Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Guilt Trip To Alaska

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Fallon's seeing dead people on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1.

It's been a long and uneventful few months without the Carringtons antics, but despite the break, the series wasted no time addressing all the shocking cliffhangers. 

The guilt Fallon is feeling stems from divers, hired by Adam, pulling two dead bodies -- Trixie and Mark -- out from the little lake in the Manor's backyard. 

Carrington Foundation Fundraiser - Dynasty

Finding the dead bodies forced both Anders and Blake to come clean about their involvement in the murder. 

And then, the family did what they do best and banded together to bury the truth and keep the police from finding any incriminating evidence. 

Just another day in the Carrington household. 

Covering their tracks included Adam sneaking into the morgue to "switch up" the body tags so that the cops wouldn't find Blake's DNA all over. 

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If anyone deserved to clean up this mess, it's the man who made it. 

Adam's plan to frame Fallon backfired and instead, put daddy dearest in hot water. 

After Blake figured out Adam was to blame, he slapped him in the face, a clear indication that he was longer the "golden boy."

That didn't sit well with Adam since his life's goal since he arrived in Atlanta has been to go above and beyond to earn his father's love. 

We knew Adam was deranged, but now we know he's "lay next to a corpse" deranged. 

I shudder at the thought of that scene. 

The Carrington members have never been forced to face real consequences or pay for their actions; that's the rich-folk lifestyle.

But this time, the concerns were serious. 

It's the first time that Blake was ever worried about getting caught.

This was one problem money couldn't solve, but boy, did Blake Carrington try. 

Despite all his connections, he didn't have anyone on the inside to give him the scoop. 

And Anders, well, he wasn't interested in continuing their toxic partnership. 

You Have to Fix This - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1

He'd been there with Blake through everything and committed some heinous crimes out of loyalty.

But Blake has never extended the same courtesy to him.

Sammy and Kirby helped Anders open his eyes to that reality, and he was done covering for Blake.

Fallon was also ready to face the consequences of her actions. 

Sure, being haunted by Trixie's ghost was the catalyst, but this is the first time we've ever seen Fallon take responsibility for something without an underlining and selfish reason. 

Up until they found Trixie's body in the lake, Fallon had never really accepted her involement in her best friend's death. 

The New Cristal - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1

If Adam's plans of destroying Fallon continue to backfire and causes her to become a better person in the process, I won't even be upset about it. 

Now, Fallon may have told the truth about her involvement in Trixie's death, but she kept Blake completely out of it.

She protected him the way he protected her back in the day, and instead, blamed the deceased Mack for disposing of the body. 

And yet, Blake was still arrested for Mack's murder. 

If Fallon didn't throw Blake under the bus, who did?

Was Adam unsuccessful in changing out the morgue signs?

Did he purposefully get Blake arrested?

Fundraiser Things - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1

And how is Blake going to get out of this one?

The curse of the Cristal's is going strong with a third actress, Daniella Alonso, stepping into the shoes of Blake's girlfriend. 

When the first switch happened between actresses from Dynasty Season 1 to Dynasty Season 2, the OG Cristal died in a fire while her former co-worker, and the real Cristal, helped Blake grieve and move on. 

You're responsible for Mack too? How many bodies are in that lake?


But this time around, the audience was expected to ignore that this Cristal looks nothing like the other one. 

Alonso fits the bill as what we picture for Cristal, so it won't be an issue moving forward, but there's no denying that it's odd and will take some getting used to. 

A few hours before Dynasty Season 3 premiered, The CW upped four actors to series regulars including Alonso, Michael Michelle (Dominique Devereaux), Sam Underwood (Adam Carrington), and finally, Adam Huber (Liam Ridley).

It's Over Now - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1

Considering that Liam's fate was the biggest part of the Dynasty Season 2's cliffhanger -- would he survive Adam's attack? -- it was strange that Dynasty spoiled their reveal. 

Then again, none of us actually believed they were going to kill off Liam. 

Where would the fun be in that? 

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Fandoms ship Liam and Fallon intensely, so it would be detrimental for the show to upset and alienate them by killing off the most promising relationship. 

However, that doesn't mean we can't have any fun with this. 

The most common telenovela trope is amnesia. 

When Ashley appeared in the room (sadly, not a ghost) and stood by Liam's bedside, I figured he would wake up while she was there instead of Fallon and assume she was his girlfriend. 

Blake: If we don't take care of this, the only place you're going to be working in is prison. As a prisoner.
Anders: Yes, sir. I got your meaning.

What happened was even worse. 

After suffering a traumatic injury, Liam's memory reverted to a time when he dated Ashley and didn't even know Fallon. 

Yep ... Liam forgot Fallon, his fiancee!

Fallon's "you've got to be kidding me" summed up my thoughts on the storyline. 

These two barely got a few moments of happiness before the rug was pulled out from under them yet again. 

The fact that Ashley was pleased with Liam's impaired choice only means that she'll be a bigger pain in Fallon's ass. 

But don't you for a second think she isn't going to fight for her man! 

You went back on our deal with Femperial, which is hilarious, considering you have about as much of a chance of successfully running that company as I do successfully running a marathon in heels. Or ever.


Quite literally, too, as the promo for Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2 sees Fallon and Liam's mother, Laura, pushing and shoving each other as they play tug-of-war with Liam's wheelchair. 

Fallon needs to keep Liam away from all these toxic people specifically Adam.

Adam still has it out for Liam -- he was going to inject him with poison -- and Liam surely doesn't remember that Adam poses a threat if he doesn't remember Fallon. 

You Can't Leave - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1

Not much piqued my interest when it came to Dominique's storyline. 

She's going to great lengths to take over the Carrington dynasty and gain fame and fortune. It's a lame motive and her execution of the character pales in comparison to the rest of the cast. 


Even Culhane's storyline is better at this point.

He's locked up after being set-up by nemesis, Blake Carrington. 

It's only a matter of time before he gets his revenge 

Considering Blake is headed to the dog house, will they somehow meet behind bars and work things out?

Kirby didn't have had the money to bail Culhane out, but Fallon should have loaned it to her. 

They should be able to put aside their difference to help a friend in need. 

This is Culhane we're talking about -- not only do they both care about him, but they both know he was framed. 

Culhane pushed Kirby away when she offered to leverage Femperial, and seeing her sleeping in her office all alone was devastating. 

She had a spotty track record at first, but we've learned by now that her heart is pure gold. 

She's always willing to help everyone and doesn't get the same love shown back to her. 

Here's hoping she and Fallon work things out sooner rather than later because they had a good thing going between them. 

And in this screwed up Carrington world, you need someone normal to ground you and keep you sane. 

Other Manor Musings

  • Aside from Kirby and Fallon, Sammy and Anders are my favorite. I'm glad Anders stood up for himself and joining Sammy in the hotel business seems promising. At the very least, it offers another backdrop that isn't the Carrington Manor. 
  • Fallon isn't the best at cleaning up messes. One look at her and Trixie's mother went into a full-fledged panic attack. 
  • They all looked so guilty at the fundraiser. 
  • Fallon pushing and knocking Adam over was the highlight of the episode. That guy gets under my skin. 

You can watch Dynasty online to catch up on the premiere and sound-off in the comments section below. 

Did you like the premiere?

Did Fallon do the right thing? 

How far is Adam willing to go?


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Guilt Trip To Alaska Review

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

You're responsible for Mack too? How many bodies are in that lake?


Blake: If we don't take care of this, the only place you're going to be working in is prison. As a prisoner.
Anders: Yes, sir. I got your meaning.