Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16 Review: Is the Next Surgery on the House?

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If you thought Fallon was being crazy on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16, well, she was, but she wasn't working alone. 

Who else was surprised that Fallon and Liam were in cahoots for operation "frame Heidi and keep Connor"?

Like most men who are ambushed by their baby momma and find out they have a child, Liam wanted a chance to get to know his son. 

Getting Charitable - Dynasty

Heidi blew into town like a tornado, uprooted his life, and then decided she wanted to go back home. 

She wasn't even willing to make a compromise, which honestly, infuriated me. 

She decided to open the door to let Liam and Fallon, so the least she could have done is allowed them to have a say and dealt with the consequences.

Heidi wanted to pretend like nothing ever happened, except that both Liam and Fallon became slightly attached to this kid. 

Pure Disgust - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

However, I never expected Liam to go along with Fallon's plan to destroy an innocent woman. 

Fallon tried her best to uncover Heidi's skeletons, and she even got help from the master of manipulating people, Blake, but they still found nothing that they could use against her. 

Blake: What makes you think Heidi is such a bad mother?
Fallon: To have one is to know one.
Ander: She makes a good point.

Aside from dumping Connor at Liam's doorstep so that she could spend some time at a weird zen retreat because she was overwhelmed, Heidi has done absolutely nothing wrong. She was a good mom who made a bad decision.

Which is why it was so hard to watch Fallon try to discredit her. No matter what they felt towards her personally, it was a dirty move. 

I Want to Get to Know My Son - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

I expected Liam to be disgusted and upset with Fallon, but he was fully on board. I guess when it comes to family, all bets are off. 

Dynasty has been struggling with keeping the momentum going as of late; the twists and drama barely had a pulse until this storyline took the wildest of turns.

And I loved every minute of it. 

We didn't think Heidi deserved to be treated the way Fallon was treating her, but it forced her to come clean. 

Heidi had skeletons that she hid very well with the help of some Van Kirk money. 
The Power Couple  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

Yep, Liam is not Connor's father, but his father is. Turns out, Liam's dad had an affair with Liam's ex-girlfriend, so Connor was Liam's brother. 

Of course, after that, the tables turned from Heidi, who was more of an innocent victim silenced by the money, to Laura Van Kirk, Liam's Wicked Witch of the West mother, who knew all about it. 

Fallon: I need your help to do something dark and borderline illegal that no one can find out about.
Blake: What is it?
Fallon: You're the expert at taking kids away from their mothers. I want you to teach me how its done.

Laura loves to play the victim card, and usually, Liam falls right for it, so it was a joy to see him stand up to him mom and not get manipulated by her crocodile tears. 

If there's any feud on Dynasty that's deliciously enjoyable, it's the feud between Fallon and Laura. 

Meeting with the Lawyers - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

They're perfect adversaries because they're both insane (in a dramatic way), they own that insanity, and they'll stop at nothing to get what they want. 

It's dangerous for Liam to be wedged right in the middle.

Fallon's "heh" smirk when Liam sided with her and walked away from his mother was gold, but you knew it wasn't going to end there. 

Laura kicked it up a notch by approaching Blake and giving him what he wanted on a silver, nay, gold platter. 

Aside from mending his fractured relationship with Fallon, Blake has only ever wanted one thing and that's to get Carrington Atlantic back. 

Couples Who Work out Together  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

He thought chances were ruined after the whole Jeff Colby and Alexis fiasco, but turns out, Laura is the deciding vote and has the power to restore his ownership under one condition -- he has to break up Liam and Fallon. 

Now, I hope that Blake's dedication to becoming a better person is legitimate because it would be a shame if he threw away the progress he made with Fallon out of pure selfishness. 

He's finally getting on the right track with her! 

Not that Fallon and Blake's squabbles aren't entertaining, but they make a damn good team when they work together towards a common goal. 

Sammy's Friend Ramy  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

Unfortunately, I don't think Blake has what it takes. It's like an inner battle of good vs. evil, and he's just been consumed by the evil for so long, and it's so easy for him to be corrupt, that he'll selfishly choose himself and what he wants.

Laura's plan to "get Liam back" also hinges on the fact that Blake can successfully get between the couple.

Heidi: Liam, you believe me right?
Liam: Of course I do. Who do you think swiped the keys from valet?

Liam and Fallon have been through a lot, and though there were times they didn't see eye-to-eye, they seem more in-sync now than ever before. 

It's hard to imagine what Blake could possibly do that would make them turn on each other in such a way that they'd call off the wedding. 

Dynasty thrives on juicy drama, but can people just let these two be happy in their own twisted little way?

A Party Planner for the Ages - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

Fallon and Liam seem to agree on the idea of having children as they both enjoyed having Connor around. Will this make them consider having a child of their own?

Cristal learned that the road to absolution is not an easy one. 

She acknowledged that she's done a lot of bad things in her past, but she hoped the veteran clinic would help right her wrongs. 

Liam: How could you let me think I had a kid out there all these years?
Laura: Always with the drama.

Unfortunately, it's going to be way harder to get anything accomplished with a priest who likes to bend the rules.  

You know that there's a problem when even the priest you've reached out to for help is straying from the path. Cristal "confessed" her sins to him, and he confessed that he was 100% flirting with her. 

Reconnecting Exes  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

Now, that's something you don't expect from a man of God. 

This is going to be a very uncomfortable arrangement for Cristal, but she seems like a woman that can "handle herself" as the Father said, so I'm interested to see how she's going to handle this situation. 

Will she tell Blake? Will she put the Father in his place? Will she like the attention? Will she use it to her advantage?

Sammy has a bit of a problem on his hands with Ramy, who is playing him like a fiddle. 

Sammy is a good guy who felt guilty that Ramy took the fall and went to prison while he built this great life for himself. He's obviously going to give him another chance, but it's not a second chance he deserves. 

I'm fiercely protective of Sammy, so it was frustrating to see him get flat-out played. Ramy lied straight to his face likely for some form of vengeance. He wasn't authentic about starting over because even after the Rolex confrontation, Ramy went on to steal his keys.

Were those Sammy's car keys? Or were they the hotel keys?

The only reason I'm not worried about Sammy is because I know that there's plenty of people who have his back including the Carringtons, Culhane, and Kirby. 

The series is grasping to find some kind of purpose for Kirby after they pretty much abandoned her "romance" with Adam. It was inevitable that she'd find herself involved with Sammy's hotel. 

Throwing a Huge Party  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

While I was indifferent about the party planner storyline, seeing her and Culhane together brought back some memories. I forgot how much chemistry the two of them have. 

Can we just ditch the whole Dominique/Vanessa storyline and swap them out for Kirby by Culhane's side as they build their empire together? Now, that would be fun. 

It meant a lot to me that you were willing to violate your new do-gooder vow, to help me destroy an innocent woman's credibility and steal her kid. It's the type of thing father-daughter memories are made of.


The episode was much more enjoyable without the pesky mother and daughter duo trying to climb up to the top of the industry using the Carringtons as step-stools. 

Jeff Colby is a dead man walking. It turns out, it was a good thing that Adam and Alexis poisoned him because they learned that he was in acute liver failure. 

While his situation seemed to drastically worsen overnight as Adam gave him about two days to live, it was the perfect opportunity for Adam to redeem himself. 

Adam's story-arc has been kooky, and it's hard to connect with him as a practicing doctor who's actually versed in medical terminology. 

But just when you started to accept this new reality, he goes and suggests that they steal a corpse before it goes to the morgue to get Jeff a liver.

Really, Adam? What happened to not jeopardizing the license?

Adam's guilt seems to be consuming him because he was trying to make amends with Jeff in any way that he could.  

That guilt is what finally convinced him to donate to Jeff and attempt to save his life while possibly sacrificing himself.

Sometimes You Win  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16

Though, I'm not convinced that Adam was completely selfless in the act. He knows that he'll get arrested if anything happens to Jeff, so maybe this is his way of gaining control again?

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Jeff wouldn't be able to hold anything over him if he saved his life. 

Or maybe Adam just realized that he's a terrible person who needed to atone for his sins (all of them) and figured if he dies in the process, he deserves it. 

But this is Dynasty, so it's likely that Adam has a plan up his sleeve. What do you think?

Did you enjoy the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Is the Next Surgery on the House? Review

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Blake: What makes you think Heidi is such a bad mother?
Fallon: To have one is to know one.
Ander: She makes a good point.

Fallon: I need your help to do something dark and borderline illegal that no one can find out about.
Blake: What is it?
Fallon: You're the expert at taking kids away from their mothers. I want you to teach me how its done.