God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Miracle on 123rd Street

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What started off as an overwhelming task for Miles and Cara on behalf of the God Account quickly became a lesson on the importance of a brother and sister's unbreakable bond. 

And, as always, God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13 placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of family and the sense of community. 

There was thematic cohesion between Denise and William's relationship and Miles and Ali's. 

76 Friend Suggestions - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13

Although Ali and Miles aren't at odds like Denise and Willam, Miles relied on his personal experiences to help them mend their relationship.

And when it came to his own sister, he needed a push from Cara to realize that something wasn't right. 

Apartment fumigation is the go-to lie when you're running away from your problems and need a place to crash. 

Ali: Speaking of Simon Hayes, have you heard from Pria?
Miles: No. And how do you know about her?
Ali: Because I listen to your podcast. It's getting good, it's like "Serial" only with people I know.

Ali has gained screentime, however, she still doesn't have enough scenes that would up her from a filler character. 

We feel for her because break-ups are difficult --  specifically when you come to the realization that the person you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with "isn't the one," --  but we really never saw much of her relationship with Dee. 

The writers never even acknowledged what the "huge fight" was about, or why Ali had a change of heart. It's almost like none of that mattered. 

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On a positive note, let's hope her newfound single status will allow her to be more active in Cara, Miles, and Rakesh's missions.

The God Account sent Miles 76 friend suggestions. That's wild! 

Friends Are Family  - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13

Most folks would be overwhelmed by such a staggering number, but not Miles, Cara, and Rakesh; they jumped right into action trying to find a connection between all of the people.

Initially, I believed we'd be dealing with a bus or train incident, but alas, it was a problem that's probably all too "real" for renters in New York City -- an apartment complex was being sold off to make way for a luxury hotel brand. 

The moment William began saying things like he's lived there "since he was born" and he couldn't "imagine living anywhere else," I figured that's where the storyline was headed. 

Cara: How many are there?
Miles: We just got 76 friend suggestions.

And almost immediately, it was obvious that the solution would be to declare the building a historical landmark. Isn't that the only way to hit pause on overeager companies trying to profit off of high rise projects?

Surprisingly, it took the team way longer to arrive at the realization, and they only did so because of a hint from the God Account that took them to the Little Red Lighthouse.  

The writers never stop finding inventive ways to weave in lesser-known bits of NYC into the storyline.

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The Little Red Lighthouse sent an enormous message despite being overshadowed by the bridge. 

It all came full circle when Miles gave Cara the first-edition book. He brought up feelings of nostalgia, but also made her see that she could have a real future with her "fake boyfriend."

I guess referring to him as that is a step in the right direction. 

Little Red Lighthouse - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13

Even strangers comment on what a beautiful couple Miles and Cara are, why is it taking them so long to see it?

While all these moments made for yet another powerful episode, I can't help but constantly wonder "why."

At this point, Miles and Cara are just following the breadcrumbs the God Account is leaving for them. But if the God Account knows how to help all the people he's suggesting, why doesn't he handle it in the first place?

Arthur: She invited me to go to her farm upstate.
Ali: Wow! That's great.
Arthur: But I said no.
Ali: How come? Are things moving too fast?
Arthur: What, for a trip upstate to a farm? How old fashioned do you think I am?

The constant that's always missing is the connection to Miles. Why is he the "angel" sent to carry out "God's" mission?

The feel-good nature of the series is what draws us in, but that's the very reason why it's gotten slightly predictable.

You know that despite any hiccups, Miles and Cara will always find a way to help. They never fail a friend suggestion, which doesn't seem realistic anymore. 

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It's still enjoyable, but it's also slightly repetitive. 

Rakesh is getting closer and closer to Simon Hayes, which is good if they're trying to get a face-to-face with Falken.

However, his new promotion might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Since IdentitySeal has been keeping tabs on Rakesh, it's safe to say this is how the God Account was always one step ahead of him.

Uninspiring Position - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13

And now that he's the head of Mobile Applications and Design, he's giving Simon Hayes even more access to his brilliant mind and code. 

What if this is a ploy to distract Rakesh from helping Miles learn the truth?

On the other hand, Rakesh could really learn something useful about predictive analytics to help out his team. 

Every actor is amazing to watch on this series because they all have quirks that make them great, but Suraj Sharma's acting in these scenes was so nuanced and layered.

Ali: What's the Little Red Lighthouse?
Cara: Wha -- it's in Fort Washington Park. Seriously? Guys, it's like the first place I visited when I moved to New York.
Rakesh: The first place you visited when you moved to one of the cultural epicenters of the world was a tiny lighthouse?

He was walking on ice, trying to say all the right things at the right time without saying much at all. 

Rakesh almost sabotaged his own meeting on multiple accounts, and it's obvious he needs to learn to read a room.

As Rakesh took the next step in his career, Arthur Finer took the next step in his relationship with Trish.

Seeing him get love advice from his children was so heartwarming. Sometimes, we just need a push in the right direction. 

Arthur's faith is the most important thing to him, so I'm glad that he didn't compromise that for the sake of a relationship.

What Am I Getting Into? - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13

He laid it flat out for Trish -- his life and his faith are one in the same -- and she cannot love him without loving and being a part of his church.

When Trish showed up at the church and stated, "I have no idea what I'm getting myself into," it summed up my thoughts about the series as a whole. 

I had no idea what would come of this series, but it's been such a wild and fun learning experience with the Finer (and extended Finer) family. 

Lastly, I really wish the series would put more emphasis on Miles' podcast. 

They mention it's been growing 13%, and Ali states that she's invested in it because it's the next "Serial," but we've all seen what hoopla around a popular podcast looks like. 

This isn't it. 

Shouldn't Miles be getting more attention for it?

Make sure you watch God Friended Me online and share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Miracle on 123rd Street Review

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Ali: Speaking of Simon Hayes, have you heard from Pria?
Miles: No. And how do you know about her?
Ali: Because I listen to your podcast. It's getting good, it's like "Serial" only with people I know.

Cara: How many are there?
Miles: We just got 76 friend suggestions.