The Flash Season 6 Episode 15 Review: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

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Thawne or Nash? Which "Wells" are we stuck with for the foreseeable future?

Team Flash faced their greatest foe yet again on The Flash Season 6 Episode 15, and it was anything but pretty. Nash was forced to deal with his greatest pain while Barry was seemingly lost after the loss of the Speed Force.

It was an hour that was filled with great character moments, yet failed to substantially move the story forward -- and we've been waiting for that.

Barry Allen - The Flash Season 6 Episode 15

To put it frankly, Barry was quite annoying during the first half of Nash's exorcism episode.

He slightly redeemed himself, as he always seems to do, when he confronted Thawne inside Nash's mind, but it is about time that he starts thinking before he acts.

You know what I found out about Artificial Speed Forces? Thawne built one, and that's it. And I doubt he's gonna tell us, seeing how he's Linda Blaired our pal Nash and you know, he kinda wants to murder the hell out of us.


Killer Frost only got about a minute to take down Sunshine before Barry decided she needed him to save the day.

First of all, Frost is more than capable of taking care of herself, and secondly, it was reckless of Barry to use Velocity X when he had no idea what it would do to his powers.

Barry has been known to be passionate and impulsive, but it is high time for some character development in that department.

Tension - The Flash Season 6 Episode 15

With six seasons worth of mistakes, Barry needs to be held more accountable. And that is coming from someone who regards him as one of their favorite Arrowverse characters.

But we all know that he has gone through a lot more pain than anyone ever should. And on this hour, it was all about the death of his daughter, Nora.

Thawne has a talent of pinpointing a person's greatest weakness or pain and exploiting it to his advantage. He knew that Barry was still hurting tremendously from Nora's tragic death, and he said all the right things to get to Barry.

Thawne: You were an awful father to her.
Barry: I miss my daughter every day. But I'm done letting that give you power over me.

What Thawne did not account for was Barry's huge heart and his strength to overcome just about anything. Barry used the memory of his daughter to thwart Thawne's plan as he stood his ground in front of him.

Unfortunately, Clone Iris was right again. Barry might have limits as The Flash, but there are no limits to his humanity.

Cisco and Caitlin - The Flash Season 6 Episode 15

Hopefully Barry will take this experience with Thawne, and his mistake with Killer Frost, and learn from it. He's just one person, and he needs to be able to listen to others and learn from them, especially when he has Cisco and Caitlin by his side.

And it looks like he'll be starting with Nora and her recordings of how to make an Artificial Speed Force. Why did no one think of this before?

It is nice to see that Nora's legacy will live on after her death and that she is still very much a part of Team Flash. She is just like her dad in so many ways, and he's still learning from her as she learned from him on The Flash Season 5.

We all know that they are eventually going to build an Artificial Speed Force, but now we know how. The only question that remains is if Barry will lose his speed before it is created or not.

Which Wells? - The Flash Season 6 Episode 15

And now we got the best of both Wells -- or all Wells, in this case.

Nash managed, like Barry, overcome his grief and take control of his body from Thawne, with a little help from the amazing Cisco. All Nash had to do was relive his most painful memory -- a piece of cake, right?

For a year, Nash has refused to accept responsibility for the death of his colleague that was like a daughter to him. In a heartbreaking moment, he finally came face-to-face with the tragedy and broke.

It was my fault. She only did what I taught her to do. It was my fault.

Throughout The Flash Season 6, Nash has been unfeeling and a bit of a one dimensional character. With this part of his backstory now told, we have started to understand him better and see him in a different light.

Nash is more than a loner explorer, and now that he has all of the Wells residing in his mind, the possibilities for his character are endless.

Killer Frost - The Flash Season 6 Episode 15

What this also means is that we can see Harry whenever we want too, as long as they are willing to show the unaminously decided superior Wells, that is.

We were even reminded of his glorious relationship with Cisco and saw Harry appear to Nash, which is fan service at its best.

When I first saw him, all I could see was Eobard Thawne. But when I saw him, when I really saw Harry for who he was, I became his friend. He became mine.


But is this a Killer Frost and Caitlin situation? Can Harry take over Nash's body from time to time?

It does not look like it, even though I would be so here for seeing the different Wells interact with Team Flash. It is was Cisco and Harry deserve, after all.

At the very least, we will get to see a different manifestation of the ever hilarious Council of Wells as Nash talks to them in his head.

Joe West - The Flash Season 6 Episode 15

On the clone side of things, Eva made her minions retrieve the Prismatic Refractor for her. She is going to need it for her escape plan from the Mirrorverse that she will, hopefully, put into action soon.

Iris and Eva and possibly Kamilla now have been stuck in there for far too long, and unfortunately, that story -- along with whatever Carver is up to -- has been pushed to the side in favor of character-driven episodes.

Character moments are always great because characters are the best part of television shows, but plot is also necessary to keep moving story forward.

And so far, the story is moving too slowly.

On the bright side, Joe is finally noticing that something is not quite right with Clone Iris. Now we just need to Barry to realize that something is up with his wife and take action.

What did you think The Flash Fanatics?

Since Thawne's tachyons are still out there somewhere, where and when do you think he will show up next? Where do you think the real Kamilla went?

And we can all agree that Singh is the mole that Carver has in the CCPD, right?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic!

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

The Exorcism of Nash Wells Review

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

The Flash isn't supposed to have limits, Iris.


You know what I found out about Artificial Speed Forces? Thawne built one, and that's it. And I doubt he's gonna tell us, seeing how he's Linda Blaired our pal Nash and you know, he kinda wants to murder the hell out of us.