Timeless Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The King of the Delta Blues

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Finally, Connor's pity party ended.

Rufus and Jiya figured out how to add a fourth seat to the Lifeboat and Connor filled it on Timeless Season 2 Episode 6.

I never pictured Connor as a blues geek, but it was his encyclopedic knowledge of Robert Johnson that was crucial to the mission's success.

King of the Delta Blues - Timeless

He got that same blank look from everyone as Wyatt got when talking about stock-car racing or Rufus talking about early space exploration or Lucy talking about ... damn near everything.

At least Lucy got how that one essential recording could end up dooming the counterculture decades into the future.

You just knew it was going to be a Connor spotlight when he was drunkenly lurching around, quoting Shakespeare, as his former life officially went down the drain.

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Leave it to his protege, Rufus, to pull him out of his funk by taking him back in time, in part to meet his idol, Robert Johnson.

Who would have guessed that Connor had only dealt with the theoretical portion of time travel and had never actually tried it himself?

 That led to him waxing poetic upon landing back in 1936 San Antonio, up until the point when he puked his guts out. Rookie!

Meanwhile, it was old hat to Lucy and Rufus, who used to be that starry-eyed about time travel themselves.

King of the Delta Blues - Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

This mission wouldn't have worked without Connor. Not only did he know Robert's music inside and out, he could also appreciate how Robert felt about making deals with the devil.

Everything Robert was feeling echoed with Connor, who also found himself at a crossroad. He was definitely feeling Robert's idea of running away and disappearing.

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Rufus instinctively knew that Connor helping out Robert could pull him out of his funk and maybe give him a new direction. Rufus also knew the right things to say in his pep talk to Connor.

A major accomplishment of this episode was to humanize Connor.

He spent TImeless Season 1 as a spineless Rittenhouse stooge, and so far this season he's been sitting around feeling sorry for himself. "Wah! I was underwritten by a nefarious secret organization and now I'm broke. Wah!"

Rittenhouse Agent - Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

But maybe now he'll heed his own speech to Robert and confront his own devils, and then use his genius to battle Rittenhouse instead.

Flynn is also becoming a more sympathetic character this season as well. 

Sure, he still shoots first and asks questions second, but someone has to, I suppose. 

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Flynn especially seemed to be getting closer to Lucy. If indeed he does have Lucy's journal (or some future Lucy's journal), no wonder he seemed to think he knows her.

The two now appear much more sympatico. He's softening, she's more jaded, so no wonder their thinking seems to be lining up more these days.

That doesn't mean, however, I want them to become a couple, as she and her vodka bottle slipping into his room would seem to suggest. I'd still like to see Jessica disappear, somehow, and Lucy and Wyatt get back together.

Enjoying the Music - Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

Unfortunately, the series' most stable couple, Rufus and Jiya, were having their problems as well. Rufus is basically covering his ears when it comes to Jiya's premonitions, which is making her feel bad about something she can't control.

She did the right thing to tell Rufus about her seeing his death in the Old West. It's already been proven that Jiya is seeing a possible future, so now that he knows, he can be more careful when visiting that time period. Or Jiya could pilot that mission instead.

Then there was Wyatt's side mission.

Christopher made the right call by sending Wyatt in alone. She does have no idea who she can trust, outside of that bunker.

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For that matter, is she the only person at the NSA who knows where the bunker is? Apparently, or they would have been infiltrated already. Maybe they have already, and Jessica is a spy. Nah, that's a stretch.

Wyatt did fine on his mission up until he was faced with Carol, and he couldn't pull the trigger. Again, that was the right choice, as Carol appears to be somewhat on the fence now, and maybe she'll turn.

Nicholas didn't hesitate to shoot, as he was willing to put his own granddaughter in the crossfire and to blow up his headquarters. So with whom would you rather team up?

Hopefully, they will be able to recover data from the headquarters' wreckage that will help them in the fight against Rittenhouse.

To review the changing relationships, watch Timeless online.

Which couple are you enjoying the most? How did you like having Connor in the field? How big a blow to Rittenhouse was Wyatt's raid? Comment below.

The King of the Delta Blues Review

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Today is the day when I finally lose control of Mason Industries and all of my holdings, the day Connor Mason is officially nobody.

Connor [to Rufus]

Rufus: That 1950s Kenmore sleeper sofa sleeps like a dream. It's like staying at the Four Seasons.
Wyatt: Really?
Rufus: Except there's only ever one season, and that season is winter.