Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Did Mer, Richard, and Alex Deserve to Be Fired?!

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Another season of the longest-running primetime medical drama is in the books. 

On Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25, DeLuca was in prison after taking the fall for Meredith, she, Alex, and Richard were fired, Towen had their baby, and Jackson disappeared.

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Rachelle Lewis, and Jasmine Blu for our final Grey's Anatomy Round Table of the season!

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Did Meredith, Richard, and Alex deserve to be fired? How do you think they'll get around that next season?

Paul: They did. They all admitted to fraud, so there was nothing else Bailey could do. I really don't know how they'll get around it, but I don't want it to be something that's brushed under the rug in the premiere.

Rachelle: They definitely did, but I like how both Alex and Richard also took responsibility for their part. They knew what was being done and did nothing.

I am not sure how they get around it, but I agree with Paul; I don’t want it brushed under the rug in the premiere or solved quickly. It is a significant issue and needs to be addressed in that manner.

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Jasmine: They did, and I was pleased they faced repercussions. Bailey didn't have a choice, and the hospital being a "family" can't protect them forever.

I have no idea how they're going to write themselves out of this, but I'm looking forward to it. I also would like it to take some time; It can't be swept under the rug like it never happened. That's getting old.

Meredith plans to confess so DeLuca is released, and she told him she loved him. React.

Paul: It was about time she confessed her love to him. I mean, he's been bending over backward for her for a while now. I get that she wanted to make sure he was the right man for her, but still.

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Rachelle: I applaud her for taking ownership and not letting him go down for something she did. DeLuca has worn his heart on his sleeve, at this point Meredith needed to either step up and admit her feelings or let me go.

Still not sure how I feel about them as a couple, but her admission in the finale does make me root for them a little more.

Jasmine: I also like how she's holding herself accountable and doing the right thing.

I have tried, but this pairing does nothing for me at all. DeLuca's selfless act was orchestrated to get to the love confession, so I expected it. Kudos.

DeLuca in Jail

Is this the end of the Owen, Teddy, and Tom love triangle? Will Teddy, Owen, and the kids be a happy family now?

Paul: Oh god. The only one in this scenario I care about is Tom. The poor man was building all of the baby furniture only for Teddy to return to Owen. Yikes.

Rachelle: I freaking hope so! I am so sick of Teddy, Owen, Amelia, Tom blah. Since the writers threw them together, I sincerely hope they let them stick it out, especially since Tom will get hurt. Enough is enough of back and forth with Teddy and Own and other people being their collateral damage.

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Jasmine: Do not even ask me when I'll get over Tom assembling that baby furniture alone. I'm going to be pissed off forever! I'm tired of this love triangle; Tom deserved better than this. This better be it for Teddy and Owen as I'm beyond caring anymore.

Happy Towen

On a scale of 1-10, how stupid was the camping fiasco? Where do you think Jackson went?

Paul: 10. It was like the writers had no idea what to do with either of them, so they got a terrible storyline.

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Rachelle: 10. It was a terrible waste for two episodes. Both characters deserved more, their fight was stupid, and now Jackson is missing. I have no idea where he went, perhaps lost in the fog, but it was one of the worst cliffhanger endings ever in Grey’s history. I expected more.

Jasmine: 10. It was awful. I expected something more to happen with this camping trip Jackson was obsessed about taking, but it resulted in a stupid argument that irritated the crap out of me instead.

Yeah, I didn't care about his disappearance either. I was too annoyed by then.

Troubled Jackson - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

Did Jo make the right decision checking herself into psychiatric treatment?

Paul: Yes, Jo recognized she was not coping well and took action. Accepting you need help is the first step to recovering.

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Rachelle: Yes, and I am thrilled it happened this season. I was worried the show would drag it out until the beginning of next season. I like that she is getting help and was strong enough to admit it.

Jasmine: Yes. I was disappointed that she didn't get to tell Alex everything that happened in Pittsburgh for herself, but I'm happy she's getting the help she needs.

Mer Helps Jo - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

Did you fall in love with any of the love stories (romantic or otherwise) during The Season of Love? Did the season reflect the theme?

Paul: The season should have been called "The Season of Convoluted Relationship Drama." I mean, it was drama after drama between each of the couples.

Rachelle: No, not really. I like anything with Jo and Alex, even the last few episodes where she was shutting him out, but otherwise, the love stories were blah. I also like Bailey and Warren, their drama was OK, but I did not care about any of the other couples or triangles.

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Jasmine: I liked the early days when Meredith was dating under Cece's advisement. I could've watched that all season. However, they lost me with all the love triangles. I liked Schmico for most of the season, and now I'm obsessed with Amelia and Link.

Possibility - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

What was your favorite moment, quote, arc or character from the hour?

Paul: My favorite moment in the episode was Meredith telling DeLuca she loved him. It was a struggle for her to get the words out, but once she did, she recognized she needed to do something.

Rachelle: Mine was Bailey talking to Alex after they both walked Jo to psychiatric treatment. When they walked away, Bailey was a supportive friend, but then Alex asked if he was still fired.

Bailey said yes and admitted it hurt her more than him. Their friendship was really blossomed this year, and I like those special moments where she puts her boss hat aside and puts on her friendship hat.

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Jasmine: I enjoyed the Bailey and Alex scene and their relationship too. But, I'm going to go with Amelia trying to get Teddy to the hospital. She had so many funny lines, reassured Teddy that even though she may always have feelings for Owen, she's OK, and she offered her friendship.

She also accidentally shared Carina and Owen slept together which was hilarious, and implied she was bisexual and had the hots for Carina. I mean, Amelia is a delightful, spastic whirlwind of chaotic energy.

Good News? - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

What would you rate the season, and what do you hope to see next season?

Paul: C+. It had some of the worst moments of the series, but also some of the best. I want it to regain focus for next season.

Rachelle: C. Although there were a couple of standout episodes and moments, it was too recycled, as well as focused on love triangles.

My attention was not held very well this season, except during a couple of episodes. I hope next season gets back to less love drama and more excitement.

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Jasmine: After surviving  Grey's Anatomy Season 13, I didn't think the season was that terrible. I would like to see fewer ( NO) love triangles and relationship drama next season though. I agree there.

Over to you Grey's Fanatics! Do you agree with us or disagree? Hit the comments below with all of your thoughts.

Grey's Anatomy returns this Fall on ABC.

Until then, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic!

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