Bull Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Keep Your Friends Close

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As if two jetliners almost colliding in mid-air weren't enough drama, Bull Season 2 Episode 14 ended with Jason Bull fire one of his own. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't say that Cable left him much choice.

Cable has always been a bit more naive than the rest of the TAC team. She's clearly the youngest member, and at times appears to live in her own cyber centered world. 

Breaking the Law - Bull

Although her friend Sarah pulled at my heartstrings with talk of bringing up her baby without a father, and I loved her quip about having a bat in the bat cave when talking about her pregnancy, it didn't change the fact that Cable was downright gullible to her manipulations. 

At first, I was proud of Cable when she went to Bull the next morning and told him how Sarah had "coincidentally" run into her on the street after all of these years. 

Cable was well aware of the risk of having any further contact with Sarah, and yet she sat down with her anyway.

It would have been one thing if Cable had taken that thumb drive and handed it over to Bull, but sneaking it into the FBI and connecting it to their server was nothing but foolish. 

Still Smiling - Bull Season 2 Episode 14

Bull went out on a limb when he asked Danny to use her FBI contacts to try and save Cable. Unfortunately, Danny going to a man who seemed a bit bitter that she hadn't called him in years was a poor move. 

Even so, when the FBI swooped in and arrested Cable, I kept wondering if it was something that Bull and the team had set up.

When everyone in the office appeared to steer clear of a distraught Cable, except for Danny's note of encouragement, I speculated that this could be some sort of strategy the entire group was in on. 

Did Jason Bull have some master plan to help get Cable out of this mess?

As this Bull quote shows, that wasn't the case...

Bull: Sarah's disappeared. I doubt she's still in the country.
Cable: Fantastic. She's gone, Malcolm's a free man, I'm in prison and I helped a terrorist win his freedom so that he could try again.

There were plenty of unique twists in this story. The fact that the planes came close to colliding but never actually did was a bit of mystery. 

It appeared the planes missed one another because the air traffic controller immediately told the pilots that they were flying blind and to take evasive maneuvers on their own. 

But those planes could have just as easily flown into one another. Did Malcolm consider a mid-air collision acceptable collateral damage as long as it played into his diversion? 

And was Sarah involved in his plan from the beginning? 

I couldn't blame Assistant US Attorney Flanagan for wanting to throw the book at Cable. Her assessment of the situation wasn't wrong. Her actions allowed a terrorist to walk free and probably destroyed Flanagan's career. 

However, I did find Flanagan meeting with Marissa in the park to be a little comical. Perhaps it was Marissa hat, but the meet reminded me of something out of a Russian spy movie.

Keeping Warm - Bull Season 2 Episode 14

I also loved Flanagan's description of what it was like working with Jason Bull and the TAC team through voie dire...

Now I know what it feels like to be a muppet. The good doctor here shoves his hand up your back, moves you around the courtroom, tells you what to say and how to say it, and it works.


That was the most apt description of Dr. Bull's tactics that I've heard yet. 

In the end, even when Jason Bull was both disappointed in and furious with Cable, he still did everything possible to protect her. 

He used that thumb drive, and the information about JANET, the Joint Air Network Employee Transportation, (And is there really such a thing?), to not only take down Malcolm Swift but secure Cable her freedom.

As Cable and Bull drove away from jail, I kept thinking that Cable should make it her life's work to hunt down Sarah and bring her to justice.

But Cable was about to get blindsided. 

Cable: I just want to tell you how grateful I am for everything you've done. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.
Bull: And I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Cable: Are you being facetious?
Bull: No. I'm trying to be considerate of your feelings. I'm trying to be professional. I'm trying to find a way to tell you you're no longer working at TAC without making you feel worse than you already do, and frankly, not making me feel worse than I already do. Cable, you broke the law. You put the case at risk. You put me and my company at risk. You put the entire country at risk.

Cable was hurt and angry, but did she really have the right to be? Nothing Bull said was incorrect. 

The only reason Cable wasn't looking at a five-year prison term was that Jason Bull cared about her and was still willing to stick his neck on the line to broker her freedom. 

The Hacker Case - Bull Season 2 Episode 14

How many bosses can you think of who will do that for someone who has lied to them, disobeyed a direct order, and damaged the reputation of their company, and let's not forget inadvertently let a terrorist walk free?

One moment Cable was grateful and the next she was storming out of the car. 

I understood that she had reason to be upset. She loved working at TAC. They were like family, but I also don't blame Bull for firing her. 

Realistically, what else could he do?

Do you think that Cable will eventually make her way back on to the TAC team, and if so, how long do you think it will take?

Check back in for my review of Bull Season 2 Episode 15, and until then, you can watch Bull online here at TV Fanatic. 

Keep Your Friends Close Review

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Bull Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Remember, this was an act perpetrated by people whose business it is to find you and follow you and read whatever digital breadcrumbs you choose to leave for them. So we are not going to leave any. We are writing on pads. Exchanging ideas via interoffice memos and talking to each other. Remember, we have no idea if this fellow is working alone or as part of a group and until we are sure there is no one else out there continuing his dirty work, everything is old school.


Bull: What is it, exactly, that he pulled off?
Flanagan: What do you mean. I think that's pretty clear. He hacked into our air traffic control system and nearly brought down two jetliners.
Bull: Yeah, I know. I've been thinking about that. I've read all of the interviews with the air traffic controllers and it sounded like he had everything right where he wanted it. Those two planes were seconds from colliding and then…
Benny: They didn't.
Flanagan: What's your point?
Bull: It's always helpful to have motive and it's hard to find motive in an act that seems like it could have happened but then just didn't.