James Corden Taking Break from Late Late Show After Surgery

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James Corden is hitting the pause button on The Late Late Show.

On Wednesday, the late-night host took to Instagram to reveal that he underwent a minor procedure that means he needs a few days to recover.

"Hey all. I had to have minor surgery on my eye yesterday," Corden wrote in a statement posted to Instagram, although he didn't disclose what prompted the surgery.

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"I am doing well and recovering, but won't be able to film new episode for a few nights."

Corden recently relocated production on is hit series from a studio to his garage amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The decision was made following the shutdown that has gripped Hollywood -- and beyond.

"Thank you to everyone who has been watching the Late Late Shows from my garage," Corden concluded his message. "Stay safe and well everybody."

The series previously went on hiatus on March 15, before returning on March 30 with a virtual special that allowed him to have guests on his show, without them leaving their homes.

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During the first special, he opened up about the effect the novel Coronavirus has had on the world, admitting that he found it to be "scary."

"I've found it tougher than I ever thought I would. I found myself having these incredible spikes of anxiety and sadness when I allowed myself to think about my family back home in England, or my friends, or the people I love," said Corden.

"You feel so out of control. It feels so out of our comprehension, all of it. I found I get sort of overwhelmed with the sadness, really."

"It's OK to feel anxious. The best thing we can all do is kind of breathe through that and put our minds in a positive place," he said at the time.

Many TV shows have switched things up to allow them to work from home, but some unscripted series are poised to be scrapped for the year entirely.

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Big Brother is not expected to go ahead because of the production demands of the show. Despite the houseguests being sequestered in a house, there are a lot of other factors at play.

The Canadian edition was scrapped just weeks into its most recent season because of the virus.

Love Island typically brings new contestants in on a rolling basis, meaning that the format would probably not be feasible in the current climate.

We wish Corden a speedy recovery.

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