Days of Our Lives Round Table: Claire Says Goodbye

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Claire left Salem, Maggie struggled not to take another drink, Hope was back on her game, and Kristen got her way this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kiersten from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Claire’s possible return, alcohol in the Kiriakis mansion, Hope’s detective abilities, and Kristen’s persistence in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Gabi still playing Stefan or has she developed real feelings for him?

Jack: Both, actually. I think Gabi has feelings for Stefan but is denying to herself that this is anything but revenge. *Yawn* How many times has this been done on this show?

Kiersten: Gabi has developed real feelings for Stefan, but she doesn't realize it yet.

Christine: I agree with Jack and this is a boring storyline with a predictable outcome. I wish they had brought these two together in a different way because they really do make a cute couple.

Claire Says Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

Do you hope the show brings Claire back at some point in the future? Do you want Olivia Rose Keegan to continue to play Claire?

Jack: I didn't see a need for Claire to be written out. I think the story of her struggling to accept treatment and to get better at Bayview would have been fantastic! We see Jordan there occasionally, so why not show Claire?

And yes! Olivia Rose Keegan did fantastic work as Claire and sold her illness despite the ridiculous story she was given.

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Kiersten: Yes! It would be so awesome for Days to bring Claire back at some point in the future. Yes! I want Olivia Rose Keegan to continue to play Claire.

Christine: The actress did a wonderful job on what was, at times, a ridiculous story. I’d love to see her return and show her struggles as she deals with what she’s done, especially since Claire was so obsessed with what people on social media thought of her.

Imagine her having to deal with the backlash once the news of what she’s done is made public.

Sarah is There For Her Mother - Days of Our Lives

With Maggie being an alcoholic, should Victor be keeping alcohol at the mansion?

Jack: What I'd really like to see is Victor and Maggie talking about how he can support her instead of him deciding that hiding vodka under the couch while not drinking in front of her is a good idea.

As it is: Victor is acting like many spouses of alcoholics who think that they can somehow control their partner's drinking. He needs to go to Al-Anon or another support group, not that he ever would.

If Maggie wants to drink, she will drink whether or not there is alcohol in the house. That said, I think closing that bar in the living room is a good idea since three alcoholics have availed themselves of it in recent years.

If Victor wants a drink, he can go to the kitchen to get one or have a servant pour one for him.

Kiersten: No. It's definitely not a good idea for Victor to be keeping alcohol at the mansion, because Maggie gets way too tempted to drink the alcohol.

Christine: It’s not smart to have the alcohol out in the open, but families of alcoholics frequently don’t know the best way to handle their loved one’s disease. I’d love to see Victor go to Al-Anon or get some professional advice. That would be a fantastic storyline and John Aniston is more than capable of pulling it off.

Kristen's Got a Gun - Days of Our Lives

Are you happy that Kristen has finally shown herself to someone other than Xander? Why do you think Ted and Kate are covering for her?

Jack: I was happy until this stupid development. I want this story to end! I imagine Kristen has blackmailed them somehow but I have no idea how.

Of course, people in Salem give in to blackmail no matter how weak the threat, but if she said "Cover for me or I'll kill you", wouldn't putting her in jail end that threat? (Though the gross incompetence of the Salem PD, especially now that Eve is in charge, might be a factor here.) 

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And if she threatened to tell Hope about the kiss between Ted and Kate, I doubt Kate would care enough about Ted being with Hope to go along with it.

Kiersten: Yes. I think Ted and Kate are covering for her because I think Ted is afraid of Hope finding out about how he worked with Xander.

Christine: Please make this story end! Although Ari Zucker has done a great job of portraying the Kristen as Nicole twist, I’m over it now. Maybe Kristen told Ted and Kate that Holly is alive and she’ll have her killed if they don’t keep their mouths shut and frame Stefan. That’s the only threat worthy of them lying to protect Kristen.

(TALL) Hope To The Rescue - Days of Our Lives

Has Hope become a better detective now that she no longer has the job? Do you want to see her go back to the Salem PD or move onto something else and, if so, what else?

Jack: Hope seems to be a better detective off the job and I think it's because she doesn't have her obsession with Rafe clouding her mind. The Salem PD is not a good place for her as long as he's there.

How about she goes to work for John at the PI firm? They have always been good friends and John is missing two partners.

Kiersten: Hope has become a better detective. I would like to see Hope go back to the Salem PD for sure.

Christine: Hope has become a better detective but I’d hate for her to go back to the Salem PD because that puts her back in Rafe’s orbit.

I agree that she and John would make a great team. The Salem PD is inept and Black Pawn could actually solve cases.

Eve Fights With Jen Again - Days of Our Lives

If you could have told off one character in Salem this week, who would it have been?

Jack: Ugh Eve hit new lows this week. I wanted Paige's ghost to appear to her to tell her to stop abusing her memory this way.

Eve sought vengeance on a man who killed three people by covering for a woman who almost killed three people. How does that make sense?

And then trying to hold onto the charges against Ben after someone else confessed... does she want to get fired and end up in jail, because it sure seems that way!

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She wasn't 100% wrong about Hope -- Hope did use the position to go after Ben too -- but throwing Hope and Eli under the bus was not cool either.

Kiersten: Eve.

Christine: Marlena. She’s pushing Eric to go after a married woman, and not any married woman, but the woman married to his brother! I’d expect that from Kate, but Marlena is supposed to be a qualified psychiatrist so why is she giving such horrible advice to her own son.

Caught in a Compromising Position - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: To my surprise, I loved all of Claire's goodbye scenes! I also liked Sarah supporting Maggie and Victor and John's scenes.

Kiersten: My favorite scene this week on Days of our Lives was Ciara & Ben getting to spend time together.

Christine: I loved Victor and John’s conversation. These two have always had a unique and honest relationship.

Victor offering to get Claire out of the country is just so Victor. It’s what he would do for someone he loves, whether it’s the smart thing or not. I’m just glad that John was there to talk him down.

I also had to laugh when, during Eve’s press conference, Ben quipped, “It’s getting pretty crowded under that bus.”

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