Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Made You Look

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Being a teenager is tough!

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 continued to dissect what it means to be a teenager in 2019, and it was another outstanding episode of this HBO series. 

The big question hanging over the show since Euphoria Season 1 Episode 2 has been focused on Nate and his machinations for catfishing Jules. 

Jules Ready for an Argument - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3

Surprisingly, it seems like he has a genuine attraction to her.

But the way he treated her on Euphoria Season 1 Episode 1 was awful.

Hunter Schafer, Zendaya - Euphoria

Does he feel sorry about the way he acted?

It's no excuse, but him lashing out at her in the series premiere was around the same time his girlfriend was getting hot and heavy with someone else. 

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I'm struggling to understand why he wants to meet Jules in the middle of nowhere.

It's worrying, but Jules is far too blinded by the way he's sweeping her off her feet to take any notice of that. 

Nate in Class - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3

In today's world, the news is littered with murders, and there have been several instances of people meeting up after chatting online, and one of them not living to tell the tale. 

There are also a lot of success stories with online dating, but what we need to remember here is that Jules is a teenager.

She's not making good decisions. 

She's understandably curious about why this jock is sliding into her DMs.

But there's no justification for meeting in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. 

Even though Rue is not the right kind of person to be taking advice from, she was right to complain about her new friend making these terrible decisions. 

There's some jealousy there because Rue is head over heels in love with Jules.

Rue is trying to be a better person by abstaining from drugs. 

Jules sees Rue as a best friend and nothing more ... for now.

Nate and Maddy in the Hallway - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3

It's possible that it could blossom into something down the line, but Rue seems destined for heartbreak on this one. 

She wants to be a better person and has proven that she can make some changes if she has a goal she wants to work towards.

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But she's more conflicted than ever right now. 

Jules is like a ray of hope in her troubled life, and Rue is worried that's she's thrown that away by kissing Jules.

Zendaya Plays Rue - Euphoria

That's why she ran off to get more drugs from Fezco. 

While Rue needed a hit after that awkward encounter, I'm glad Fezzy has decided against giving her anymore. 

Despite Rue lashing out because of the withdrawal symptoms, she did make a valid point. 

Fezzy makes his money by selling drugs, and Rue was a customer at one point. 

Fezzy has now caught feelings after what transpired with Rue and the scary dude.

He doesn't want any harm to come to Rue, but he needs to remember that he was the one supplying her drugs. 

Rue reaching out for help was a good move, but it's unclear how that will even pan out. 

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The highlight of "Made You Look" has got to be Kat's storyline.

In a show filled with colorful characters, Kat is starting to emerge as the clear frontrunner. 

Kat Poses - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3

Like many of us, she compares herself to other people.

The true reason for her weight gain was surprising, but it also highlighted that her parents enabled her. 

Many people let their hair down while on vacation and eat and drink more than they normally would.

That's likely why Kat's mom allowed her to persistently guzzle the mocktails, thus allowing her to gain all of that weight. 

The evolution of Kat throughout the episode was striking.

At the start of the installment, she was her usual awkward self, but by the end, she had a whole new look. 

Kat's New Look - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3

She was ready to start living her life on her own terms ... not in the shadow of her friends.

I don't agree with the way she's making money.

The old dude on the webcam was vile. 

He was masturbating to her making fun of the size of his penis. 

It was hilarious to watch.

It was also a little unsettling because I don't doubt this is just par for the course for some people. 

There will be questions from her parents about where the money is coming from.

But as long as she is turning the bitcoins into physical cash, she'll probably be able to conceal it. 

That's all I got, Euphoria Fanatics. 

What did you think of the latest episode?

Is Jules making a mistake? 

Will Rue be able to stay clean?

Hit the comments below. 

Euphoria airs Sundays on HBO. 

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