Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1 Review: The Forever Tree, Pt. 1

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Going back to Middleton feels like going home.

On Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1, the entire town is helping to prepare for Cassie and Sam's wedding, but there a lot of bumps in the road.

Family returns, new love interests get revealed, and Cassie uses her magic to help others, but can she help herself if her wedding is marked for disaster?

Mother and Daughter - Tall - The Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1

If you're like me, you've watched every movie from The Good Witch franchise and all episodes of Good Witch since inception, and you've watched them more than once.

Cassie's marriage to Sam will be the second we've had the pleasure of attending.

We know how her first marriage ended, and when everything starts to go wrong with the impending nuptials, it seems Grace can't help but think they're inviting doom into their lives.

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Grace never comes out and expresses her concerns, but she tries to speak to those around her without sounding too worried. 

Grace: A lot of things keep going wrong. Don't you think it's kind of weird?
Abigail: No. Me having the same taste as Stephanie. Now that's weird.

Seeing a drawing she did on the wall of "daddy and me" only reinforced my thought that she's beginning to think that the future isn't as bright as everyone thinks.

Sam Moves In  - The Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1

Not only would Grace be gutted if Cassie lost another man she loved, but Grace is worrying she might lose another dad. 

A burned cake topper, flowers missing the truck, and a wedding gown eaten by moths must be signs that something has to change. 

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But if we know anything about Cassie and Grace it's that their love for each other and their family always wins in the end.

The wedding of Cassie's dreams probably isn't what she was envisioning, and with all of these obstacles thrown in her path, she'll be able to recreate her dreams so that they more closely match what she needs instead of what she expects.

A Skeptical Doctor - The Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1

After all the time wet 9;ve spent with these characters, there is still more family coming together.

Cassie's foster brother, Vincent, arrives, causing alarm for Sam who worries he's going to let Cassie down again. And it's hard to argue with him since the man has never been a part of Cassie's life while Sam has known her.

Vincent: You know, being here with you, it feels like home.
Cassie: It's a home you're always welcome.
Vincent: In that case, maybe I'll stick around a while.

What Sam later discovers is that Vincent wanted Cassie to wait to reunite with his sister because he wanted her to be proud of him.

But if the phone call he had with a man named John is any indication, things are not well in Vincent's life. Will he take off again after initially thinking he would stick around?

That would be devastating to Cassie and Grace as they don't need more heartache in their lives.

It's my hope that Vincent will come close to leaving but he'll stay. That has to be one resolution to the feeling of doom clouding the ceremony.

It doesn't seem like we'll see Brandon at the wedding, and we'll surely not see Lori. With so much family leaving the canvas, there has to be more to take up their empty spaces.

The same goes for friends and love interests that have moved on. 

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Liam had just moved to town and opened a brewpub, but he's already left to reunite with his wife? That stinks. I liked that Sam had a friend he'd known a long time.

It helped flesh out Sam's character and gave him a history outside of his immediate family. 

The Guests Arrive - The Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1

But we do get to meet Sam's parents, Jonathan and Jennifer. I have to point out for diehard Hallmark fans that his parents' names are the same as the Harts from Hart to Hart!

Their love doesn't currently match the Harts', but Cassie is working on the two of them, so they grow closer and stop taking each other for granted.

Even Sam recognized his dad barely looked at his mom when they were talking, leading him to assume the two were having a rift. Nope, Jonathan knows what Jennifer looks like, so he didn't have to look at her.

Well, that's hardly romantic, so Cassie sets up a scenario where the two set a date to see the return of the fireflies in Middleton. Jonathan figures if his wife wants to look at a bunch of bugs light up, he'll be the one to take her.

How magnanimous!

Grace and Nick Study Together - The Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1

While Grace worries about the future of her family, Nick is worried about his future, too.

Cassie: Most people believe that the tree has been lost for the ages.
Sam: What do you believe?
Cassie: When the time is right that the Forever Tree will reveal itself.

Of course, while Cassie's wedding is falling apart, she's ensuring happiness for everyone, including Nick and Sam. Sending Nick to the stables leads to an encounter with a college girl, and suddenly Nick feels like he might not be doing the right thing.

There isn't a resolution to his future yet, but if college is in his DNA, he'll go. I liked that Jonathan was willing to support Nick no matter his dreams.

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We've come under the impression that everyone should attend college to be happy in their life's endeavor, but if everyone went to college, then it wouldn't be an option but a requirement. And many professions don't need that broad educational scope.

With his love of video games, maybe Nick will go to a technical school and study online drafting. Parents need to be more aware of their kids' loves and what makes them happy to help guide them to the right future.

And we can't forget about Martha, Abigail, and Stephanie who were working hard (and in opposite directions) to prepare for the wedding while searching for their best selves.

You know, in my search for Martha 2.0, I have come to the conclusion that the Martha I like best is Mayor Martha.


In Martha's case, she wants to be mayor again, something Abigail is not enjoying. But now that she's met Devon Davenport the mayor of Blairsville, will Abigail be willing to give up her position?

It seems like Martha will be disappointed, at least temporarily.

And Stephanie already met a new fellow, too, but she's pushing too hard to get him to like her rather than letting him get to know the beautiful soul she is without her false appreciation for baseball.

They should all know by now to let things unfold naturally. Still, these women always try to fit the pieces together like a puzzle when they should sit back and enjoy the ride.

We'll be back tomorrow with a review Good Witch Season 5 Episode 2 to see if Sam finds the Forever Tree and the couple begins their lives happily.

Will Vincent let down Cassie?

Will Grace come to embrace the future knowing that even if she eventually loses them, she'll be better off for having them in her life?

How do you think Grace will find solace about her dad while embracing her new stepdad?

What did you think of the premiere?

Hit the comments and share with me your thoughts on all things Good Witch!!

The Forever Tree, Pt. 1 Review

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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Sam: So you're going to get him to take college more seriously by promising not to talk about college.
Cassie: [nods]
Sam: Interesting strategy.
Cassie: You don't always need to talk to get someone to listen.

Cassie: Most people believe that the tree has been lost for the ages.
Sam: What do you believe?
Cassie: When the time is right that the Forever Tree will reveal itself.