When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6 Review: In Perfect Unity

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Weddings are a joyous time, but they are also a time of change.

And with all of the pain the small town of Hope Valley has encountered during the last decade, it's not a surprise that on When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6, the impending wedding also had some people feeling a little blue.

Thankfully, nobody in Hope Valley is ever truly alone, so there were plenty of shoulders available for anyone who needed them.

Wedded Bliss - When Calls the Heart

It shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone who has watched the series long enough that two young widows were struck with beautiful memories.

Elizabeth has been feeling the pressure of falling in love again for a while and helping Clara prepare for her big day had her mind swimming with memories of Jack.

Jesse Is the Groom! - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6

Knowing that Clara had been married before, too, and lost her husband just as tragically as Elizabeth still didn't prepare us for her wedding "jitters."

Clara blended into Hope Valley so beautifully that her past is almost forgotten. That's especially true since the person she was closest to is no longer around and never spoken about.

Clara's heart was full of memories of Peter, and it would have been so comforting for Abigail to be around to reassure her that moving on with Jesse wouldn't taint her memories of her first love.

Even a message from afar that Abigail wishing her daughter-in-law well as she began a new phase of her life would have been helpful.

Bearing of the Rings - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6

But Elizabeth fit the bill, too, especially since they both know what it's like to be widowed at such a young age.

Although everyone could tell something was off with Clara, it was with Elizabeth that she connected because she knew her friend would understand.

Clara: Elizabeth, we both know how quickly someone can be taken from you.
Elizabeth: Yes. But I also know that loving Jack was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I don't regret the time I had with him for one moment. And if I had the chance to do it all over again knowing exactly how it would end, I would still do it. Wouldn't you?

If you experience the pain of losing a love that early, it would be hard to imagine going through it again. Thankfully, youth also breeds optimism and that feeling that you can accomplish virtually everything.

And together, Elizabeth and Clara realized that what they'd suffered was nothing compared to the beautiful gifts they'd received before their loves tragically ended.

Bridesmaid Bouquet - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6

I hope that Clara will be there for Elizabeth as she navigates the waters of her blossoming romantic life, too.

Even before she knew was bothering her friend, Elizabeth helped rescue Clara's big day by weathering the rain to bring as much of the outdoors into the saloon as possible.

It reminded me very much of my sister's wedding day. She got married in a large barn in a state park, but never even considered that she'd want the decor to reflect the moment.

Just like Elizabeth, I gathered friends and family and using only what was available outdoors nearby, and we transformed a blank canvas into an outdoor paradise indoors.

The Groom's Wedding Party - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6

You no doubt notice that there isn't a single photo of Clara in this article. That's because Hallmark didn't release any.

That was likely for the same reason that we never saw her gown during When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 5 and waiting with anticipation for her to wind her way to the aisle and down on Bill's arm.

Clara's dress was elegant and simple, a perfect statement to her style and truly representing her feelings on the day.

She was like a lily amidst the greenery while her friends were adjacent spring flowers in their pastel gowns.

Friends and Bridesmaids - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6

Love and friendship made Jesse and Clara's day everything they could have dreamed.

Elizabeth, too, was thinking again of love as her two suitors took turns trying to gain her favor.

Part of Elizabeth's dilemma stems from her feelings on a Mountie's life, and when she had Robert speak with Nathan before signing on to the prestigious and dangerous profession, Nathan was delighted to hear her feelings on his life's work.

Nathan's face lit up when she admitted it's a noble calling, but there is more to her feelings about it than that.

Elizabeth Walks Down the Aisle - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6

She always had qualms about starting a life with Jack for her fear of losing him in the line of duty. To have that reservation and for it to unfold in reality has to give her pause about considering a future with Nathan no matter how much she appreciates him otherwise.

But I can't be the only Lucas fan who believes that Elizabeth will choose Nathan when the choice is finally made in part because of that similarity with her previous husband.

There are a lot of reasons that I prefer Elizabeth and Lucas over Elizabeth and Nathan, but none of them stem from his job as a Mountie.

Nathan seems more reserved than Nathan and quick to get jealous. He's not as open in his communication as Lucas. Elizabeth spent a lot of time being reserved in her feelings for Jack, and as a result, their union was far shorter than it could have been.

Lucas Enjoys the Festivities - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6

Elizabeth needs someone patient who wouldn't require a lot of reassurance from her, and those are more Lucas' traits than Nathan's.

What are the reasons behind why you prefer Elizabeth with either Nathan or Lucas?

What did you think of the wedding?

Was it as beautiful as you imagined their wedding would have been by the pond?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts, and don't forget that you an watch When Calls the Heart online to relive all of the romance and excitement right here via TV Fanatic.

In Perfect Unity Review

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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Lucas: Love certainly is special.
Elizabeth: You sound like a hopeless romantic.
Lucas: More like a hopeful one.

When you find the right person, love and commitment comes easy even when life gets hard.