Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10 Review: The Heroes' Journey

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Talk about having a bad day.

On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10 nothing was going right for the Winchester boys, but maybe there was a lesson in what was happening to them, even if they don't necessarily realize it yet.

Yuck! - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

It's not that Sam and Dean's life is ever easy, but this day, their bad day was more like a normal person's bad day than the kind they usually experience.

Well, there was some supernatural weirdness, but mostly, it was normal people stuff.

And like it sometimes happens in a normal person's life when they have a bad day, when it rains it pours.

As odd as their day was, it might have been a welcome reprieve from the rest of the mess they're facing at the moment.

Happy Family - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

Dean didn't like the way things were going. As would be the case with Dean.

While his life is unpredictable, at least he feels he has some control over it.

This day, he had no control, which is probably why it threw him for a loop -- especially when Baby acted up.

Dean: I'm telling you we're cursed.
Sam: Dean, we're not cursed. We're just having a bad day.

Dean even said it himself, that he and Sam were having a "super normal day."

He meant what he said. For him and his brother it was a super normal day.

The best part of his day had to have been when he learned that Garth named his twins Cas and Sam.

Fight Club Cage - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

The poor guy. Dean probably thought he had more influence on Garth, but it was just another part of his "super normal day."

And who didn't chuckle when Garth turned dentist, and Dean admitted he had never seen a dentist?

Everyone except dentists hates dentists. Dean is no exception.

Dean must have the same fear of dentists that Sam has for clowns.

Baby Breaks Down - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

At least he had a little fun in the process with his bizarre hallucination.

Dancing like Fred Astaire (with Garth by his side) had to have been a lot more exciting than falling into a fantasy world ala the Djinn!

And despite the strangeness of their day, it did give both Sam and Dean a reprieve from God -- even if it was part of God's writing games.

Garth: Who did you guys piss off?
Sam: God?
Gertie: I'm sorry? What?
Sam: Yeah.

They both know it's going to get ugly sooner rather than later.

Since Cas is in heaven trying to find information about Chuck, they didn't have anything else to do, which is why they visited Garth in the first place.

Garth gave a great explanation of what he thought Chuck was doing, which was a shock to both of them.

Just as Garth suspected, neither Sam nor Dean know how to deal with "normal."

Happy Garth - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

Sam wanted to "fix" it, but he quickly realized there is no "fixing" in Chuck's stories.

Maybe that was the point -- to show Sam and Dean how it would be if their lives were normal. 

If they thought about it for a moment, they might have realized that being normal isn't all that bad.

Holding Babies - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

They could live happily ever after and not have to deal with supernatural shenanigans ever again.

Their biggest problems would be throwing up from eating too much cheese and not having enough cash to buy their groceries -- or accidentally burning the dinner they worked so hard to prepare.

That's not their game, though.

So, when the opportunity arose for them to delve into some supernatural investigations, they jumped at the opportunity.

Because, for them, that is their normal.

What they realized, however, is that even though Chuck is writing the story, it's their "blood and guts" that got them through everything and helped them survive.

Wondering What's Happening - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

Chuck only provided the skeleton; the flesh was made by Sam and Dean.

This realization will be helpful in the future because now they both know they are capable of anything -- supernatural, normal, or otherwise.

We already knew that, but it took a day in the "normal" world for Sam and Dean to see it, too.

It almost feels like Chuck has reverted back to being a "good" God, as if he's showing Sam and Dean all these different parts of themselves so they can make their end their choice.

Could it even be possible that Chuck doesn't want to write their ending, but wants them to do it?

Maybe when he said before that no matter what he writes, the ending is all the same, he meant that he can't write Sam and Dean's ending because it's an ending they have to write for themselves.

That theory then begs the question of how would Sam and Dean end their journey?

They obviously don't like normal, but they don't want to live in the supernatural realm either, so maybe they can mix it up a bit, meaning that their supernatural dalliances can be with people like Garth and Cas.

If they did that, they'd have the best of both worlds without the worst parts of it -- other than maybe minor annoyances like those discussed earlier. It's not a bad deal.

Lactose Intolerance - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10

Maybe Alaska does have an answer for them, but if they look hard enough, they'll find that the answer is within themselves.

They just need to learn to balance the normal and the supernatural to their best advantage.

They're the heroes of the story, after all!

Over to you!

Did you like Sam and Dean's normal day?

Is Chuck trying to tell them something?

How will their story end?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Heroes' Journey Review

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10 Quotes

Dean: I'm telling you we're cursed.
Sam: Dean, we're not cursed. We're just having a bad day.

Mommy, the giant's crying!

Garth's daughter