Krypton Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

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The newest Superman prequel takes us back 200 years as we meet the Man of Steel's grandfather.

Krypton Season 1 Episode 1 is all about establishing Seg-El and a side of Krypton we have never seen.

Can He Save Superman - Krypton

When the show was first announced I will admit that I was hesitant. Why make a Superman show about Clark's grandfather?!

But those doubts disappeared quickly after seeing the first trailers. The pilot did, without a doubt, go past my expectations.

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From a visual standpoint, we are seeing a completely new Krypton, past how Superman movies have portrayed it with crystals until Man of Steel changed that.

It helps that David Goyer, writer of Man of Steel, has a part in the design of Krypton. It feels in tune with the movie while still maintaining its own aesthetic.

Syfy must have paid a fortune for this budget! Seeing how cinematic it was made me stoked to continue watching this story unfold.

Cameron Cuffe is an excellent lead character as he portrays Seg, a complex member of the House of El. Seg is now the only member which must sting for him.

Meet Adam Strange - Krypton

Having seen other El members in other Superman media, Seg is for sure quite different. His rough edges and bad boy attitude will make him stand out from his future relatives.

I was not expecting the House of El to be in the position it is currently is in Krypton Season 1. The fact that it has been dissolved shocked me.

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That will make Seg's arc much more compelling, as he restores order to his house. I wish we had gotten to know his parents better before they got executed.

It felt somewhat rushed, but with a 10-episode season, the story has to move quickly. The House of Vex compels me, though.

Given that they don't exist in the comics, Krypton as a show has the freedom to take it anywhere. While Brainiac may be the big bad for Krypton Season 1, Daron will be a more personal antagonist for Seg.

While Daron is someone who has to grow on me, I'm intrigued by Nyssa! I don't know if she is a friend or a foe, but I like that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Bind With Nyssa - Krypton

She is slick, but someone you should not underestimate. I'm in love with the House of Zod women already.

Jayne is fierce and ruthless which sets her up to be our General Zod in this timeline. I was hoping for more with Lyta in the premiere.

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The twist that Jayne would end up killing Seg's parents was a shock. I don't know if the breakup was necessary, but hey what can you do.

I get the hatred towards Jayne from Seg, but why punish Lyta? But at the same time, this is foreshadowing the rivalry between El and Zod in the future.

I'm all about Shaun Sipos' Adam Strange. Although what the hell was going on with him when he disappeared like that?!

Is he actually on Krypton or is he projecting? That is a mystery the second episode should ideally answer right away.

I have a lot of questions about Val-El that makes me wish he hadn't been killed off so soon. But I will give props to Ian McElhinney for making his presence felt across the whole premiere.

A Daughter Of Zod - Krypton

I would not be shocked if we do see Val-El somehow back in later episodes. If Seg now has access to Val's fortress, what if he is an A.I?

That would foreshadow how Jor-El eventually becomes part of Kal-El's journey. Given the high advance of technology, Krypton can do a lot!

The one thing that I was stoked to see that we only got a glimpse of was Brainiac. If you don't know much about Brainiac, then you will see why he is one of Superman's greatest foes.

Visually, they nailed Brainiac's look. We got a glimpse into his ship and that was a nerdgasm of itself! 

How many worlds has he conquered at this point? Because he is from the present, there are so many questions that I have about him and his timeline.

Overall, Krypton is off to a fantastic start already as the latest DC TV show to join the franchise. The characters are compelling, the visual look of Krypton is phenomenal, and we have a strong villain coming.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought about the premiere! What do you think of Superman's granddaddy?

How cool is the visual design for Krypton? Are you stoked to see more of Adam Strange and Brainiac?

Remember you can watch Krypton online right here via TV Fanatic! Get caught up with Superman's grandfather before the next episode!

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Krypton Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Adam: I come from a planet called Earth. A time centuries from now. And I've come here to warn you. Someone from the future is coming to destroy Krypton.
Seg: Okay, right. Why? Why would they do that?
Adam: Because where I'm from, your grandson becomes the greatest hero in the universe. Like, ever. Unless somebody changes things to make sure that he's never born...
Seg: You all right?
Adam: I'm running out of time. Take this. You have to find the fortress. You have to save Superman.

Kal-El. My future grandson. This is the story of the House of El. Our ending has yet to be written. But this is how it began. Ours is a story of sacrifice and triumph. How the House of El led a revolution against tyranny. The story of your family isn't how we died. But how we lived.