Power Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Deal With The Devil

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Is anyone going to make it out of this season alive?

The body count continued to rise on Power Season 6 Episode 8, as an ally turned enemy was eliminated ruthlessly.

Power has never shied away from the shock killings, but it's starting to feel like an episode can't go by without a prominent figure biting the dust. 

Angry Tommy - Power Season 6 Episode 8

The one thing most of the deceased characters have in common is they posed a threat to the St. Patrick and Egan families. Even when Ghost and Tommy are at odds, they are so interconnected that a threat to one is a threat to both. 

Keisha has been on the Feds radar for a long while, and they finally got enough information about the night of Raymond's murder to put her in a bind. 

Saxe and Blanca had been working together all that time and never cross-referenced anything? Saxe's decisions to run everything off the book not only cost him his job but also cost him a chance to solve some of these cases. 

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All it took was one conversation with Dre to set everything in motion. 

Ghost: As long as you're chipped up like a motherfucking dog, you stay the fuck away from me. And lose my number. I'm not playing with you, boy. We're done.
Dre: This motherfucker.

Dre had heavy incentive to work with Blanca, seeing as how he was essentially all alone and he couldn't do much of anything with the ankle monitor on. 

Tommy & Cash - Power Season 6 Episode 8

Giving up Tariq was a way to save himself, and he jumped on the opportunity to do it as long as he got something back in return. 

It all leads back to Keisha, who if you remember, lied about Tariq's whereabouts the night Raymond was murdered. 

She got put in an impossible situation with the authorities once again, leveraging a child against their parent to get information. When faced with jail and potentially never seeing your son again, the choice becomes pretty clear. 

The second Keisha signed the cooperation agreement papers she was essentially signing her death certificate. 

Suited Up - Power Season 6 Episode 8

But things unfolded shockingly, to say the least. 

It's hard to tell where Tommy's head is sometimes because he's so unpredictable. But his feelings for Keisha were real, and it appears as if the situation with Holly has changed him into a different version of the man he once was. 

He was angry and twitching and beside himself when Keisha admitted that she's withheld things from him, but he also listened.

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if that was just the calm before the storm and he was later going to silence her, but those doubts were put to rest when he went after Saxe. 

And when he picked out that engagement ring.

Scare Tactics - Power

Blanca must have gone to the Saxe School of throwing witnesses under the bus, as her decision to scare Tasha led her right to Keisha. And Keisha isn't going to lose another child, whether by death or jail time. 

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Tasha is cold-blooded, but shooting your former best friend in the head is a new level of cold. Was Keisha going to be able to leave and never get caught by the Feds? Probably not. 

But was killing her the best option?

There are just dead bodies popping up all over the place. And while these people got silenced, they're also dead. Someone will have to pay for the crime and the police know exactly who to look at first. 

How Tommy reacts to Keisha's death will be a turning point for this final season, especially as he tries to piece together what happened. Who will he assume pulled the trigger? And what will his next move be?

You can assume that Tasha will go to Ghost because she really doesn't have anywhere else to go, and the killing got done to protect her family. And Ghost will lie and do whatever he needs to do to keep Tasha and Tariq protected while further dividing himself from Tommy. 

Side Eye - Power Season 6 Episode 8

What a messy situation this is all becoming. 

Speaking of messy, Tate's campaign is all but over thanks to Ghost and the very petty Derek. But Ghost got cocky, as he often does, and didn't anticipate Tate fighting back. 

The Queen's Child Project was a way for Ghost to honor Raina, and also assuage his guilt. Having it crumble now is surely going to set Ghost off and there's no telling what he does to Tate in retaliation. 

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Maybe he will run for Governor to spite Tate, which is utterly ridiculous but if Ramona had her way, that's exactly what would happen. 

Fatherly Advice - Power Season 6 Episode 8

Ramona is firmly under Ghost's spell, and it's shocking the two haven't hooked up yet because she's not being shy about the fact that she's interested. 

Ghost, the drug-dealing politician, is ludicrous, but I put nothing past them this final season.

All bets are off. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Is Tommy going to raise Cash now? The poor boy hasn't gotten much screentime, but you can't help but feel crushed for him losing his mother so suddenly. 
  • Saxe is awful, but it's pretty impressive he was able to walk away from that ambush from Ghost and Tommy. It was incredibly dumb of Ghost to let him live, but Saxe was making some valid points. 
Stopping Tariq - Power Season 6 Episode 8
  • Also, Saxe is the biggest creeper of all time.
  • Nothing could possibly go wrong with Tariq and Tasha enlisting a high school teacher to be their Primera! Nothing at all.
  • RIP LaKeisha Grant. You've been around from the beginning, and while you haven't always been the most interesting, Tommy will not allow your death to be in vain. I think. Rest easy, Keisha. 

We are quickly approaching the end of the first part of Power Season 6, and your guess is as good as mine as to how it will all end!

Drop into the comments and let me know what you thought about this installment!

What's Dre's next move?

Will Saxe find a way to bring down Tommy and Ghost?

Will Ghost get his revenge on Tate?

Answer all the questions and make sure you watch Power online right now!


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Power Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

I know being a card carrying member of the white boys legal club has perks, but you made a deal with the devil.

Tameka [to Saxe]

Ghost: As long as you're chipped up like a motherfucking dog, you stay the fuck away from me. And lose my number. I'm not playing with you, boy. We're done.
Dre: This motherfucker.