A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Spellbound

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There is so much to learn from A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6!

Not only do we find out that love gives you wings (and here I thought it was Redbull!), but we also discover even more about Diana, Matthew, and even Satu.

But don't worry. This installment might be ladenw ith information, but there is also a lot of love brewing between Matthew and Diana. I may have gotten teary eyed once or twice. I'm such a sap!

Matthew in Undies - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

Why not start with some eye candy? I couldn't think of a reason not to, so you're welcome.

Matthew is hot when he's just lurking around in his grundies as well as when he's imbued with anger over Baldwin's continuous inane questions about whether or not "the witch is worth it."

The Wicked Witch - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

Yes, Matthew woke up to find that his love wasn't beside him, and she wasn't on the property, either. She seemed to have gotten snatched right up out of the grass.

Satu flying with Diana was cheesy as hell, but knowing witches can fly without a broom is worth the lacking special effects.

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I'm not 100% clear about why Satu snatched Diana. She wanted to discover Diana's powers, and really, who wouldn't want to know about them when so much trouble had been taken to cover them up?

But partnering with Gerbert just seems like a peculiar path to take. I have a feeling I missed something, so if you can impart any knowledge for this lazy arse who has yet to pick up the book, I'd appreciate the explanation.

Satu Attacks - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

Poor Diana knows so little about her history that she's in a very desperate situation when she's up against Satu.

She's getting provoked over and over but has nothing to add to Satu's story because Diana just doesn't know the answers that Satu seeks.

Still, it doesn't stop her from trying, and for a while it was a rather nice attempt to get the information from her.

It did not escape their notice that you were powerful. They've done you a great disservice, Diana. My mummo taught me how to fly when I was a girl. She was the one who helped me understand my magic and embrace my power. Let me be the one to help you. Show me the power inside you, and I can teach you how to control it.


But Satu apparently doesn't think highly of people keeping secrets, which is rather amusing considering the company she keeps. Is there a single person in her swimming hole without a bucket of secrets?

Diana Snaps Back - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

But when Satu gets wind (not to be confused with witch wind) of Diana's abilities when she finally fights back against Satu, it only makes her more determined to discover what's inside of Diana.

To be clear, it never occurred to me that Satu was idiotically tryin to get information out of Diana by slicing through her back with fire.

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Was that what she was trying to do? Satu isn't stupid. She's maybe a little bit naive, but not stupid. 

Falling for the stories she's been hearing from Peter Knox and Gerbert, though, might push her into a better direction. Even with Diana knowing so little she still managed to share some information with Satu.

Fire In the Hole - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

Who had been telling Satu tales about Matthew? She must be getting her misinformation from the Congregation. Knowing how little they know of what's going on around them should warn her away from them.

It was Knox who intially got the idea to share with them that Matthew had kidnapped Diana. Is his reputation so good that everyone just got on board with that statement?

Everyone thinks Matthew is quite the ladie's man, using them and abusing them, yet they also consider women to be his weakness. It seems to me it would have to be one or the other. 

Stories about Matthew are out of control, but the misunderstanding about Diana is high on the list, too.

Torturing Diana - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

It was terrifying when Satu was torturing Diana, and Teresa Palmer gave one hell of a performance.

I cannot think of another similar scene on television when I've felt so much about a character's suffering. Her screams were about as real as they get, and it was difficult to watch. 

A Discovery of Witches Review: We Will Always Be One

At the same time, Matthew was out trying to figure out a rescue plan. Ysabeau supporting her son is terribly beautiful. She's coming to care for Diana sheerly by feeling Matthew's love for the girl.

And even Emily and Sarah are treating Matthew like one of the family now. I would have expected them to maybe be a little less accepting expecially since Diana was in danger -- possibily as a result of her connection to Matthew.

Spotting Diana - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

Those little smoke signals that Emily conjured featuring the light and dark witches as they were at that moment was a very fun effect. 

I could do without the two of them screaming into their cell phones again, but the result of their information only further prodded Matthew to find Diana.

And geez. Wasn't Baldwin all kinds of annoying?

When he's out of his suit, I get him and Hamish confused, so for a while I thought Hamish had arrived to help Matthew. But as soon as he started calling Diana "that witch," I realized my mistake.

Provoked - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

Baldwin's connection to the Congregation is too deep.

Given what's going on with Diana and now what we learned about Sophie and Nat and how it spoils Agatha's spot on the Congregation, maybe it won't be around much longer.

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Surely there will come a time when that group realizes that their sole purpose, to keep species from interconnecting, is actually quite worthless.

The evidence sure keeps piling up in favor of the demonization of the Congregation.

Matthew Punches Baldwin - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

I'm just dropping that there because why not? Watching Matthew give Baldwin a good punch was quite satisfying even if he was helpful in Diana's rescue.

I loved how it looked when the two of them dropped out of the helicopter. I wonder if it was as fun for them to film that split second scene.

All of Diana's dreams have meaning and were slowly revealing to her how to handle her magic. 

That was a nice twist, as her dreams are quite vivid.

Magic's in the heart.


Yes, love gives you wings. Isn't that the cutest?

Love Gives You Wings - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

The scenes after her rescue were very compelling. 

Matthew, Ysabeau, and Marthe treated Diana as you would a victim of a heinous crime, which is what was committed against her. 

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The way Matthew touched her and respected what she experienced gave me all the feels.

Marthe: Marie, dieu mere.
Matthew: It's my insignia.
Ysabeau: She's branded you.

Was there a reason Satu branded Diana? Was it because she was just so angry that Diana would share herself with a vampire while turning her back on other witches even after she heard the story of the death of Diana's parents?

Branded - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

And help me with this statement:

Satu said she was going to open me up. But she didn't.


Given the way Satu reacted to some of the discussion points with Diana, that she lost her power while dealing with her, and how she reacted at discovering Meridiana leads me to believe there is a lot more to Satu than darkness.

Can a witch's light change?

Why wouldn't Satu want to rake Gerbert over the coals for what he did to Meridiana?

Satu Cries - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

It made her cry for goodness sakes. 

She doensn't seem like the complete juxtaposition to Diana. That's what I'm trying to say.

Lovers in Love - A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6

The event unleashed Diana's powers, though, so maybe Satu knew in some way that Diana was spellbound.

We believe that you may have been spellbound.


Was cutting her open a way to release the spell?

While Diana is worried about what it means that she was spellbound since only mad witches in history were ever bound, I have no doubt that it's her powers that resulted in the binding.

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Sarah and Emily have never shared much with Diana about her magic, and it originally seemed that they were doing that according to Diana's wishes. Could they know she's too powerful to be out there in the world?

Was her magic bound before or after her parents' deaths?

And Satu discovered she was a weaver. Both Diana and Satu discovered something about their powers as a result of the incident.

And finally, Matthew is calling up the Knights of Lazarus (a real group, mind you) to help protect Diana.

That took the wind right out of Baldwin's sails, as he was very excited to drag Diana back to the Congregation for whatever reason.

It's getting very good, and there are only two episodes left. How many more times will I have to watch it before A Discovery of Witches Season 2 arrives?

That just finished filming, I think. Didn't Deborah Harkness post a photo of the last script of the season?

Eight episodes is cruel!!

If you have answers to any of my questions or thoughts of any kind, drop them below. Let's get a conversation started!

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