Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Not Just Cards

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Was that the most anticipated reunion in history?

Perhaps that’s going a bit overboard, but the closing moments of Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2 saw Beth come face to face with the man she believed to be dead by her hand.

It was a jaw-dropping moment to close out another fabulous hour of our favorite dramedy.

Solemn Beth - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

As soon as Rio reunited with Rhea and Marcus, it felt apparent that he was soon going to make the connection between Rhea and Beth. It’s unclear how he put the pieces together, but once Rhea started ghosting Beth you could see the writing on the wall.

And to think Beth was actually on a winning streak before realizing Rio was back in the picture. She stood firmly against Judith, and she was back in the money-making business.

Beth Boland, for as smart as she is, comes up with some horrendous ideas at times. And deciding to invite a man you don’t know into the business was doomed from the start.

The thinking was that this man would jump at the opportunity to make money and wouldn’t cause problems because he’s a convicted felon. But why would this man have any allegiance to these women?

Laughs At Breakfast - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

He could just take his payday, go about his business, and never see the woman again. Beth was hoping to establish a relationship, but you take a big risk putting your trust into a stranger.

But if you’re going to be the boss, you can’t let people get the best of you.

Beth may have been initially fooled, but she got what she wanted in the end, although she put herself (and her family) in danger yet again. The mover knew where she lived, and he snuck up in the backyard pretty stealthily.

All he had to do was issue a threat, or worse, and Beth could have been out of cards to play.

Stan Speaks Back - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

It all worked out in the end, but now Rio is back.

Bartender: Can I get you anything?
Beth: I'll wait for my friend.
Rio: She ain't coming. I think you might need that drink, huh?

It’s hard to know where this meeting will lead. If Rio wanted her gone, he wouldn’t have met up with her in a crowded restaurant. So, what does he want from her?

Maybe he wants to make her sweat. Or maybe he's after something else entirely.

There’s no way he could know about the new business, but maybe Beth will use that as a way to spare herself. Rio likes money, and he most likely wasn’t making any money when he was locked in that hotel room.

All Smiles - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

I think we can all confidently assume that Beth isn’t going anywhere, so how she manages to keep Rio at bay will be an extremely interesting storyline to follow.

Ruby and Stan haven’t been doing all that great as of late, and it seemed to all come to a head when Stan felt compelled to tell Ruby about herself.

You can’t pick sides in a disagreement like this because neither is wrong.

Ruby is much more assertive than Stan, and there are things she’s not going to stand for. Nor is she going to be shy about making her feelings known.

Less Than Impressed Annie - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Oppositely, Stan is going to roll with the punches sometimes, pick and choose his battles, and try to get through each day with the least amount of stress.

And there’s stress coming at them from every angle.

I’ve wanted Ruby and Stan to be better communicators, and Ruby owes it to Stan to be honest with him after everything that happened in the past.

Ruby made a promise to him that she wouldn’t engage in any illegal activities, and not only is she still doing that, but she’s also keeping it from him. Again.

How was she planning on telling Stan she came into the money to pay for Sarah’s medicine and catch them up on their bills? Stan isn’t stupid, and neither is Ruby.

She needs to come clean, and the best couple of all-time needs to find a way to make it through this hurdle.

I will accept nothing less than the happy, prosperous, loving couple we’ve come to adore.

Nancy: And Dr. Cohen mentioned that you could possibly play a role in our healing.
Annie: Ew.
Gregg: Well, that's not really what he said exactly.
Nancy: Well, honey, he did say that she's the reason that you slipped up.
Annie: Excuse me?

Good Girls has always been thoughtful and considerate of Sadie, and the scene in which he came out to Annie was beautifully done during Good Girls Season 2 Episode 8. We learned he will now go by Ben during an unintentionally funny gathering between him, Annie, Gregg, and Nancy.

Ruby Reacts - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

After all the turmoil between the four of them, it was surprisingly nice to see them all out celebrating Ben without any severe animosity.

And it eventually led Annie to see a therapist and start to work on some of the issues she isn’t quite sure she has.

Now, we all have eyes here and can see that Dr. Cohen is a good-looking man, as well as age-appropriate for Annie. I sincerely hope he does help Annie, and he doesn’t end up becoming a love interest down the line.

Annie needs time to focus on herself so she can continue to grow as a person. It will only help her become a better mother, sister, friend, and eventually, a better partner.

Looking Up - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

She felt comfortable enough to go back to see Dr. Cohen and be vulnerable, and it’s a huge first step for Annie.

Here’s hoping everything for all the ladies doesn’t come crashing down with the arrival of our favorite bad guy.

Odds and Ends

  • Now that Rhea presumably knows the whole truth, it’ll be interesting to see how she factors into things going forward. She has to be hurt and confused by Beth, but we also don’t know what her relationship with Rio was like.
Puzzled Annie - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2
  • I’m not sure what the status of Beth and Dean is right now, but what he doesn’t need to do is give into Gail’s advances! Let her help you move ahead in the company, and that be all.
  • The juxtaposition between Beth and Judith during their conversation in the kitchen was very well done. It was two women with more in common than they realize, deciding to travel down two very different paths.

Things are starting to get juicy, and I can’t wait to hear what you guys are thinking!

Ruby Wonders What's Going On - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Were you shocked by that ending?

Should Ruby come clean to Stan?

Should the ladies have let a random man clean their counterfeit cash?

Drop me a line down below, and make sure you watch Good Girls online so you can join the coversation! 

Not Just Cards Review

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Nancy: And Dr. Cohen mentioned that you could possibly play a role in our healing.
Annie: Ew.
Gregg: Well, that's not really what he said exactly.
Nancy: Well, honey, he did say that she's the reason that you slipped up.
Annie: Excuse me?

Ruby: I hate how good we are at this.
Stan: I know. Bill roulette.