Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10 Review: What Sorrows Are You Drowning?

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Operation save Kirby was in full effect on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10, but the episode felt more like a filler and didn't do much in terms of progressing the overall storyline.

Kirby, though an asset to the show, is a supplemental character whose rescue mission didn't need to take up a full hour. 

The best part was seeing Fallon and Adam team up as they pretended to be husband and wife to infiltrate the compound. 

Anders Needs Help - Dynasty

Without having to play the deranged brother, Sam Underwood was allowed to shine in his role and almost convinced us to like Adam ... almost. 

Specifically, he was able to showcase his musical talents in a groovy duet with Fallon. Those two were so happy together. 

When Fallon and Adam put aside their difference, they make a great team. 

Their dynamic is fun, there's an energy about them, and they hilariously play off of each other. 

But that's a testament to how great the actors are at working with all the curveballs thrown their way. 

Unfortunately, when it came to their story arcs, the moment didn't fit naturally into the storyline leading up to it. 

Sneaking Around - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

It's almost as if the writers use what will work for them in that moment and disregard established story arcs and character relationships.

If you backtrack, you'll realize that Fallon and Adam aren't on good terms with each prior to this scene. 

Adam was kicked out of the house and furious about the fact that he'd lost daddy's support. For him, it's always been about winning over daddy.

That, my dear, is baby eel. It's considered endangered globally but not in my house.


He also found out that Fallon was responsible for making him fall for Nadia, a fake doctor, and leading him to believe that Blake slept with her, which caused him to burn down the winery. 

On the flip-side, Fallon just found out that Adam tried to kill her fiancee and was the person responsible for Liam's amnesia.

It seems unlikely that they would forget all that transpired between them and kumbaya their way into some cult-ish commune to save Kirby.

Ahoy Captain - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

The fact that it was fun to watch doesn't excuse the fact that it didn't make any sense in terms of where we are in the storyline.

Kirby seemed to be waiting for someone to come rescue her and prove that they care enough about her to convince her to leave the cult.

It was a cry for help if there ever was one. 

Adam: The ceremony? Is it like a barbecue?
Fallon: I don't know. Let's hope they're serving pork ribs and not handmaid's tale.

But I can't say I blame her -- the Carringtons have been rude to her, and her own father couldn't stand up for her. 

The moment she realized Fallon was genuine in her desire to make sure she was okay, she walked right out of there without hesitation. 

Sadly, Fallon's motivations for helping Kirby weren't driven by love but rather her desire to get revenge on Blake. 

Even when it's about Kirby, it's still about Blake. 

I'm Going Too - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

Also, if anyone wants to center a storyline around a cult, it needs to be done properly. They're serious business. 

Cults finesse ones deepest, darkest secrets so that they can use them to blackmail you into staying.

They'd never let Kirby walk out of there of her own free will, especially when she was about to reach gold status and give them all her money. 

Do you want to know who portrayed cults in an exaggerated yet fitting way? Riverdale

Iconic Fight Scene  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

Joel wouldn't stand a chance next to Edgar Evernever. 

It's best if Dynasty sticks to what they know, which, in this case, is luxurious parties for absolutely no reason. 

What's the first thing that Blake Carrington did after he got away with murder? He threw himself a yacht-themed party!

The party was ridiculous and included Blake trying to get back into the yacht club by any means necessary.

Blackmail and the unveiling of his latest endeavor, a luxurious yacht called "Freedom'" (right on the nose), were on the menu for the evening. 

Tremors - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

But also, since when does Blake belong to a yacht club?

By the end of the night, there was nothing left to celebrate as the realization that Blake murdered an innocent man dawned on him. 

After finding a stray bullet (how did the cops not find that when canvassing the area?), Cristal was determined to figure out who killed her ex-lover Mark. 

The bullet had the Carrington engraving, which was a little too convenient and led her right to Alexis. 

A Girl Fight - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

Fans of the original Dynasty likely noticed that the series recreated the iconic lily pond brawl decades later as the two women went at it.

This isn't the first time Alexis and Cristal have faced off, but it is a first since Elaine Hendrix and Danielle Alonso took over the respective roles. 

Adam: Uh, that might be easier said than done. They all seem a little incestuous.
Fallon: Oh wow, coming from you, that's problematic.

The Dynasty Season 1 pool fight between Alexis and Fallon may have been the best, but this fight was a close second. It also marks the start of an ongoing feud between the former Mrs. Carrington and the current one. 

How will Blake handle the realization that he killed an innocent man over something his pesky ex-wife did?

Hendrix is settling into the role of Alexis fairly well, but it's expected as she's used to playing the "mean girl." 

So Happy Together  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

While I like her better than Sheridan at times, my only suggestion would be to incorporate more of Sheridan's mannerisms so that it still feels like we're still watching some of the same characters.  

It can be hard to follow the character storylines and development as faces consistently change each season. 

Sammy and Culhane are as good as gone. They both lack decent storylines and aren't connected to any of the main characters anymore.

Everyone has washed their hands of team Atlantix and left Culhane to deal with it, which is great for him, but doesn't make the audience care about the storyline at all. 

The same can be said for Sammy, his hotel, and his new love interest. 

There wasn't much movement on the Colby and Alexis marriage front either.

Get To Know You - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

We still don't know what their arrangement consists of, but Colby better figure it out quickly as his neurotoxicity tremors are starting. 

And based on his attempts to hide them, it seems like he hasn't told Alexis yet.

Cristal: It was you, you killed Mark.
Alexis: I was aiming for you, you bitch. And I'm sorry I missed.

Other Manor Musings

  • Fallon is her father's daughter when it comes to expressing her anger by throwing and breaking objects.
  • Fallon decided to leave the Manor, which will please Falliam fans, but as Blake said, she'll be back soon enough. As I said in my review of Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9, deep down inside Fallon knew her father was responsible. And regardless of the truth, she would have still helped him. 

  • If Anders was so worried about his daughter, why didn't he go to the commune himself to get her?

What did you think about the episode?

Did you find any value in it?

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

That, my dear, is baby eel. It's considered endangered globally but not in my house.


Adam: The ceremony? Is it like a barbecue?
Fallon: I don't know. Let's hope they're serving pork ribs and not handmaid's tale.