Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Escape From Casablanca

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Why not go to Casablanca, if only so you can dust off every cliche related to the classic film based in the Moroccan city?

And unbelievably that worked on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7.

One big reason was that there was actually some progress made on this global treasure hunt, at about the halfway point of the season.

On the Run -- Tall - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7

Up until now, the series has been an awful lot of action with precious little results. While that may work for a while in a video game, it's not the formula for an enduring TV show.

Since Danny and Lexi's choices in pursuit of Cleopatra had put them on the outs with Gwen, the only law-enforcement type that either of them trusted, they spent a great deal of this episode on the run.

Plotting a New Plan - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7

Jay's black card stopped working, and the Casablanca police were searching for them, undoubtedly at the request of Interpol. So they had no resources in a foreign city that had turned hostile.

Just to make things interesting, Carlo Velardi and a fresh crop of thugs turned up there as well, seeking Danny and Lexi, who he blamed for the death of his son on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 6.

The episode started off with an exciting pair of brawls, with Danny trying to escape from Carlo and Company and Lexi squaring off with Gwen.

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Frankly, I was surprised that Lexi was able to hold her own against Gwen, who has been a real badass so far. Lexi has been shown to be proficient with a gun, but she's got hand-to-hand chops as well.

Danny went through a wall just in time to break up Lexi and Gwen and to create a distraction which enabled them to escape.

Then they found refuge in, of all places, a UN refugee camp.

You Must Remember Him - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7

Of course, they not only found rest but a clue to help them continue on their search, a Cleopatra-inspired necklace on a medic. Aya was reluctant to help them because of possible danger until Lexi requested the service of Arab sisterhood.

Danny and Lexi, as usual, walked in with no plan and asked for an audience with a local businessman (crime boss), and not surprisingly were turned away.

Then they stumbled upon Aiden Shaw, a fugitive since his escape back on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3, who was now making a living as an entertainer offering the "Casablanca" experience to tourists. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Aiden reluctantly offers to introduce them to the club's owner, unaware that he's already making plans to sell them to Carlo.

At least until they made him a better deal, offering to share some of Cleopatra's gold with him when they found it.

On the Hunt - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7

And finally, after Danny listens to the jewelry artist's family history about the counter that appeared overnight after the Nazis visited, they found Cleopatra's sarcophagus. Of course, she wasn't in it. 

Still, that was a big hunk of gold, which was headed back to Rome after Gwen and the local cops crashed the party.

This put Danny and Lexi back in Gwen's good graces, and she gave them a cush place to crash.

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Finally, they admitted they still had feelings for each other, in case anyone had any doubts.

Then Lexi soon sabotaged that reunion, which had them planning for the future, with all her behind-the-scenes deals about which Danny knew nothing.

Why Danny thought he could be so high-and-mighty was puzzling since he hasn't exactly told her everything either. They're both keeping secrets from each other, which isn't helping their relationship.

Naturally, Farouk and his men heard about Cleopatra last being in Casablanca, so his lieutenant Omar lands the scene as well.

In Hot Pursuit - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7

But after rescuing Omar's stranded driver, Gwen and the police were ready to capture him. So were Carlo's thugs, which precipitated a big chase scene.

Also present for the chase was Lexi, who Danny had forbidden from taking part in the capture. That worked well.

Of course, it was Gwen who ended up taking Omar down hard, with Lexi disappearing from the scene.

Danny thought she was gone for good and he was ready to accept that. What he wasn't prepared for was Gwen slapping the cuffs on him since the FBI wanted to talk to him.

I don't pretend to know why the FBI thought they had any jurisdiction on this case, but I'm sure we'll find out next episode.

So Gwen had quite the haul heading back to Rome: the sarcophagus, Danny, Carlo, and all his crew.

It was funny when Carlo took the bounty off of Danny and Lexi since they had captured Omar, his son's killer. He even pulled out Rick's quote from "Casablanca," which seemed appropriate.

Dangerous Game - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7

On another front, what dangerous scheme was Simon up to?

He worked some electronic device into the Brotherhood pendant, then allowed himself to be abducted.

After the masked Fabi interrogated him and took that pendant, he cut Simon loose, apparently figuring Simon was harmless.

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So, what's inside the pendant, and what does Simon hope to accomplish with that, since it's stored at Brotherhood headquarters in Rome?

Also, was Lexi's father in the Brotherhood, as that list seemed to indicate, or not, as Fabi told Lexi? One or the other is a lie.

It appeared Danny is heading home to Boston on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 8. Is it too much to hope that Father Chuck could go for a visit as well?

To catch up on the treasure hunt, watch Blood & Treasure online.

Can Danny and Lexi work out their differences?

How will Omar's capture affect Farouk?

What's Simon up to?

Comment below.

Escape From Casablanca Review

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Find them, treasure hunters and terrorists, and kill them all.

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