Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Crazy Train

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Who didn't see that coming?

They say there's a fine line between love and hate, so it's not as surprising as it was probably supposed to be that Maya and Jack ended up in the shower together on Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

They've had a love/hate thing going for a while, and the sexual tension has been brewing under all of that banter. 

Train Threat - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

Obviously, there are some problems with this development. 

The main one being that Jack is Andy's ex, and Andy is now Maya's roommate. 

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Why would Maya bring Jack back to the apartment she shares with Andy knowing that would increase the chances of them being caught? 

She just got lucky that Andy offered to go pick up food. What if she had decided to park herself outside that bathroom until Maya came out? 

Concerned Maya - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

It would have been safer for them to go to Miller's. Yeah, it's possible he could have caught them, but he would have kept the secret. 

Jack and Miller aren't exactly in the best place right now, but that doesn't mean Miller would rat out Maya to Andy. 

The only explanation is that Jack and Maya weren't exactly thinking with their heads and the adrenaline of the day was pumping. I'm guessing Maya lives closer to that subway station than Miller does. 

So, what do we make of this hook-up?

Frustrated Jack - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

Will it be a one-time thing or will it continue? 

It's doubtful it's a one-time thing, despite the fact that Maya will insist it can't happen again. Let's face it, it's going to keep happening, and eventually, Andy is going to find out. 

The real question is if Maya will be honest with her or if Andy is going to walk in on them someday. 

That will not be good for their friendship. 

The good news is that Jack seems to be making real progress with his PTSD. 

Side-Eye - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

Maya was right to be concerned as she even has personal experience with convincing everyone that everything is okay when it isn't, but Jack actually came through in a big way during the crisis. 

Jack: So you think you know better than my shrink or the department?
Maya: I think you convinced everyone you were all good by checking whatever boxes you had to to get back on duty.

When it appeared that the situation may have gotten to be too much for him, he took a breath, cleared his head, and then took control of the problem. 

He not only stayed calm and level-headed, but he gave everyone on the train jobs to do in order to minimize panic and treat the patients. 

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He's a great leader and an asset in a crisis. He and Maya made a great team. 

The train passengers were a little all over the place. 

Any time there's a quarantine and a biological threat, there's always one who tries to make a break for it. It never fails. 

He was as predictable as they come, but we did have a couple of more interesting characters. 

I don't know whether to think the woman with the crush on the sick guy was cute and sweet or crazy, but it's probably a little of both. 

Giving him mouth-to-mouth and exposing herself further to infection was incredibly brave, especially considering she doesn't even know him. 

I guess she just couldn't risk letting him die before she had a chance to ask him out. Hopefully he's single. 

Sullivan Invites Himself - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

As for the dad with the sick son, I just have to ask, what kind of father doesn't know his kid's allergies, but does know his blood type?

Unless he's had to give blood before, that's not really common knowledge among teenagers. Allergies on the other hand, he really should have known. 

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The majority of the focus was on the A-plot, and that's where all the action was, but there were some fun moments between the guys painting and Pruitt enlisting Jack's help. 

Captain Sullivan has only bonded with Andy thus far, so throwing him into a situation outside of the firehouse where he could bond with the guys was a good way to further integrate him into the Station 19 family. 

Crazy Train Indeed - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

He and Andy have this shared experience of being trapped in the wind storm, but he has commonalities with the other guys too. 

He and Travis have both lost a spouse, and it's actually a little surprising they're just learning that about each other now.

We've known for a while and it's easy to forget that the characters don't have the same information we do. 

Plus, who isn't on board with a little dance party? 

Poor Ryan is basically wrapped around the fingers of the Herrera family. 

Andy's unhappy with her father's decision to sell their house, but it could be good for him. 

Pruitt Enlists Ryan - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10

I know his comment about the "comfy blanket" was mostly meant to be an epiphany for Ryan.

But between retirement and cancer, Pruitt could use a change of scenery. 

Ryan: It's a complete invasion of these people's privacy.
Pruitt: It's your neighborhood too, you really want to live across the street from a potential serial killer?
Ryan: Would he keep the yard clean?

Who knows, maybe Ryan's new neighbor will be a potential new love interest so that he can distance himself from Andy.

She's treating him horribly and he deserves better. 

She's basically using him for sex and blowing him off every time he attempts to have a conversation.

Plus, we all know the jealousy will surface the second she discovers Jack is sleeping with Maya. 

Ryan should get out of this friends with benefits situation ASAP. 

Your turn! Were you guys surprised by the hook-up?

Did you like seeing Sullivan bond with the guys? 

Hit the comments!!

Share all of your thoughts.

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Crazy Train Review

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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ryan: It's a complete invasion of these people's privacy.
Pruitt: It's your neighborhood too, you really want to live across the street from a potential serial killer?
Ryan: Would he keep the yard clean?

Maya: You're telling them too.
Jack: You wanted to lead.
Maya: Which allows me to delegate and share responsibility, which I'm planning to do. I'm a benevolent leader. I share.