Legacies Round Table: Should Klaroline Take Over the World?

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That was a lot of possibilities!

Legacies Season 1 Episode 10 took us on a wild journey thanks to Lizzie making some wishes to a Jinni. 

Below, TV Fanatics Kat Pettibone, Justin Carreiro, and Paul Dailly discuss what went down. 

Legacies Round Table

Did the Lizzie-centric installment make you like the character more?

Kat: Absolutely, in the sense that it gave her character much more depth compared to previous episodes. She has been comedic relief since the pilot, but she also was a bit one-note.

She is bipolar and struggling with a mental illness, but the show wasn’t really highlighting that aspect. Instead, she came across as a vapid and self-absorbed mean girl whose motives were always selfish.

This episode shifted that narrative and allowed her growth, and the ability to become more self-aware of how she acts and how she handles things. It’s unfortunate she couldn’t remember the things she learned about Hope or her sister, but I still felt like it gave her complexity for the long run of things.

I Didn't Do It! - Legacies Season 1 Episode 10

I’m also fascinated by the Gemini merge plot line and the idea that if she finds out, she may kill Josie. I just really hope they keep moving forward with her bipolar disorder and showcasing her dealing with it on a more consistent basis. 

Justin: Very excited about this! I’ve been asking for more growth for these characters and Lizzie delivered with her plot. We got more depth with her, and we got to explore a new part of her inner thoughts that changed the shallow narrative she had pushed before.

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One day she will remember her self-improvement, but at that point, I think it will be too late for her to make a significant change for good.

Paul: Yes, this episode was needed because Lizzie is a character tied to the original series, yet there wasn't much exciting about the character until we traveled on this journey with her. 

I agree with Kat in that Lizzie's mental state needs to be further explored. 

Alaric's New Look - Legacies Season 1 Episode 10

There's a world in which Klaus and Caroline are on the run. React!

Kat: Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t answer this question because I’m still dead on the floor over it. I am the world's biggest Klaroline shipper—I ADORE their story, and I waited 8 years and two shows for them to find their happily ever after.

Safe to say I wasn’t thrilled when Klaus (one of my favorite characters on television ever) was killed off in the last few minutes of The Originals, squashing that possibility. I adore the idea that Klaus and Caroline would have found a way to one another in another reality, but at the same time, it’s hard to fully embrace.

Hope is the reason Klaus grew into his humanity and was redeemed as a character. Without that part of him, he would lose the beautiful complexity that made him so fascinating.

A full villainous Klaus would be fun, but how would that work in terms of a relationship with good-natured Caroline? As much as I’d love to see that spinoff, I’m not sure it would be worth the loss of Hope as a character.

Still, it’s exciting to have the writers confirm Klaroline is drawn together, no matter what world they’re living in. 

Erasing Hope - Legacies Season 1 Episode 10

Justin: On one hand, it’s great that fans will have some type of version where Klaroline is together. I still hate the fact that Klaus died in the final moments of The Originals; he should’ve stayed alive to be with his daughter and the woman he clearly loved.

There was so much wrong about that decision. At least the showrunners are acknowledging that error and giving fans some hope. On the other hand, why does every CW show need a multi-verse in it? I understand for the superhero shows, but The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies is a separate world. Let’s rein it in a bit.

Paul: I loved this plot. I'm still pissed that there was such a build-up between Klaus and Caroline, only for nothing to happen. 

This helped soften the blow a little, but I do agree that them both on the run and full-on villains is a difficult pill to swallow, especially after all the growth for Klaus over the years. 

A Wrinkle in Time - Legacies

We got our first glimpse of Hope as a murderous vampire. React!

Kat: Part of the reason I loved this episode is because of all the fun easter eggs they provided us with—Caroline and Klaus, a Salvatore child, a Hope/Josie romance, and Hope as a vampire—something i’ve been wondering about since the beginning!

I loved seeing it, not that I want her to be evil. I’ve just always wondered about that part of her. The episode didn’t quite provide me with answers I hoped for, though.

Is her vampire side activated? Could she be a vampire if she wanted? Does she have to actively suppress that part of her somehow? I’m interested in delving deeper into that storyline in the future. 

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Justin: Hope as a villainous vampire? Loved it! (Point. Blank. Period.) I didn’t even need answers or an explanation to have this fun moment.

I love whenever a character explores their evil side, and the vampire delivered for those moments. Hopefully, we see more of the character in future plots.

Paul: This was a long time coming, and I dare say it will become reality in the timeline we're following on a weekly basis. 

Your Wish is Her Command - Legacies Season 1 Episode 10

Do you want Stefanie Salvatore to attend the school?

Kat: I would love to have a Salvatore join the school, although I’m a little confused.

Did they retcon her age? Wasn’t she supposed to be younger than the twins? Yet in this episode, they spoke about her like she was in high school.

I’m confused by the overlapping timelines of TVD and The Originals, but I’d love to see what a child of Elena and Damon looked like (even though it should have been Stefan and Elena having babies, but that’s a whole other discussion). 

Justin: Yep! I think it will be an interesting connection to the previous series, and a nice look at the complicated relationship between her and the other characters. Do I think she will? Definitely.

I have a feeling Legacies is finding a reason to add her to the show for the potential of Damon and Elena returning for guest spots.

Paul: That would be amazing. Part of the beauty of Legacies is that it can feature characters who are related to characters from the previous shows. Stefanie would be a great addition. 

What are your thoughts on Mikealson Boarding School?

Kat: I thought it was great! Totally chic, totally over the top, so totally Klaus. It hurts the heart to know that if Alaric hadn’t built the school, Klaus would have and everything would have seemingly turned out OK for the Mikaelson’s, but also satisfying to know how great of a person Klaus would have continued to become. 

Justin: I agree with Kat here. It was nice to see what could’ve been if things had gone in a different direction. Everyone seemed to be in the same thinking of creating a school.

Paul: It's a full house. I liked all of it. It was different enough from the Salvatore School. They had a helicopter!

Which reality did you like best, and why?

Kat: I truly am enjoying Legacies, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit the reality where Klaus builds the Salvatore school was my favorite reality. Hope was safe, the school was built and funded, and best of all—Klaus was alive and happy.

Plus who knows, Caroline and Klaus could easily have been together in that reality, it just wasn’t mentioned!

Eventually, the twins would have found their way to the school, and Alaric would have gotten himself together, plus we’d have Joseph Morgan around every week. I’d like to see that spin-off, but I’ll take what I can get with Legacies!

Justin: Is it cheesy to say I like the current reality they’re in? Don’t get me wrong, I wish Klaus waswere still alive and part of the current reality, but I have nothing against the one they’re in at the moment.

Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were multiple other realities out there that I’d like better, like a reality where Josh and Aiden weren’t killed, and they lived happily ever after.

Paul: I liked the final one the best. TRIAD is a significant threat, so I can see that one becoming mostly true. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

Hit the comments below. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Hope: You sure it glowed again?
Alaric: I sleep with the damn thing under my pillow. It's kind of hard to miss.

Hope: What do you think it's going to be this time? A cyclops, slender man? Santa?
Alaric: Well, given our luck, I think it's safe to rule out old St. Nick.
Hope: I don't know. I mean, Santa Claus is kind of terrifying when you think about it. Breaks into your home. Sees you when you're sleeping, not to mention judgy.
Alaric: Hope, I need you to focus.
Hope: Look, I'm trying, I just wish that Satan's night light would give us some rest.
Alaric: Yeah, and I wish that knife wasn't in our school, to begin with, but it's not like we can change that now. All we can do is make sure we're not blindsided by another monster waltzing through our doors.