The Resident Round Table: Mina & AJ Are EVERYTHING!

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It was another fantastic Halloween-themed hour, and The Resident Season 3 Episode 4 did not disappoint.

Cain's sizeable ego took a blow when he was bested by Hades. Meanwhile, Conrad and Devon's friendship is on the rocks, and Mina and the Raptor are on the verge of starting something new.

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Meaghan Frey, and Rachel Foertsch as they discuss the hour.

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Will Cain be humbled after what he did to Hades, or double down? What were your thoughts on his actions?

Carissa: Nothing will humble Cain, but what I DID love about this storyline is how it got turned on its head. He was so sure he was the smartest man in the room, and he got played by a despicable person.

If nothing else, it should cause him to think before he acts in the future, but he has a while to go before his ego moves aside.

Meaghan: I highly doubt this will humble him. If anything, it will just harden him more. His soft side led to this mistake, not his ego. So to stop himself from letting something like this happen again, he will suppress it.

Rachel: I think it'll take a miracle to humble Cain. But I love that there were consequences to his actions and that his impulsiveness led down the wrong path. Then again, I'm sure Cain will find some way to spin it and place the blame on someone else.

Where do you think the series is going with Devon and Conrad's fundamental differences keeping them at odds? Can they overcome this?

Carissa: Devon needs to step back and look at his behavior when it came to that chick that tanked his marriage. He was hardly working above board and to the heights of perfection, but because he was at the wheel, breaking rules to help someone was all well and groovy with him. "Torturing" a kidnapper? Let it go.

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Meaghan: I'm hoping they are just trying to show that people can have differing opinions and beliefs and still be a part of each other's lives and like each other as human beings.

However, I think that this is going to form a crack that is going to push these two in opposite directions. If they can't have CoNic drama, they have to create relationship drama somewhere.

OG Trio - tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 4

Rachel: Devon and Conrad's argument was heartbreaking. They're my favorite relationship in the show, and I love how Devon went from hating Conrad to respecting him as a friend and a teacher.

Besides, would Devon rather see the hostage dead? Because that's what would have happened if Conrad didn't take action.

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Devon saying "the ends didn't justify the means" made no sense. Saving someone isn't worth temporarily torturing a kidnapper? Okay, Devon.

Mina and AJ learned some new dirt on RRMM and told the townsfolk to sue. React.

Carissa: This was another terrific turnaround. The "everyone in the small town is racist" trope got slaughtered by the RRMM storyline, and I loved it.

Altogether, it offered a super creepy ambiance for a nifty Halloween feeling. And hopefully, this will work in conjunction with whatever will eventually knock Cain off of his high horse.

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Who wants to be the cash cow of an organization that treats people so terribly? He'll have a hard time riding on those sentiments for long.

Race to Save a Life - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 4

Meaghan: Every single thing about their time in the honky town was incredible. The show choosing to ground the craziness in an actual medical cause was a great choice.

These people are paying the price of the terrible state of healthcare, not only in their physical health but their financial well being and emotional stability too.

Mina and AJ encouraging them to sue RRMM was the right choice. They are doctors to help people, not to protect the interests of a corporation.

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Rachel: I loved that the town wasn't racist and instead had a prejudice against the doctors they felt were responsible for hurting them. It was an interesting shakeup, and Mina and AJ proved that they were on the townsfolks' side. I hope they take their advice and do sue RRMM because the corporation deserves it.

Mina and AJ's feelings are mutual. Are you enjoying this slow-burn, or do you need them to kick it up a notch?

Carissa: Slow-burn for the win. With every withheld emotion, it only makes their scenes sizzle even hotter.

We are getting the best of both worlds with dreams as they can continue the burn while still offering sexy satisfaction. Their road trip was just another indication that everything they do together is gold. Let's keep it going.

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Meaghan: The slow-burn is perfection. We know that these two are endgame, and as long as they don't throw any obstacles in the form of a love triangle in their way, I'm okay with waiting.

The Superior 'Ship - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

Rachel: I will always choose slow-burn if given the choice. I never wanted AJ and Mina to be anything more than teacher and student, but this episode may have swayed me a little bit.

I never thought they had much romantic chemistry, but if things keep going the way they are, I could see myself rooting for them.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Carissa: I gotta be honest. I'm never going to have an episode MVP because The Resident is an ensemble, and I want it to stay that way.

That everyone gets such interesting stories works for me. So, this week, I'll give it to the Halloween tone that pervaded even without carved pumpkins or ghosts.

Lord of the Underworld - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 4

Meaghan: The actor playing Hades [Zach Appelman]. He did a great job of creating both a truly chilling villain and a sympathetic alt personality.

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Rachel: Cain. He was the most valuable when it came to screwing up, and I loved it!

What was your favorite scene? Least favorite?

Carissa: AJ and Mina's night in the hotel was most enjoyable for me. Everything about it clicked. That was followed by the reveal that Cain's plan was twisted by Hades.

I didn't need Devon calling out Conrad on the "torture." I'm done with that now.

A Reprimand - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 4

Meaghan: The adventures of Mina and AJ were the best part of the episode by far.

I wasn't necessarily a fan of the vampire storyline. It felt a bit contrived to me and didn't play out as well as the Mina/AJ storyline.

Rachel: I LOVED the revelation at the end when Nic showed Cain Hades' file, and he realizes he screwed up. I also enjoyed the Mina/AJ storyline.

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My least favorite scene was the Devon and Conrad fight, and it made me dislike Devon a little bit. Conrad saved a life, and the kidnapper is fine. Get over it.

Do  you agree with our Resident Round Table? Do you disagree? Hit the comments below and let us know. 

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The Resident airs Tuesdays on FOX. 

All-new episodes will return on October 29. 


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