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It's the Thought That Counts - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 10

Beth: I'm gonna read to you.
Rip: OK.
Beth: My great-grandfather had a dream. All of his sons on the same road, the same ranch working toward the same goal. That dream survived a hundred year, until me. With me, it died. I didn't have enough sons. They just kept dying or quitting. And one day, not too long ago, I realized that I have enough sons after all.
Rip: I don't understand, Beth.
Beth: He's sayin' it's yours.
Rip: Mine?
Beth: Yours.

Back to the Basics - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

Josh: Then just say it. Just say it. Say you love him more than you love me.
Liza: Is that what you need to hear?
Josh: Yes.
Liza: Then fine. I love him more.
Josh: You know, you forget Liza. I know you. I know when you're lying, especially to yourself. You wrote a letter to the wrong guy.

Facing Out - Power Season 6 Episode 1

Tommy: How would you feel if something really bad happened to him?
Tariq: To be honest Uncle Tommy, I don't know. I'm not sure.
Tommy: Well, whatever happens, Riq. I'll always answer my phone for you.
Tariq: I know. Same here, Uncle Tommy.

Charley Plays a Recording - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 11

Charley: The arrogance of mediocre white men never ceases to astound me.
Jacob: It’s not arrogance, Charley, it’s power. I told you my family stops at nothing that gets in their way.

She Means Business - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 4

Christine [to Gabrielle]: Some of your castmates are great social media whores. You could learn from them.
Gabrielle: Wow. So many levels there.

An Unexpected Visitor - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 13

Teresa: I run a drug cartel.
Eddie: Are you serious?
Teresa: Every minute you spend with me you are in danger. I need you to go away. Don’t come back.

Picture Perfect? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Santiago: So, you did this for me?
Gigi: Santiago I did this for us.
Santiago: Ay dios mio. After all these years, you still know how to surprise me.

Strippers Everywhere  - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

Liza: She got the money, honey. And that is why you have a job. That is why we all have a job. She's a goddamn hero.
Lauren: Told you. Shero.

Jeffica - Tall  - Pearson Season 1 Episode 6

Jessica: I tell myself I took this job to make a difference, but sometimes ...
Angela: Sometimes, what?
Jessica: Sometimes, I think I'm that same ambitious woman who ran that law firm.
Angela: Then don't be.

Left Scrambling -- Tall - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 6

Warden: You asshole. You hijacked my ship.
Johnny: Yeah, but then Sparlow and Jeers hijacked our hijack so it's kind of a wash.

Kevin Pops the Question - Chesapeake Shores Season 4 Episode 1

Kevin, there's no such thing as perfect, and you don't need perfect because you have each other.


Piggies in a Barrel - Succession Season 2 Episode 3

OK. We're such shitty hunters that we just shooting piggies in a barrel. We might as well just throw a grenade at the pigs.


Jason & Jennie Talk - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 4

Jason: Kyler's the exact same age you were when we started 90210. She's strong-willed, hotheaded, looking to rebel.
Jennie: Hm, yes. Well must be karma.
Jason: She wants to be just like you. But she doesn't want you to know that.
Jennie: She's doing a very good job of hiding it.
Jason: It's difficult to fail in front of the person you want to be like, especially at her age.
Jennie: You're making a lot of sense. It's really irritating.

Proctor Backed Up - Power Season 6 Episode 1

Ghost: She shoved me out of the way. She saved my life. How many times did you say she was gonna pick herself over me, huh? You were wrong. Say it! You were fucking wrong.
Proctor: And I said I'm sorry. I was wrong.

A Serious Conversation - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 11

Ralph Angel: Look, Deesha, you are an amazing woman. I just, I just wish…
Deesha: You didn’t have other obligations?
Ralph Angel: I guess. They ain’t even obligations. I can just see now that if she’s hurting, I’m hurting. If she bleed, I bleed. I ain’t even sure it’s much of a choice at this point but I’m still in love with Darla.
Deesha: What you just said is one of the most beautiful things a man can say to a woman but I’m not the woman you’re talking about and I respect myself too much to play second fiddle.
Ralph Angel: You deserve more than that.
Deesha: I know I do but I wish you well, Ralph Angel. Blue and Darla too.

Back at Work - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11

Byron: Sorry but your sister is fire. I mean, you should have seen all the butter faces I had to swipe left on, but for you, I'd swipe right all day long.
Carolina: So romantic.

Peeking In - Tall  - Pearson Season 1 Episode 7

Frank: Go ahead. Ask. I know what you're thinking. Did McGann kill him?
Jessica: Did he?
Frank: McGann's too smart to get his hands dirty. He always had bag men to do his dirty work for him.
Jessica: I have no idea who did his dirty work then.
Frank: You don't need to. You know who does it now.

Lord of the Hunt - Succession Season 2 Episode 3

Katarina: Well, I'm afraid that what our friend has suggests that she's met with someone close with you already.
Logan: Who?
Katarina: Well, we don't know. But someone inside.
Logan: Ken, is it you?
Kendall: Is it me? Dad. Come on. Jesus.
Logan: Well, it's just historically speaking, when I'm betrayed, it's usually you. Oh, I'm kiddin' son, I'm kidding.

James Is Back - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 13

Oksana: The good news is that you have his attention. The bad news is that you have his attention.
Teresa: So we’re in business with Kostya?
Oksana: Yes, for better or for worse.

Trace is Disillusioned - Chesapeake Shores Season 4 Episode 1

Trace: Right now, I'm just trying to fix what's broken.
Mick: Yeah, but you don't see her when you're not here. Abby's my daughter, Trace. I'm just looking out for her.
Trace: I'm not leaving again. I'm here to stay.

A Radiant Smile - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 10

Rip: He called me a son.
Beth: Yeah, baby. He sure did.

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Senator: Look, I get it. But you have no idea how complicated this situation is.
Sam: You know what? You're right. And that's a good thing. We finally have a common struggle now. Think about that. For once, all the people who've been begging, and I mean, literally begging for you to feel how hard any given day is... now you know. How did it feel to be helpless? Now, if you could remember what it was like to be helpless and face a force so powerful it could erase half the planet, you would know that you're about to have the exact same impact. This isn't about easy decisions, Senator.
Senator: You just don't understand.
Sam: I'm a Black man carrying the stars and stripes. What don't I understand? Every time I pick this thing up, I know there are millions of people out there who are gonna hate me for it. Even now, here, I feel it. The stares, the judgment. And there's nothing I can do to change it. Yet, I'm still here. No super serum, no blond hair, or blue eyes. The only power I have is that I believe we can do better. We can't demand that people step up if we don't meet them halfway. Look, you control the banks. Shit, you can move borders! You can knock down a forest with an email; you can feed a million people with a phone call. But the question is, who's in the room with you when you're making those decisions? Hmm? Is it the people you're gonna impact? Or is it just more people like you? I mean, this girl died trying to stop you, and no one has stopped for one second to ask why. You've gotta do better, Senator. You've gotta step up. Because if you don't, the next Karli will. And you don't wanna see 2.0. People believed in her cause so much that they helped her defy the strongest governments in the world. Why do you think that is? Look, you people have just as much power as an insane god or a misguided teenager. The question you have to ask yourself is, how are you going to use it?

Inej: Kaz, if not Saints, what do you believe in?
Kaz: Myself.
Inej: Why'd I even ask?
Kaz: And you. And Jesper. My Crows.
Inej: Because we flock to your bidding? Like the animals of vengeance, you named us after?
Kaz: Crows don't just remember the faces of people who wronged them. They also remember those who were kind. They tell each other who to look after and who to watch out for. No Saint ever watched over me. Not like you have.