Legacies Round Table: Did Landon Go Too Far?

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The teen angst ramped up Legacies Season 1 Episode 4 as students locked lips, argued and took down some more villains. 

Below, TV Fanatics Celester Mejia, Justin Carreiro, and Paul Dailly discuss Landon's comments to Hope, that kiss, and so much more. 

Legacies Round Table

Landon said that Hope was just like the other girls after the way she treated him. Do you agree with him? 

Celester: Oh, not at all! Hope is unlike any other girl, and she’s probably more. The thing is: Hope’s broken. In a lot of ways. And, it takes huge understanding and dedication to be able to get someone as damaged as Hope Mikaelson.

Landon’s not at fault here, though. He’s just too focused on how he feels because he’s not totally aware of what Hope went through. Once he figures it all out, he’ll understand better.

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Justin: I agree with Celester here. Hope is so deep and layered because of all the tragedy that happened in her life. She isn't like other people since no one can truly relate to what she went through in her life. Landon was just being a bit too bitter.

Paul: It's a full house! Landon will never be able to understand what is going on in Hope's mind. She can bottle things up that he could never dream of. All he has to do is read some of the history books at the school to start the process of understanding. 

I Have Better Magic! - Legacies Season 1 Episode 4

Josie and Rafael locked lips to get them out of the cobwebs. Is a romance blossoming? If so, do you ship it?

Celester: At this point, it’s kinda hard to ship this. Not because they don’t have the chemistry, but because Josie’s that good. Whoever she pairs up with, it’s like an attraction can blossom between her and another character.

She’s got that feisty Saltzman spirit and her biological mother’s grace. What’s hard here is to believe that she had to lock lips to siphon on Raphael. Couldn’t she kiss him on the forehead instead?

Justin: I'm on the fence about this ship. I thought something was brewing between him and Hope? The tension between them made it seem like something would develop. 

Also, Josie had more chemistry in her antagonistic arguments against Penelope. I'm not going to get too invested for the time being until it seems like this relationship is a lasting thing.

Paul: I didn't want to like this 'ship, but I did. It was surprising because I figured we were in for a Rafael-Lizzie-Hope love triangle. Now, it looks like things are going to be juicier than that. 

A Connection? - Legacies Season 1 Episode 4

With Dorian in the middle of nowhere and the villains still coming for the school, what's your best theory for what's going on?

Celester: It’s hard to speculate, but it has to be something that relates to Landon. It has to be. All fingers are being pointed at him. This can be misleading, but my hunch tells me that Landon is like a human form of a Hellmouth.

Is he or is he not? Or, is he not yet? Sooner rather than later, the guessing game is gonna become tiring. Answers need to come sooner. 

Justin: It's definitely something to do with Landon ... or even with Hope involved too. Maybe he's like a beacon where the supernatural beings are attracted to him?

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Theorizing here: His blood (or a power nestled away inside of him) might be the key toward unlocking a prophecy. I know this sounds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5, but it's an idea.

Paul: I agree about Landon. There has to be a reason why all of this started when he showed up at the school. I still think he's going to be linked to a character from either The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, and things will become clearer when we learn who. 

Are you surprised the students haven't been taught how to defend themselves with magic, or do you think it would give some power to do things they shouldn't be doing?

Celester: What I’m surprised about is that the students are not being taught how to use offensive magic. And, I’m even more surprised the witch community let the school be run in the first place by the hands of a human and a vampire.

I understand that offensive magic can be used to do bad things, but they can’t suppress someone’s nature for so long. Especially, with witches rubbing on everyone else’s noses, it’s not hard to see an uprising or a revolution against the Boarding School be jumpstarted by witches. Most especially, by what’s left of the Gemini coven—if there are still any that are breathing at this point apart from Lizzie, Josie and their uncle Kai.

Justin: Definitely! After everything the characters have faced (let alone the world), the first course of action should've been defensive spells. Being so close to Mystic Falls, they're familiar that the town is a hotbed for supernatural activity and deaths.

Not teaching the kids how to harness their powers in cases of emergencies seems reckless. Alaric might need to review his lesson plans and approach to teaching; he hasn't impressed me so far during Legacies Season 1.

Paul: Yeah. Alaric knows first hand what's happened over the years in Mystic Falls, and what danger lurks in the shadows. Then again, we have Kaleb who is choosing to do what he wants ... even if it means getting himself locked up. It's a grey area, and I do think some of the students could rebel against the rules if they had more power. 

Matt Donovan  - Legacies Season 1 Episode 4

Matt is, once again, making threats to keep the town safe. Are these empty threats, or do you think he would resort to taking out some students who pose a threat to the town?

Celester: He probably would, and I’m seeing him as a villain in this installment rather than an ally. However, he’s not that big of a baddie. He’s more of an anti-hero. But, even a Matt Donovan won’t be able to stop these super children from being who they really are.

Deaths caused by the supernatural will be unstoppable at this point, and I get it why Donovan’s pissed. But, don’t ever threaten Dr. Saltzman again!

Justin: Matt is like a broken record. We've heard his fears, his arguments, and he's taken this new position, but he's not the type to harm innocents.

At the end of the day, these are teenagers coming into their own and need guidance. He can go against the demons attacking, but the second he goes for one of the teens, he'll become a monster.

Paul: I like having Matt as part of the series, but god, it would be good to give him more of a personality. I get that Zach Roerig is not a regular, but it's a bit of a wasted opportunity not to find out more about what's changed for him. I do think he will go to any lengths to keep everyone safe. 

Okay, Legacies Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on the questions?

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Legacies returns November 29th on The CW!

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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