Legacies Round Table: Could Landon be a Salvatore?

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There's a dragon in Mystic Falls?

That's the question we can't stop repeating after Legacies Season 1 Episode 2 pulled the ultimate switcheroo on us. 

Below, TV Fanatics Celester Mejia, Justin Carreiro, and Paul Dailly discuss the fire-breathing creature, Landon not being the villain, and so much more!

Legacies Round Table

The fire-breathing witch was actually a fire-breathing dragon. React!

Celester: Honestly, that was a great surprise! Not once did I imagine a dragon being a part of the TVD/TO Universe. That said, there had to be someone who saw the dragon when it flew up in the skies. There had to be one!

Justin: Loved it! The dragon was something new that we hadn't seen before, and it really challenged the main characters fighting it. A witch would've been too much of the same-old-same-old.

Paul: I was surprised, but it was a fantastic twist. I agree that I never imagined a dragon appearing on this show or the ones that came before it. 

I'm Here to Help - Legacies Season 1 Episode 2

Are you surprised Landon is not supernatural? 

Celester: Well, I would still stick to him being a supernatural being. Now that we’re being introduced to a much bigger world and canon, there has to be a reason why he can’t be compelled. Not once, but twice.

Justin: I still think that he's supernatural, but the villainous motive has lessened due to the dragon revelation. There's still something off about him. I'm still leaning towards the theory I had from the first Legacies round table.

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Paul: I forgot all about the compulsion not working! I would like him to be supernatural, but I'm fully prepared for him to be the Matt Donovan and for there to be a logical reason why the compulsion failed. Wouldn't it be great if he was a Salvatore? 

It wouldn't surprise me, and it would be a great way to shake things up. We know little about his past. 

Searching for Landon - Tall - Legacies Season 1 Episode 2

Landon and Rafael are on the road alone. What will bring them back to the school?

Celester: A summoning spell? Josie already did it once as a favor to Rafael. There’s no way they won’t do the same just to make sure their supernatural secret is safe. 

Justin: Maybe something tied to Landon's past? The two will definitely start fighting over the lies and the truth. Rafael knows that Landon lied about hiding the knife, so that distrust will put a wedge in their friendship. Plus, Landon will want answers about his non-abilities too.

Paul: The road is not going to treat them well. Rafael is a new werewolf, probably full of emotions, and Landon is all over the place. Rafael is likely going to want to go back, while Landon will follow.

Getting Out of Dodge - Legacies Season 1 Episode 1

What are your thoughts on the Salvatore Stallions?

Celester: I really don’t get why they had to lose. They could have won the game fair and square. Or, maybe, that’s whatever teen angst I still have left in my system talking. I wanted them to win! I wanted to freeze another car and shatter its glasses. That bad.

Justin: I agree with Celester; the Stallions didn't have to lose. Alaric's reasoning for the losing streak made no sense from a teaching standpoint. The better lesson would've been to teach the kids to win match fair and square without their powers instead of throwing in the towel. Bad move, Saltzman!

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Paul: I loved the team, and felt like it was silly to have them look like the losers. Alaric obviously wants the team to fail to keep it (and the school) out of the public eye, but still, it's hardly good to tell kids to not even try. 

The Salvatore Stallions! - Legacies Season 1 Episode 2

Which creatures would you like to appear on Legacies?

Celester: Angels? For hell to exist in this universe, there has to be a version of heaven, right? Can that be what Landon is? That would be epic.

Justin: I agree about the angels aspect; that would be a good introduction to the series. Also, I would like more demons in there, like Hellhounds or mummies.

Paul: I would love for an angel to stop by! Umm, I would also like there to be a mermaid. Siren has proven that a dark tale can be told about mermaids, so why not?

What are your thoughts on this, Legacies Fanatics?

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Hope: Why should I believe you?
Rafael: ‘Cause I don’t lie.
[Hope stifles a giggle and nods]
Hope: Everybody lies.

Rafael: He’s not lying. I know him, if he says there’s a fire-breathing woman running through the woods. Then there is a fire...
Alaric: [Interrupting] There’s a fire-breathing woman running through the woods!
[Hope is speechless and Landon falls down relieved]
Alaric: Did I or did I not say don’t engage?!
Hope: He’s only dangerous if crappy apologies could count.
Alaric: Well, looks can be deceiving. Now our bus refugee ... turns out she’s a pyromancer.
Landon: What’s a pyromancer?
Hope: A fire-breathing witch.