates Review

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Otis: Go on, spill it you're seeing someone.
Sylvie: Um, I don't need my roommates broadcasting what I do off shift to the entire firehouse.
Otis: That's the whole point of being roommates.

Stella: What are ya doing?
Kelly [by upturned table]: I'm tired of the wobble.
Stella: Well, jam paper under the legs.
Kelly: I'm not taking advice from a woman who duct tapes her mirror to the wall.