Good Girls Round Table: Oh Baby!

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Beth sure does know how to get herself out of some pretty terrible situations. 

On Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3, she shocked Rio, and the viewers, by announcing she was pregnant. It was a plan to buy herself some time and with Rhea's help, it worked. 

Join TV Fanatic Lizzy Buczak, Jasmine Blu, Meaghan Frey, and Whitney Evans as they discuss the hour. 

Good Girls Round Table

What did you think about Beth's decision to lie to Rio about being pregnant?

Lizzy: Well, I'll give it to her, she's quick on her feet. I think Rio kind of gave her the idea when he pushed the drink towards her and made a comment about "the beautiful family she created." It definitely bought her some time, but not by much since Rio is smart and will eventually realize that she's not pregnant.

When that happens, he'll be even more upset. Or she'll pretend she had a miscarriage, which will make him feel bad for her. Beth always finds a way out.

Jasmine: That was creative. The one thing she thought she could bank on was Rio being a family man, and she hoped it would spare her. It was a calculated risk, for sure.

Stopped In Her Tracks - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

It bought her some time, but how does this work beyond that until she figures something else out? It was so scandalous. I love this show. I can see her faking a miscarriage, but I don't know how that would play out either.

Meaghan: That was a genius idea at the moment. You have to give it to Beth; if nothing else, she is a creative problem solver. I feel like she is jinxing herself, though, because I could see them sleeping together again at some point down the line and her really getting pregnant.

Whitney: I can’t stop thinking about the scenario where Beth is actually pregnant, and it sends me down a rabbit hole. But all-in-all, it kept Beth alive, so it's hard to be mad at it.

From the little we know about Rio, he loves his son. So, it was totally in character for him to spare the life of the woman he believed to be carrying his child.

Dean At Work - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

Are you rooting for Beth and Dean to get it together or go their separate ways?

Lizzy: I think they make a great team in terms of being friends and co-parents. Anything else, bleh. Though, you have to give it to Dean for kind of getting it together and thinking with his mind rather than his you-know-what at work this time around.

It's a "what goes around comes around" situation since, in a way, he's being treated how he treated others before.

Jasmine: I'm generally tired of Dean, and I don't think that will ever change. Matthew Lilliard is great, but every time I see Dean, I just want to flick him away. It's not even a shipping thing, it's just to me, his character changes whenever it's convenient, and there's too much of him and his inconsistency.

Hot Tub Talking - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

I'd rather they go their separate ways, but they make great co-parents (now), and that's good.

Meaghan: Dean is such a wet blanket, so I would love for them to go their separate ways. It was sweet how he was trying to get in shape when he thought they were on the mend. They just aren't a match, though.

He is so bland, and Beth craves the dangerous lifestyle introduced to her by Rio. She could never live a normal existence with Dean.

Whitney: It sounds bad to say, but do people 'ship Beth with Dean? I know they’re married, but from Good Girls Season 1 Episode 1, we’ve seen their marriage on shaky terms, and it’s never rebounded from that.

Gayle Smiles - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

I think they’ve gotten to a great place where they can be friends and co-parents, but there is no romantic connection anymore.

Was Annie right to question the ladies' roles within the business?

Lizzy: I kind of felt indifferent about this. Beth's been the leader since the beginning, but she hasn't always done what's best for them, obviously, so I understand Annie's frustrations.

They keep getting sucked into situations that they have little to no control over and have to clean things up. Maybe they could have a bit more input, but I also don't think Annie would ever be as good of a "boss" as Beth. She's always been more of a follower than a leader.

Jasmine: I mean Annie isn't wrong, but she waited too late in the game and chose the wrong time to discuss this. You definitely don't do it in front of someone you're doing business with. You're supposed to look like a united front that has their sh*t together.

Beth Is Perplexed - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

It's another sign that Annie sure as hell wouldn't be the ideal leader consistently either. I think it would have resonated more if it was Ruby.

Meaghan: As Lizzy and Jasmine said, it is too little too late. They accepted this dynamic for so long that it isn't very likely that things will change. Also, it is Beth coming up with the ideas 99% of the time.

Of course, she is going to take the leadership role in the group. Annie acting like that is very much showing off her little sister's side.

Whitney: Annie has no business being the leader of anything, but she wasn’t wrong to question their roles in the operation. Beth makes a lot of terrible decisions that affect all of them, and the “leader” role should be more evenly distributed amongst the three.

Rhea came through for Beth in a big way with the doctor. Were you surprised she helped Beth?

Lizzy: I wasn't a fan of the reason she helped Beth. "You're a mom," doesn't hold as much weight when Beth consciously continues to put herself in these messy situations. She knows she has kids and brings that danger around her family!

But yeah, I was surprised because I'm curious to see where their friendship goes from here. Maybe Rhea understands Beth because she used to be in her position?

Jasmine: I'm not that surprised. She got to know Beth, and their kids were playmates. If something happens to Beth, it affects her kids, which hurts her child too. I do wonder if Rhea used to be in a similar position working with Rio or something.

Lounging Around - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

Meaghan: I think that Rhea knows Rio well enough to know the consequences of her not helping Beth. Who knows if she is even really angry with Beth or if she's avoiding her out of fear of Rio.

Whitney: I am surprised, and I’m not. I think there’s a lot more to Rhea than just being Rio’s ex, and I’m ready to dive into that.

I do think it proves that her friendship with Beth was real, and she wasn’t playing her. But there seems to be little hope they can get back to that friendship at this point.

Stan knows Ruby is back in the business but doesn't want to know any details. Is that a smart move? Or a risky one?

Lizzy: All the moves are risky. He can't incriminate her if he doesn't know, right?

Ruby Listens - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

Jasmine: Plausible Deniability. I mean there are no good moves when you're living a life of crime. I get that this is the best way for someone like Stan, so maybe it is. I doubt it will last long though.

Meaghan: I think it was extremely smart. He deserves to know that Ruby is putting them at risk again, but as Jasmine said, plausible deniability. They couldn't force him to testify against her in court, but they could put the pressure on him like we have seen in the past to get to her.

Whitney: I hate when Ruby and Stan fight, and at least this way Ruby isn’t lying to him. So, while it’s risky because they’re engaging in dangerous, criminal activities, at least Stan isn’t completely in the dark and can protect himself better.

What was your favorite moment or scene from the hour?

Lizzy: The intense chemistry between Rio and Beth at the gynecologist. They haven't shared a scene in a long time, but it was so delicious watching him play off of her fear.

Grocery Time - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

Also, the scene where they were bailing the guy out of prison for being arrested over a Taco Bell incident, and they all looked at Ruby when he mentioned getting his car back. Her facial expressions are gold.

Jasmine: Stan and Ruby shouting eggroll all the time had me in stitches. I love them to death.

Meaghan: Every scene with Rio and Beth. I love Rio so much as a character. No matter how bad of a person he is, that man is charismatic as hell. I could watch a whole show centered around him.

Getting It Together - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

Whitney: You guys all stole my favorite scenes! But, honorable mention goes to the whole scene at the restaurant with Rio and Beth. Rio was charming, threatening, and scary, all at once. The tension was off the charts.

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Good Girls airs Sundays on NBC. 

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Dr. Cohen: Okay, hear me out. What if your behavior is just reinforcing her behavior?
Annie: Wait, like you mean it's my fault she's a total control freak?
Dr. Cohen: Or instead of acting like a child, try to consider where she's coming from.

Ruby: A safe word can't be two words.
Stan: Babe, only way this works is if I know nothing.
Ruby: So, it's just egg roll then?
Stan: You don't want to hear about my job and I can not hear about yours.