A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5 Review: We Will Always Be One

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There is no turning back.

Something that sets Deborah Harkness' vampires apart from others got revealed on A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5 when Matthew declared his love for Diana.

What woman wouldn't want to suffer through a slightly grizzly eating habbit to get a piece of a vampire??

More Magic - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

This is an important hour not only because of that good stuff (of which we will be speaking more about shortly) but also because Matthew discovered Gillian's betrayal of Diana as well as some details about Diana's genetic makeup.

The more her own species turns on her, the more protective Matthew becomes, and it's not something the witches or the others in the Congregation seem to understand.

Confronted - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

If their goal is to drive apart Matthew and Diana, they're doing the opposite.

It makes me sick that she'd debase herself with a vampire. He was right. The sooner you're all wiped from the face of the earth the better.


Their misunderstanding of what drives both Matthew and Diana will prove to be their biggest mistake. 

A Discovery of Witches Review: Bound Together

Heck, even Ysabeau was trying unsuccessfully to warn away Diana from her son with terrible results. 

Hunting and killing animals is nothing. Humans and witches do it all the time. If Ysabeau had gone out into the city streets and hunted down homeless orphans, the effect might have been much more successful!

Good Friends - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

The couple does have some supporters, though. 

Hamish is rightly worried about his friend, but he's also not stupid enough to suggest Matthew lets a love as powerful as what he feels for Diana slip through his fingers, either. 

Hamish: You left her with Ysabeau? What a twisted idea of courtship.
Matthew: She loves me. Or she says she does.
Hamish: And do you love her? [pause] Oh, Christ, Matthew.
Matthew: I know. I've been fooling myself that the Congregation would no longer care. And somehow, she didn't even know about the Covenant.

But it's also understandable why Ysabeau would be worried about Matthew. He suffered greatly after the death of his wife and son, and it was the catalyst to his becoming immortal.

Ysabeau: Matthew's true love will always be Blanca; she gave him a son. You'll never be able to bear a child by him. In 1500 years, Matthew has never mated, and I didn't think he ever will. It's forever.
Diana: I will never leave him.
Ysabeau: Of course you will. Your life is fleeting compared with a vampire's. When you are long gone, Matthew will have to carry on living without you, just as he did with Blanca.

That's ironic that it was the brevity of his time with those he loved that ultimately killed him in his human existence and immortality was the result of such terrible pain.

Too Much Magic - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

To never allow himself to love again wouldn't be that much of a gift, but Ysabeau realizes she did what she did at a time Matthew wasn't in his right mind to make the choice.

Ysabeau: I told him I could take his suffering away and make him live forever. He was so out of his mind with pain, I don't think he completely understood what he'd agreed to.
Diana: If I could use my blood to save him, I would.

Marthe is also coming around to the love of Matthew and Diana. She's beginning to roll with it because she understands Diana isn't just any witch, and she's always known Matthew wasn't just any vampire.

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Even knowing that the Covenant was created to stop such unions, it has to be alluring to imagine seeing one in action. 

It would be like the discovery of creatures. Once you know of them, you can imagine the possibilities as a result of their existence. The same would be true of a forbidden union that could create something more powerful than already known.

Clasped Hands - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

Diana was suffering while Matthew was out of her orbit, but her reaction when he returned was so refreshing. She's done playing games and is no longer interested in beging coy, so she demands an answer to her declaration of love.

Diana: Tell me.
Matthew: If I do, they'll be no turning back. You have to understand.
Diana: Ysabeau made me understand. Tell me.
Matthew: From this moment, we will always be one. Diana, I love you.

Every man could use a little of Harkness' vampire in him. Just declaring their love binds them together until one of them perishes. It's better than any wedding ring could ever offer.

More Flirtation - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

Ysabeau almost tried to ruin their moment, but they were like two teenagers. Nothing could deter them even if Ysabeau hadn't ultimately wwelcomed Diana into the family.

It still amazes me how unexcited Diana can be about other things given her penchant for history.

While she is incredibly enthusiastic about her love for Matthew, declaring that she simply has no choice in the matter when her aunts are again concerned for her safety, she's not nearly as excited when confronted with information about herself or Matthew.

I have to assume the title of the book relates directly to Matthew's findings in the lab.

Genetic Markers - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

Diana has all of the genetic markers for witches that Matthew, Miriam, and Marcus have ever discovered.

She's some kind of super witch, but what I wanted to know was whether there was another witch they'd researched that had even come close.

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Did any of the witches from the 11th Century reveal similar genetic patterns?

And how does any of it relate to the prophecy? Satu is the darkness to Diana's light making up the two sides of that coin, but how does Sophie fit in and what's going on with that statue?

Anyway, Diana was barely effected by the news of her makeup. As a historian, she has no interest in her own heritage. It's a bit of a character flaw.

A Map of My Life - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

By the same token, even when Matthew revealed to her all of his scars, she wasn't as interested as I would have been given his life.

Matthew: That one was made by the tip of a broadsword during the hundred years war. Think of them like a map of my life.
Diana: I want to hunt down everyone who hurt you.
Matthew: My love. With you, my life has a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you're gone, my life will be over.

But their love is so all-consuming neither of them is necessarily thinking rationally. And who would want them to be?

My favorite part about them together as a couple is how they allow themselves to have fun with everything they're doing.

They go to bed for the first time, and instead of it getting represented as a hot, steamy, adult-rated affair, they take the time to appreciate everything about it.

Diana: I don't think that's bundling.
Matthew: Well, it is in France.

Allowing yourselves to laugh and have fun while making love shows a great confidence in the love you have for each other, and it makes the moments between Diana and Matthew feel much more intimate.

That's Not Foreplay - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5

But of course, the good times didn't last nearly as long as they should have since Diana got snatched away at the end.

Was Ysabeau right to be concerned about her family's safety?

How far will everyone go to get Diana back where she belongs?

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Who snatched her and why?

All of it kind of compares in comparison to the excitement of the two professing their eternatl devotion to one another in light of the two more seasons on the way. 

Diana isn't in mortal danger. This story is just beginning.

Can all of you share your thoughts of their story so far below?

If anybody can manage to find the theme music that plays whenever something very emotional happens, I'd love to have it.

Would life-long loyalty be a worth your significant other hunting down live creatures and eating them on the doorstep? 

Episode 5 Review

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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Gerbert: What is it? What can you see? Is Diana the witch from the prophecy?
Luisa: Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf for with it she shall destroy the children of the night.
Gerbert: I know that; I know. Speak to me or you will get no more of this.
Luisa: Two. Light. Dark.
Gerbert: There are two witches?
Luisa: One close.
Gerbert: Who is she, and where can I find her?

Marcus: Do you think this is about Diana?
Matthew: Of course it's about Diana.