Legacies Round Table: Who Is Landon Visiting in New Orleans?

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Changes are coming to Mystic Falls.

On Legacies Season 1 Episode 5, we learned the truth about what these villains were up to, and a character was brought back from the dead. 

Below, TV Fanatics Celester Mejia, Justin Carreiro, and Paul Dailly discuss the Malivore theories, what Landon's mother is up to, and so much more. 

Legacies Round Table

What are your thoughts on Malivore?

Celester: I think it sets us up to what the future is going to be like in Legacies.

We are being introduced to different creatures that it somehow makes me theorize that it has something to do with the ending of The Vampire Diaries when we were introduced to Arcadius and the Sirens, especially since the Legacies Season 1 Episode 1 started with fire and The Vampire Diaries ended with fire. Just a theory though. 

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Justin: I'm kinda on the fence about the whole situation. Sure, this is seriously delivering some Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes with the whole "Hellmouth" and evil things being trapped down there.

But, I'm getting the sense these "Monsters of the Week" will be filler until the real Big Bad arrives ... or a mess of characters we thought we lost return suddenly. In that case, we're kinda filling time.

Paul: We finally got some much-needed insight into the mythology of Legacies. The biggest shocker was that there is an endless supply of creatures ready and waiting to come for the pesky knife. 

The Truth About Landon - Legacies Season 1 Episode 5

Now that we know Landon's mother is linked to the mystical place, what could she have planned for her son?

Celester: In a way, I think that Landon is an heir to a supernatural being, needed to be initiated. He’s like Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries—- a supernatural entity without the abilities... just yet. With a history of being orphaned, it’s safe to assume she didn’t want whatever is planned or destined for Landon. 

Justin: I said it before and I'm saying it again: he's a key. His blood or his death is going to open that door and free everything in there. He's been kept away in hiding until the moment they needed him. Call him "Dawn Summers" or "Sam Winchester" but he's got a bigger purpose to come.

Paul: If she's wearing the symbol of the mystical location on her neck, then I'm going to assume she's not someone I want mixing with the other characters on the show. 

Who would you like Landon to visit in New Orleans?

Celester: Aunt Freya? I think with all her powers, she might be able to help Landon figure out who and what he really is. She knows ancient magic more than Hope does, and she isn’t bound by a Boarding School Rules and Regulations when it comes to magic. 

Justin: I agree with Celester here. Freya would be a great option because she could give him spiritual guidance and use her magic to discover the truth that might be hard to find. Plus, with them being in New Orleans, the magic will be stronger.

Paul: Didn't Hope say it was a friend of the family? Marcel left New Orleans with Rebekah, Josh is dead, so it only really leaves Declan or Vincent. Of the two, I would prefer the latter. 

Josie's Decision - Legacies Season 1 Episode 5

Hope and Landon kissed, while Rafael and Lizzie went all the way. Which pairing do you like best, and why?

Celester: Hope and Landon, still. I’m already thinking of a ship name for them. Handon? Kirbelsob? Mikirby? Everything sounds odd, but their pairing isn’t one of them.

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Justin: I'm going with Hope and Landon. I don't think Rafael and Lizzie will last long as a couple due to all the drama heading their way. Hope and Landon seem like they'll spark something. Though, if my theory above is correct, he might not have a lot of time left to explore this ship.

Paul: It's a full house on Hope and Landon! "Malivore" was the episode that got me fully on board with this ship. They both have so much in common and care for each other a lot. Will they be able to make a long distance thing work?

I'm with Her - Legacies Season 1 Episode 5

What are your thoughts on the Drayad and her storyline?

Celester: I felt for her. And she wasn’t a bad character. She was used by a bigger power that even her benevolent nature couldn’t stop from doing bad things towards Alaric and Dorian. That baddie must be one of the biggest yet we’ve come across in this universe.

Justin: Definitely, she was being used. You can't help but sympathize with a character that is being forced to do something against their will. The Drayad had it rough. 

Paul: I loved that she was not a villain. She had a lot of depth and was under control by a higher power. She was honorable, and gave as much information as she possibly could before her time here was over. 

Did you expect Landon to be ousted from the school by the Honor Council? 

Celester: Yes, because it had to be dramatic. I was surprised, of course. To think that Hope, Jo and Rafael are all part of the council, you’d think it will be easier for Landon to stay. But the reasonings were true and not selfless, apart from Kaleb’s and Rafael’s. 

Justin: I wasn't that surprised. It was sad and cold, but it suited form. Landon hasn't had the easiest life, and his story on Legacies so far has been nothing but pain and misery. Being booted from the school falls in line to his series of unfortunate events.

Paul: I actually thought Hope, Josie, and Rafael would keep him in the school. When it was all said and done, I could understand why Hope and Josie sent him packing. 

Lizzie in White - Legacies Season 1 Episode 5

What do you want to happen with Jo being back from the dead?

Celester: Oh, I want her to stick around for a while up to the point wherein Caroline Forbes has to show up. It will be nice to see how that dynamic will take place. And, thinking that Alaric’s dead wife will be on the picture with her biological daughters, how fun would it be to see Caroline struggle being a part of the picture. 

Justin: I would like to see the daughters' new relationship with their recently revived mother. Jo never really had the chance to be the mother they needed her to be, so this will make up for lost time. Will it be rocky? Will they instantly love her? Will someone distrust her? These are the questions I want to find out.

Paul: I would like to see her reignite her relationship with Alaric, and be a mother to her daughters. But this is Legacies, which is set in The Vampire Diaries Universe, and happy endings are not on the menu. 

Over to you, Legacies Fanatics!

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Some students have expressed concern that I am not allowing you to have a say in the decisions that affect your future, and I agree. If you are expected to abide by this school's policies, it's only fair that you have a voice on how those rules are made.


Landon: What are you doing here?
Hope: Dr. Saltzman wanted me to administer your tests, starting with some weird mystical blood analysis.
Landon: No.
Hope: Excuse me?
Landon: No. These tests determine whether or not I get to stay at the school, right? There is no way I am putting my future in your hands. You're biased.
Hope: I'm not biased. Besides, neither of us have a choice. Believe me, this is not how I would choose to spend my day either.
Hope: See? Biased.